Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 and half days

Wowww...I can finally manage this two and half days with Richie...
Praise God, for these two and half days Richie has been a good boy and he slept a lot perhaps the weather was also nice.
Mommy could sleep well at night and not so tired during the day
Hopefully Richie is always be a good boy every day

Today Emak Semarang will be coming and helping mommy until end of the year..yeay...
Mommy now can relax a little bit and can clean the house together with daddy especially the windows and cupboard

A part from that, I believe that Richie is know what the condition is, he knows that only mommy alone taking care of him, therefore he's not so cranky...
Thanks God and Welldone Richie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Passport Photo

This is the passport photo for Singapore and Indonesia Passport. The left one is for Singapore Passport and taken at birth, the right one is for Indonesia Passport and taken when Richie is almost 2 months.
It looks like brother though

A Trial of Real Parenthood and Motherhood Life

When Oma Jakarta went back Jakarta last Thursday, mommy and daddy were in the trial of real parenthood life.
It was challenging and fun when mommy and daddy took turn to take care Richie from Thursday to Sunday.
We felt that the clock passed very fast..It started from 7.30 am and ended 10 pm but it was satisfying when we did together...
Unfortunately on Sunday, daddy was sick so mommy must take care Richie alone as well as daddy..

On Monday and Tuesday, mommy will be on the trial of real motherhood life before Emak Semarang coming...
It's another challenging day....Time management and multitasking are essential in the motherhood life..not to forget patience and love...

After some deep thought and consideration, mommy decides to stay in Singapore to take care Richie next year...
With Emak Semarang and Daddy's supports, Mommy believes that mommy can do it.
Mommy will have daily catering and part time maid to help ...

Thank you card to Dr. Wong

Mommy created 2 thank you card for Dr. Wong, and daddy chose the first one to be given to Dr. Wong
And last Saturday, mommy and daddy brought Richie to see Dr Wong and mommy also need to be checked up for the last time to make sure that the stitch was okay

2 months old milestones

Today, Richie is 2 months old
He's getting smarter and smarter each day...
He can lift up his head especially when daddy tries to burp him..
Now, Richie can recognize people's face especially his lovely parents, and when he's in the good mood especially in the morning, he smiles to daddy and mommy.

Richie is getting heavier as well each day because he drinks a lot milk during the day. Luckily, Mommy is full time housewife therefore Richie can breastfeed directly from mommy.
He refuses drinking from the bottle...hmmm...sometimes mommy is wondering how smart 2 months old baby can differentiate between real nipples and fake one haha...

And Richie likes to be cuddled before his bed time, with the weight which is getting heavier, it makes mommy getting tired easily...hopefully Richie can sleep by himself soon...

2 months has gone, mommy and daddy are looking forward to see Richie's development day by day...
Keep the good job up Richie, mommy and daddy are proud of you...

Having Fun...

Another family portrait

Happy 2 months old

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost 2 Months

Finally, we have picture for Baby's Day Out because it's not easy to take nice picture while going out with Richie. "Cos everytime mommy wants to take a picture, Richie either sleeps or cries.
This picture was taken when we visit our dear friends who invites us for B'day Luncheon at their house.

Just some update, I don't know whether this is a good or bad news or perhaps both.
Richie starts to dislike drinking from bottle from 2 days ago...sigh...
The positive side is mommy don't need to express the breastmilk and can give directly to him, the negative side is mommy can't leave Richie alone with other caregivers.

Hopefully it's just temporary otherwise mommy can't go anywhere or if mommy need to go somewhere, mommy must bring Richie along...

Be a good boy, Richie....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sleeping and Daily Time Table

Now, Richie has new sleeping time table

he usually genuinely wakes up around 9.30 - 10 am unless I change his diaper around 8am, he will wake up but still sleepy
Then, I bath him and play with him until 3pm when he starts feeling sleepy again and he will take afternoon nap until 6.30pm
Following that, I wash him again and play time with him until 10pm. Then he will sleep until morning and in between he will give me a sign every 2 hours if he's hungry.

His sleeping is more or less regular so mommy still have enough sleep at night
But there's new challenges, he's not easy to be pleased during play time...he needs to be accompanied all the time
Therefore when Richie awakes, mommy can't do anything else and must pending everything until he's sleeping...

