Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Arrival of Richie

This is the story how Richie was born

On Wednesday morning 23rd September 2009, mommy went to see doctor because mommy felt less movement two nights before. After thoroughly checked up, the doctor decided to induce mommy and let the baby came out naturally because the water level was a little bit decreased and it's not safe for baby to stay longer.

Mommy was shocked because it never came to mommy's mind that mommy will see the baby very soon....and after discussing with daddy, mommy decided to do c - section instead of induce - natural vaginal birth.
Mommy remembered that the doctor said 7pm we could see the baby therefore 6 hours before mommy must be fasting

At 5pm, mommy, daddy, opa and oma went to hospital for admission and registration.
Mommy still can't believe the day came earlier than predicted.
At 6.30pm, mommy was brought to operating theater for preparation like given epidural, cateter...
At 7pm++ the doctor came and started to operate mommy...but mommy still could feel the pain especially when the doctor sliced mommy's tummy...
It was like a nightmare, mommy just screamed and screamed....

It took 5 mins to take the baby out and when mommy heard the baby's crying...mommy knew that baby was alright but mommy still could feel the pain especially when the doctor started to stitch mommy's tummy therefore the doctor put mommy on sleep. The doctor put baby Richie near mommy's face with daddy as well...unfortunately mommy couldn't see it clearly.

Around 8pm, mommy was brought back to the ward room in half conscious condition because of the epidural effect.
Mommy just felt very tired, nausea, drowsy therefore mommy only slept the whole night and hasn't really got chance to see baby Richie face to face.

The next day on 24th September 2009, mommy had so much energy and asked the nurse to bring baby Richie to the room and started to try breastfeeding...
This is the second time, mommy saw Richie...and when mommy taught Richie to latch on, Richie was smart baby. He knew what supposed to do and praise God, mommy's breast milk started to come in as colostrum (good for antibody and immune)

Mommy stayed at hospital for 4 days 3 nights and came back home on Saturday 26th September 2009
During staying, many Mommy and Daddy's friends visited us and it really made our day become more colorful and beautiful...

Thanks God for the miracle in our life and for the best gift this year
Thanks God for the love and support from family and friends

PS : this is the first cry that made mommy and daddy the happiest parents

Hello World

Hello World,

My name is Theodore Richmond Kusuma. My family calls me (nyonyo) Richie
The meaning of Theodore is God's gift and the meaning of Richmond is the strong protector

I was born on 23rd September 2009 at Thomson Medical Center, Singapore at 19.19hrs
The doctors who helped my delivery are Dr. Wong Mun Tat (O&G) and Dr. Ong Eng Keow (paediatrician)

My weight was 2.68 kg and my length was 46 cm at the point I was born
I am a healthy baby boy.

In the meantime, my mommy writes this everyday's life journey until I can write in my own
So, friends and family please enjoy reading !