Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Week of Nightmare - Family Sick

After we arrived to Singapore, the following night daddy was sick, he thrown up everything
and the next day Richie had fever while mommy was still not recovering yet from Flu.
Mommy was very tired and stressful. We went to see the paediatrician and he gave panadol suspension and other medicines for coughing and phlegm.

Richie's body temperature was up and down in the range between 37.5 to 39 degree in the first day. Mommy and daddy were very worried because we didn't know what to do and almost decided to go to hospital since nobody can take care us.

Then daddy initiated to give Richie Lourdes' water and pray together as a family.
This is what I call There's a miracle in prayer...
After we finished praying, mommy was a little bit calm down and went to see the doctor to get some medicines for mommy and consulted with the doctor as well about going to hospital.

This what I called the instant answer from God, the family doctor was very kind, he explained everything that it's unnecessary to go to hospital and agreed to give overall examination to Richie again. After that, he said that Richie was okay, the fever would be up and down but will be decreasing. Mommy was relieved....

The next day, the fever was came down....after that still left with coughing for few days.
Richie couldn't sleep well during night time.
Oh ya Richie was so smart, he refused to take medicine. He will closed his mouth before the medicine came in...Hope this is the last time you ate medicine Richie, mommy also doesn't want you to fall a sick again...

Besides, Daddy is also now having Flu...
Eventhough now mommy and Richie are getting better, Daddy is still in the recovery process...

Lesson learnt : we will get Flu injection before leaving Singapore next time !

Milestones - 5 months old

Happy 5 months old

4,5 months old

Getting pampered @ Baby Spa

This was the last day of our holiday in Jakarta, Richie's getting pampered @ Baby Spa.
First we wanted to give him Aqua Swim before massage, but he cried already so we just used massage service only

Chillin' out @ Cheesecake Factory

What time is it? It' s Playing Time @ Jakarta

We went to Plaza Indonesia where there's Miniapolis, a mall for kids only and also Grand Indonesia

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The Best Experience in Jakarta

Of Course the best part were during reunion dinner and play time. Here are some photos...

The Worst Experience in Jakarta

The worst experience in Jakarta was when we went back home from Plaza Indonesia on Friday evening during Rush Hour.
The traffic was very very bad in Cideng Area. Our car couldn't move and it was so stuffy inside the car. Richie cried very loudly almost half an hour. Mommy was very very worried and Oma Tine decided to take Richie out from the car in the middle of the road.

That's when Richie's finally calm down, but it's not best solution either. The polution was everywhere. We finally detour to Sate House @ Cideng to have dinner and wait for the traffic to ease. Unfortunately, Indonesians were still not understand about the prohibition of smoking in the air con room. Mommy asked the Restaurant staff to use the private room for Richie and luckily the staff was kind enough to let Richie stay there to avoid the cigarette smokes.

Well it's the worst experience and hope the first and last for Richie.

What happened in Jakarta...

Second and third day were still okay, then on Sunday we sent Daddy to the airport
On Monday, we tried to introduce Richie to opa's house again during the day so he could see the dog and won't be afraid.
The plan was if he's not crying, we will be moving back to opa's house.
During the day, it was warm inside the room and the house therefore we switched on the AC
until night time. Unfortunately, he couldn't sleep well and a little bit coughing here and there.

Therefore mommy decided not to move to opa's house in the interest of Richie's well being.
The following nights, Richie started to respond with the new environment not in the good way.
Almost every night before sleeping he cried very loudly and when he woke up, he also cried
Mommy never seen him smile like what he used to be in Singapore.

Following that, Richie started to develop coughing and blocked nose during the dawn. We went to see doctor to check him up if there's something wrong...
The doctor said it was normal for baby to have such case because his body responded to the environment...but for mommy it's not normal 'cos Richie never had such that before.

Day by day in Jakarta was filled with crying almost every day and night...mommy's very worried 'cos Richie's so stressful in Jakarta and mommy wanted to leave Jakarta right away either went to Semarang or back to Singapore.

Mommy almost bought tickets to go to Semarang but somehow mommy felt that there's always a solution for the problem instead of running away from the problems. Therefore mommy decided to stay in Jakarta until daddy came

First Trip to Overseas (Jakarta,Indonesia) 29/02/10

This was Richie's first trip to overseas, well it's Jakarta, Indonesia
We flied with Lion Air, it was not so comfortable though if carrying infant. The seats were small and narrow. We won't be consider Lion Air for the next trip to Indonesia.

Richie was okay during take off, he fell a sleep and wanted to drink. But during the landing, it was very difficult to ask him to drink, he cried and mommy must use the "weapon" to ask him to suck, which is mommy's fingers.
As long as he sucked either from fingers or breast, it's okay for his ear pressure.

Once we landed, the air was very different from Singapore. A lot of cigarette smokes everywhere.
The traffic from airport to house was not so bad eventhough there's traffic jam.
But once we arrived at Opa's house in Jakarta, Richie was uneasy and he started crying until very loud. We never seen him like that in Singapore.

First, we suspected that he's shocked hearing to dog's barking because he never heard it in Singapore before so we moved and stayed at Opa Bambang's house.
First night was okay, cos Richie also very tired therefore he fell a sleep very fast.