Monday, March 29, 2010

101 Expressions - 6 months old

Digestion system is back to normal :)

Yeay, finally mommy is relieved when Richie can poop at least once everyday.
These two days, he can poop when mommy gave him heinz pear once a day.
First, he made funny face 'cos it's new taste for him but after that he enjoyed it...
The poop is different now since he eats solid food. It's creamy mustard like and so much until the pampers can't hold it hehe...

Ok, after this mommy will give him oat cereal instead of rice cereal and also sweet potato to easy digestion

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Excited Screaming and Unhappy Screaming

Richie is now has new habit : Screaming...

When he's in the good mood, he's easy to laugh until screaming 'cos too excited.
On the other hand, if he's in the bad mood, he will scream very loudly also...

Oh ya he's very attached to mommy. When he's playing with his own toys, mommy must accompany him and he must see that mommy watches him.
Whenever Richie sees mommy uses laptop or does own business, he won't be so happy and starts to scream to get attention from mommy.

Well well, my boy...
mommy's free time is only when Richie's sleeping @ nite or when daddy's @home

Make Friend with Strangers

This is one of positive sides having baby which is Easy to make friend with Strangers.
I mean it's not Bad Strangers, it's neighbors who either have kids as well or not.

Now, Richie has a new habit, lazy walk in the morning and afternoon @the park around our blocks.
He likes to see the greeneries and kids playing @ Playground.
And when we sit in the bench to watch kids playing, one or two people will start to asking some questions like :
- Baby, so cute
- is it boy or girl?
- How old is the baby?
- What's the name?

So far Richie has made 2 friends, Jovan (1 year old) and Ernest (5 months old)
We met Jovan @ Playground and Ernest on the way to MRT station

Well, when you have a baby, it's very easy to make friend and connected with other moms because you share the same experience and problems.

What a motherhood life !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Popular Baby Names

Recently I just noticed some of popular baby names among my friends.
Baby Boy Popular Name :
- Joshua
- Nathan
- Darren/l/ien

Baby Girl Popular Name :
- Audrey
- Kayla
- Cherish/ryl

And amazingly, most of baby girl has pretty and unique name.
But definitely if I have baby boy or baby girl again, I will give other names than above

These are the nominated names if I have baby boy or girl again
Baby Boy : Raoul, Romeo, Royce, Rodrique, Wealthy (Daddy's Suggestion)
Baby Girl : Eleonore, Rachelle, Rochelle, Melody, Lovia (Daddy's Suggestion)

Hmmm but since my first boy has a name Theodore Richmond, my second one if girl would be Eleonore Rochelle
Let see and wait 3 more years hehe hopefully can get baby girl next time :)

First Solid Food Effect

Mommy almost worried when Richie can't poop yesterday 'cos usually he poops quite regular at least once a day.
Then mommy waited till this morning, but again he still hasn't pooped yet, so mommy gave a little bit of sweet orange juice to ease his digestion.
Praise God, just now after he took afternoon nap, he poops quite a lot...The poop was yellowish mustard like and creamy...

Mommy was so relieved...
Ok, tomorrow we will continue again with thinner porridge

Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeding at 6 months

Now Richie is starting solid food, to be exact, it started two days ago before his 6 months b'day.
First, only twice a day, then the next day already three times a day, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
Richie likes so much the rice cereal because it has sweet taste and mommy adds breast milk into it.

The condition is Richie must be awake and not sleepy otherwise he gets cranky and vomits like what happened this morning

Milestones - 6 months old

Happy 6 months old

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growth Spurt 5.5 months old

Last week when Richie was 5.5 months old suddenly he liked to drink milk a lot almost every 2 hours.
At First, mommy was a bit worry if mommy's milk was not enough calorie therefore Richie was hungry. Then mommy thought Richie's ready for solid food, therefore one of the days mommy gave Richie a little bit of semi solid rice cereals. Richie liked it.

Mommy still curious whether it's the right time to give Richie solid food 'cos he still below 6 months old, then mommy searched from the internet and relieved that it's normal and part of Richie's growing...and mommy didn't need to rush giving solid food to Richie.
But mommy needed to wake up every 2 hours as well at night, it liked 5.5 months ago when Richie was a newborn baby.

Now, mommy felt relieved 'cos the milk supply was more than enough and last night Richie was back to normal again, only drank one time at night and slept through the night

4 more days to go for Solid Food Richie...
We will be having fun experimenting the real food !

Richie and Corn

Fun Time @ Universal Studio and Casino before soft opening

Monday, March 8, 2010

Every Child is Unique

Every child is born with their uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses...
Why is that so?

Richie is one of them, he's very unique...One of the examples is Roll Over Stage.
He's now 5.5 months old and he's actually able to roll over but he chooses and is not willing to do it.
He prefers to move around in his own way, sliding his stomach, legs and hands. And now he wants to sit up.

On the other hand, his senses and fine motor skills are pretty strong. He knows how to respond well..for eg, he knows that medicine is not delicious, therefore it's very difficult to ask him drink the medicine..
He also knows which environment that's clean and fresh..

Well, sometimes mommy feels worried when other children follow the general stages of development but Richie...
When mommy searches from the Internet, it gives a relieve when some mothers experience the same thing, their children are not following the general stages of development.
And mommy realizes that mommy can't compare Richie with other children because Richie is a unique person.

What mommy believes is God has created Richie in perfect condition and his uniqueness. Therefore mommy doesn't need to worry anything, God and Richie know the best what he can do now and what must wait....
Mommy only can pray and support Richie whatever Richie does as long as he's happy in his early life

Mommy loves you !

Give Thanks and Feeling Contented

Now mommy realizes whatever mommy has and experiences is God's gift and it's the best for us.
Last time in previous blog, mommy ever wrote whether we should hire maid, go back to Indo or just stay in Singapore then mommy and daddy decided to stay in Singapore without helper.

That's the best decision that we made and we just realized it after we went back from Indo.
Let say if mommy decided to go back Indo, Richie will be stress out as well as Daddy even though the stress stage is different. And if mommy hired maid, we will never have privacy and do whatever we like.

Mommy really give thanks to God that He gives mommy enough strength, patience and love to take care Richie and daddy alone. And mommy also feels contented with this "pigeon hole"even though it's not as big as house in Indo, but certainly this "pigeon hole" gives us Home Feeling that surely can't be taken for granted.

Yeahh....Praise God for giving us a happy family...

Favorite Book and Teether

5.5 months old

Now Richie can recognize his own name and strangers anxiety is starting
He can sit without support momentarily and happy playing with his hand and feet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March - New Beginning

Mommy is very glad the nightmare week was over.
This March is the beginning of new life again. Mommy, Richie and Daddy are recovered already and we will continue our peaceful life again in Singapore
Richie is now able to sleep well at night and only wake up for milk...(Thanks to Lourdes Holy Water as well)

On the day, he loves to play, smile and laugh and now he's learning to sit when we place him in the stroller
Oh ya..while I am writing this..Richie just wakes up from his sleep and suddenly he rolls over from tummy to back...(030310). Mommy usually puts him in the tummy position during sleeping to make his sleeping soundly and tight
Good job Richie...Mommy is amazed !

Another update, Richie is now has new schedule in the morning...Reading and Story telling activity
Mommy reads a starter reading book that teaches about color, shapes and other things in 10 mins then follow with story telling with some animal toys to make it interesting
Yay and Richie likes it :)