Monday, April 26, 2010

Tutti Fruities...

Some updates of the fruits from what Richie likes most to the least :

1. Pear
2. Sweet Orange
3. Mango
4. Papaya
5. Banana
6. Avocado
7. Guava

Mommy will mix and match fruits after this

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite Music

Jubing is Richie's favorite music, everytime he listens to Jubing's guitar instrumentalia, he's very calm down and sometimes falls to sleep
So every time we go out by car, daddy always turn on Jubing CD

Daily Life Schedule

Now, Richie has more or less the same daily schedule.

6.30 or 7 am : he wakes up and drinking a little bit of milk

7.30 - 8am : watching House of Mouse @ Disney Channel

8 - 8.15am : breakfast with mommy, Richie has fruit puree for breakfast, while mommy has milk and bread

8.30 - 9am : Strolling in the park with mommy, while mommy also excersice @Outdoor gym

9 - 9.15am : Richie's taking shower

9.30 - 10.30am : Richie's first nap & drinking milk

10.30 - 11.30am : Playing Time

12pm : Lunch time with mommy and sometimes with daddy ( Richie has either oat porridge + veg pureed or sweet potatoes pureed and mommy and daddy have their own food)

1 - 3pm : Richie and mommy take a nap while Richie's drinking milk

3 - 5pm : Playing Time and sometimes Richie has his snack (fruit pureed) as well as mommy

5 - 6pm : Watching TV together with mommy

6 - 6.15pm : Richie's taking afternoon shower, sometimes he takes a short nap after this while drinking milk

6.30 - 7pm : Strolling in the park while waiting daddy's back home

7.30pm : Richie has dinner together with mommy and daddy (same food with lunch)

8 - 9 pm : Playing Time with Daddy

9pm - 6.30am : Sleeping Time & drinking milk (sometimes Richie's waking in between with closed eyes and he just wants to look for Mommy's breast to feel secure)

Happy 7 months old

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite Hobby : Strolling in the park and observe the plants

This is actually not new hobby, but mommy just notices recently that Richie likes to go strolling in the park while observing plants, tress, flowers, leaves.
Now, every morning around 8.30 am and afternoon around 6.30 pm, mommy always bring Richie to the garden down the blocks.
And Richie likes to observe the greeneries than other things such as birds, dogs, or cats.
He seems ignore them when mommy wants to show them to Richie..

Have Fruit a day, keep the doctor away

So far, Richie prefers fruits to others
When mommy gives Richie fruits that have natural sweet taste, he always open his mouth and never stops. But when mommy gives him oat porridge mixed with vegetables, he eats very slowly, except sweet potato

The fruits that have been tasted :
1. Pear
2. Banana
3. Avocado
4. Mango
5. Sweet baby orange

The vegies :
1. sweet potatoes
2. carrot
3. broccolli

Mommy will try other fruits such as apple, papaya and vegies, such as potatoes, spinach, pumpkin and squash

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aqua Spa

Richie likes playing with water, therefore we introduce him to water first before move on to swim later

Kungfu Panda Story

Mommy just watched Kungfu Panda @HBO Family and it's kinda of remind me again.
It has wisdom and excellent moral of the story.

The story is about Panda who's just ordinary creature and his family background is noodle shop business. He's an excellent cook and his father plans to pass the noodle shop to him. On the other hand, he has a dream to be a Kungfu warrior. Once, the Master wants to announce the Dragon Warrior and the Panda is interested to come. He wants to come in but too late because of his weight that makes him difficult to climb the stairs. But when there's a will, there's always the way, he manages to go in with surprise and the Master points him that he's the Dragon Warrior. None believe especially the disciples and the shu fu. The shufu also almost gives up because it's impossible to train the Panda within a few days to face the Strong and Giant Tiger. But the master reminds him that the secret is just BELIEVE. And if you believe, you can figure out HOW. In short, the Shufu finds that to encourage and train Panda, he must use what Panda likes which is FOod. Finally Panda is able to master the kungfu and in the end of the story he wins over the Strong and Giant Tiger.

The moral of the story :
1. Every one is UNIQUE as well as the children
We can't compare our children with others because each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.