Hopefully, it's not forever and after 3 months, Richie can play by himself while mommy do the household chores

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dual Citizenship

We just knew that Richie can have dual citizenship : Singaporean and Indonesian
We knew it from one of Indonesian embassy counselors whom mommy asks for document translation.
We just need to bring our original marriage certificate, passports, and two witness with their passports to get Indonesian birth certificate. After that we can make Indonesian passport for Richie last for 5 years

When Richie's age reaches 18 years old, he can choose either to be Singaporean or Indonesian.
Well, lucky Richie so he can travel and stay in Indonesia unlimited and when he needs to travel other countries that need visas, he can enter without visa

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hiring Maid or Going Back Indonesia

Mommy and daddy are in dilemma either we hire maid or go back Indonesia for a while
because after grandma and grandpa are going back Indonesia early January, none will help mommy taking care Richie. OR the other option is mommy taking care Richie alone and using part time maid once a week and daily catering.

The pros hiring maid :
- there's a back up just in case mommy's sick
- mommy won't be so tired taking care Richie and doing the house chores alone since the maid will do all the house chores
- mommy won't be worried about the food since the maid will cook

The contras hiring maid :
- there's increase in our expenses at least additional S$600/month
- there's no privacy since we don't have special room for maid, so the maid will be sleeping at Richie's room
- if we go holiday, there's additional expense in flight if we bring the maid along, otherwise the maid will have nothing to do at home
- if we can't get along with the maid, there will be unnecessary problem arise

The pros going back Indonesia for 2 or 3 months stay :
- Mommy won't be worried and tired since there are many helpers from extended family and even existent maid
- Richie will know and recognize his grandparents and relatives
- We can save some expenses in Singapore since only daddy stays most of the time here and travel to Indonesia perhaps once or twice a month using budget airlines

The contras going back Indonesia :
- Mommy and Richie won't be able to see daddy frequently and daddy won't see Richie's development day by day
- We need to either bring or buy baby items again for our staying in Indonesia which is a little bit troublesome
- Richie will be traveling at very young age which his body is still mild especially his ears and his immune is not strong enough

The pros staying in Singapore without helper :
- mommy and Richie will meet daddy everyday and we will enjoy Richie's development day by day
- we have our privacy as a little family

The contras staying alone without helper ;
- if mommy is sick or Richie is sick there's none can help out
- if Richie wants to be accompanied along the day, mommy can't do anything else such as the house chores or even eating so must wait daddy to come home
- there's an additional expenses about S$ 280 for daily catering and weekly maid

Actually mommy still prefers staying in Singapore since mommy doesn't want Richie and mommy separate from Daddy but hiring maid will of course incurred some cost and give more burden to daddy and without helpers, mommy is not sure whether mommy can do all these alone

Well, mommy and daddy still haven't decided yet, we pray for what the best solution for Richie mommy and daddy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby's Day Out

This was the third time we brought Richie to see the world outside home
First time was at ICA to make Richie's passport when he was 2 weeks old
The second and third time was last Saturday and Sunday when he was 1.5 month old. We went to Kiddy Palace @ Marina Sq on Saturday and Pondok Jawa Timur @ Plaza Singapore on Sunday.

Mommy, daddy, oma and oma co wanted to take a picture @ Orchard Road since the Xmas light up has already on but too bad we arrived there around 8+ and it was traffic jam so we only passed by and had dinner @ Pondok Jawa Timur.

Nevertheless Richie was very happy to go out ...when he was awake, he observed the surrounding especially when there was colorful lighting. Even though he felt sleepy as long as there were colorful lightings, he's very excited to see...

Mommy and Daddy want to bring Richie once a while to see outside so he could adapt with environment as well.

Next time, we will go to Orchard again during Xmas time...and take family picture together

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

40 Days

Today, Richie is 40 days old and mom, daddy brings Richie to the doctor for regular check up and vaccination

Physical Development :

Weight : 4.8 kg
Length : 53.5 cm
Head circumstances : 36.8 cm
Hearing test for the right ear : pass

Mom and Daddy are really happy and relieved that today's check up result is satisfying.

Oh ya, one more exciting good news, Richie is now able to recognize the face and his eyes are following the objects

Well done my dear son, Keep the good job !