Monday, October 26, 2009

Chubby and Smile Expressions

Full Month Celebration

As Richie turning 1 month old, we have a little celebration

Happy 1 month Old

Richie was 1 month old on October 23rd.
He become more chubby everyday.
Physical development :
1. starting to control his eyes and respond to the sound
2. able to lift up the head and hold it for awhile and turn the head to left and right
3. eyebrow and eyelashes have grown

He drinks milk a lot almost every 1 - 1.5 hours interval for 90ml at least either from breast milk or formula

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colorful expression - 3 weeks old

Mommy loves taking Richie's picture especially his innocent expression.
So here it is...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 weeks old - getting fatter

Richie is getting fatter and bigger now, I guess his weight is more than 3 kg now
Well done my dear son !
Physical development other than getting bigger, his sleep is regular as well as his waking time
He wakes up everyday in the morning about 7am - 11am and in the afternoon about 6pm - 10pm and he sleeps tightly at night except for drinking milk.

So far mommy and daddy can cope well and have enough sleep everyday eventhough mommy can't sleep thoroughly at night.
Well one more week to go and Richie will be one month old

Keep a good job Richie !

Friday, October 9, 2009

Two Weeks Old

Richie is now two weeks and 3 days old.
He's getting fatter and fatter since he drinks milk a lot both from breast milk and formula.
So far Richie is not a picky boy. He is willing to drink any milk either from the breast directly or bottle.
And at night, he's not cranky neither. He cries only when he's hungry... and he doesn't mind wet pamper but mommy minds because his buttock gets rashes if it's not changed within 3 hours.

Richie is a good boy and mommy and daddy love Richie !
Keep a good behaviour, Richie and drink milk a lot...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Auspicious Number for Richie is 9

9 is the auspicious number for Richie hehe..

why 9 is the auspicious number ?

Richie was born on 9th month, 2009 at 19.19hrs and the first minute of Apgar Test was 9. The cord drops off 9 days after his birth

Second Visit to Paeditrician

On Tuesday, 29 September 2009 Mommy, Daddy and Oma brought Richie to see Dr Ong again.
Because he wanted to check the billirubin level and physical development.
The weight increased to 2.63 kg
and we did blood test for jaundice and IEM
The billirubin level was 13.8 which was below 15 so it was okay.
The IEM result would be out 2 weeks later and they will mail it to us.

So far everything is so good and Richie passes motion more than passes urine but the doctor said it's normal.
And the doctor also checked the umbilical cord that left dangling in Richie's tummy. He said that just couple days, it will drop off by itself.

Richie's Expression

This picture was taken when Richie was 7 days old
The expression during his sleep that really make our day

First Week @ Home Sweet Home

On Saturday afternoon, mommy, daddy and Richie went back home...
On the first day, we've been panicking because Richie cried a lot almost every hour eventhough we cuddled and mommy breastfed Richie...
Mommy and Daddy didn't know what to do and frustrated...and the worse at night mommy couldn't sleep because mommy worried about Richie and his body became more yellowish

The next day, mommy and daddy brought Richie back to hospital to check up the billirubin level. And the result was expected, the billirubin level increased to 13.1
The doctor suggested to sunbath twice a day, morning sun between 8 - 10 am and afternoon sun between 5 - 6pm

On Monday, everything was starting to settle down. Mommy learnt what baby's crying meant...and could manage it well.
The following days, mommy knew more or less what to do when Richie cried or felt uneasy...
It's either hungry or discomfort and mommy could sleep at least 4 hours at night and 4 hours in between the day

Since mommy was not sure whether the breast milk was enough, mommy gave formula milk (mamex Gold) as supplement once or twice a day depends on the need.

Well, mommy feel lucky having Richie as a good baby boy...who doesn't complain much..
as long as we have understanding, mommy and daddy really enjoy the parenthood....

Love you Richie !

First Few Days in Hospital

We stayed 4 days 3 nights at hospital, while mommy was recovering, the nurse took care baby Richie. Mommy should say that the nurses in Thomson Medical Center were very helpful especially for breastfeeding and furthermore they were very kind and friendly.

While in the hospital, Baby Richie was taken for few test and vaccination
1. Hearing Test ( Left ear : PASS, Right ear : NEED TO BE REPEATED)
2. Jaundice Test ( Billirubin level : 8.4 )
3. Blood Test (O+ )
4. Vaccination (BCG + Hepatitis B + vitamin K)

Baby's weight was also dropping about 10%
first day : 2.68 kg
Second day : 2.65 kg
Third day : 2.58 kg
Fourth day : 2.49 kg

In the meantime we had some our days were busy entertaining them and breastfeeding baby Richie.
But above all, we were very happy with love and supports from our friends and really made our day.

Thanks friends for coming and also for the gifts