2. We must BELIEVE to ourselves and our children
Sometimes, we almost give up hope when the circumstances are in not our favour. But we must not lose the BELIEVE. When we believe that we or our children can do it, we can easily figure out HOW to overcome the problems

3. Gives INCENTIVES according to what our children LIKE
As a parent sometimes we want to shape our kids like ourselves, but again every human is different, we need to find what our children like and from that we can encourage them to do the best

4. The Secret of success is BELIEVING in OURSELVES
Again, the secret of success is believing in ourselves. If we believe that we can do it, we will be able to do it no matter what are the obstacles in front of us

5. Nature choose the HUMBLY person to be a LEADER
I guess it's just mother and human nature, if we boast, people won't like us. To be a leader, we must humble ourselves

Richie laugh out loud

Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrating Easter with Love

Richie and Aunties & Uncle

It was taken during one of our friends' house warming on April 10th, 2010

Rolling Over at 6.5 months

This moment has been waited long for mommy, Roll Over...
It seems that Richie learn it only overnight. It's all happened at night when mommy put Richie sleep on tummy as usual and suddenly Richie turned over. Mommy was very happy and overwhelmed.
The next day Richie can turned over from back to tummy position..
What a relieve !

Well done my son ! Keep the good job up !
It's really true when a lot of mommies out there said that every child has different development phase and if he's ready, he is able to do it just over night.

Proud of you my son, now Richie's learning from sitting to crawling position...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday with my Little Family

Birthday Dinner with beloved family

Pre- Birthday Lunch

When is the right time to get married and have children??

This question was popped out from one of the Radio station DJ in Singapore.
When is the right time to get married and have children ??
Some replied getting married early, then having children early as well as retired early
Some replied getting married first, delay having children, think later about retirement
Some replied getting married later, then having children, as well as later retirement

Well, there's no right or wrong answer. But it's all depend on your plan.
If you feel that you want to retire early and enjoy life more, get married and have children early
But if you want to advance your career first, just delay your married and children but of course you won't be free from responsibility even though your age has reach the retirement age

Well, The truth is if you're married and want to delay having children 'cos of's just excuses. When you have children, you will do the best you can to provide for your kids although it won't be ideal arrangement that you want because it's simply human nature.
Perhaps you want to be full time mommy when you can always be with your kids, watch their growth and nurture them, but if you need double income, you will have alternative arrangement

Those are just my thought and hopefully whoever read this or even Richie later on, may think again if you want to delay having children...
Having children is a blessing and privilege, if you reject this blessing, it may not come by twice and you must wait long long for the queue hehe...

Finally...Richie has pooped

When Adults talk about farting and pooping, it seems disgusting
But, it's a blessing actually when we can far and poop.
I saw it at Richie, when almost 5 days, he never poop only fart and fart, Mommy felt worry
After Mommy gave Pear pureed, (Thanks to Mommy Audrey's advice and recipe) finally Richie can poop...
It's pretty a lot and quite smelly with papaya smell, 'cos mommy ate papaya too
Mommy feel relieved and very happy after that.

Now every morning, Richie eats fruit pureed, this week is Pear pureed, next week will be Avocado
then lunch time, Richie eats Oat cereal

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is My baby really overweight or is it just people jealous to my baby

Well, it's just mommy's thought, no offence to those who happen to read this.
Richie is 6 months old and his weight is 9++ kg. Some said that my baby is overweight and needs to reduce the milk or on diet.

My first thought is that I just give him exclusively breast milk for the past 6 months and whenever he feels full or enough, he will turn away my breast. So I never force him to drink more than he could.
Besides, he just drink only one breast not both every time he drinks.
Now, he starts on solid food, and again he drinks more than usual because he's going into growth spurt.

After some positive advices and encouragements from mommies who breastfeed successfully more than one year, I have confident enough that my baby is very healthy baby and my breast milk is superb in terms of quality and quantity.
I really give thanks to God, 'cos He provides me with abundant milk for my little one.

Not many mommies are lucky like me and now I can ease my mind and feel sorry to those who said that my baby is overweight, perhaps they just feel unlucky deep down inside and jealous to my baby and me therefore they said negatively about it.

Haven't pooped for almost 5 days

Richie hasn't pooped yet for almost 5 days now.
Mommy has got rid of rice cereal and changed to oat cereal and Richie also likes it, so it's no problem.

So far Richie ate heinz pear pureed, gerber carrot pureed, mashed sweet potatoes (still can't swallow well), oat cereal porridge. But still after the last pooped where he ate sweet potatoes, nothing come out from his bowel. Yesterday mommy also gave him sweet orange juice diluted with water but nothing as well

Some suggest pear or apple juice. Mommy may give it to him later and see whether it works.
The worse case, see family doctor tomorrow.

6.5 months old now