Sunday, January 24, 2010

4 months old milestones

Richie is now 4 months old and today we have regular check up and 5 in 1 vaccination
He is now no longer little baby, but big fat baby hehe
His weight : 8 kg
His length : 63 cm
His head circumference : 41.5 cm

During the injection, he's not crying and smile after that...
For rolling over, it' s still in progress. But mommy has faith that Richie will be able to do it before 5 months
The other development is he recognizes his finger and hand and can grasp the rattle with both hands

Mommy and daddy loves you Rich !

Happy 4 months old

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pretz - kesukaan anak singapura

Richie's daily life between 3 - 4 months old

Richie is now almost 4 months old and he spends most of the time either sleeping, playing with his fingers or drinking milk
When mommy teases him to learn roll over, he's still not ready yet
When mommy places Richie in the lying position and gives him rattles, he just looks at it and continues playing with his fingers
But when mommy placed Richie in the tummy position, he gets excited for awhile 'cos richie can see surrounding but he gets tired and sweat a lot so end up he's angry

Well, mommy understands that baby develops in his own time and mommy can't force Richie to roll over as along as he's interested to move around later on
anyway, mommy still loves Richie no matter what :)

playing with rattles

Richie is able to grasp rattles briefly and sometimes shake it
But after all, richie still likes mommy's finger

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

learning to turn over

Richie is now able to lift up his head 90 degree when placed in his stomach and now he's learning to turn over from front to back.
Mommy managed to snap some photos during the learning process
Jia You my son

3.5 months old now

Chinese name

Oma and Opa Semarang yesterday called mommy and gave Richie a new chinese name
His chinese name is Lie Yong Sen
Lie is the family surname
Yong means forever
Sen means forest
They asked somebody actually and were told that one of Richie's element, wood has low number
therefore the chinese name should contain wood element

Below is the elements breakdown
Gold : 4
Soil : 4
Fire : 3
Water : 2
Wood : 1

They were told that Richie will be fat and having a lot of fortune because of Gold and Soil element...AMENNN...hehe

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year - The Real Motherhood life

The real motherhood life is starting this new year when oma, opa went back to Indonesia.
Now mommy is fully taking care of Richie 24/7 while daddy is working and only able to help mommy after work and weekend.

So far so good eventhough it's tiring but it's worth every time mommy sees Richie's smiling and laughter. Richie is now 3 months old and changing to the better. If mommy needs to do something, mommy can leave Richie for a while like watching TV.
Of course mommy won't leave him for long period.

Another update is Richie starts to turning from back to front. Keep the good job my son !