Monday, May 31, 2010

Richie's first books

Baby and Care development books

Some of the books that Mommy read as a knowledge
Dr. Spock's book is recommended especially for the first mom, it's really straightforward and comprehensive.

Matching Clothes

Fun Fun Fun @IMM

This is the first time Richie played with coined games and he liked and enjoyed so much especially when he's driving the car hehe

Learning to stand up & finally stand up (8 months 1 week)

Finally Richie can stand up on his own. It happened during the weekend when suddenly he hold the play pen and pushed himself to stand.
First, he failed but after so many trials and errors, he managed to stand up from sitting position
Good Job my Son !

Long Weekend 28 - 30/5/2010 - We love Nature !

We had a great time together last weekend since Friday was Vesak's Day.
On Friday morning, we went to Hort Park. Richie was the one who was very excited since he liked greeneries and nature very much.
In the evening, we went to Ion Orchard for dinner together with Richie's godparents and in the same time, mommy also wanted to buy books from Borders.

The next day, we went to McRitchie in the morning. It was hot though and Richie fell a sleep when we strolled around the park. Afterward, we went to Ubi Traffic Police where Daddy changed his driving license. Then, mommy remembered about Soft and smooth beancurd that Auntie Fanie ever bought for us, so we went to Old Airport Hawker Center for lunch.

This was the first time bringing Richie to hawker center and he was very excited because a lot of people and the food smelled good.
Mommy and daddy also haven't eaten in the hawker center for long time and amazed with so many choices and most of the food were nice.
We bought Nasi Lemak, Otah, Char kwee tiao, Toa Payoh Rojak (mommy must queue for at least half an hour), Beancurd ( we realized that we bought the wrong stall the next day..sigh..)
In the evening, we went to Jurong Point for dinner and mommy also went to supermart for shopping regular groceries.

On Sunday morning, we decided not to go anywhere, we let Richie swam in his pool after 1 month. He's very excited, he splashed the water and played his own for at least 20 mins.
Then we went to Marina Square for lunch @Ko lo mee then went to Kiddy Palace & Mothercare.
We planned to go to church in the evening for Evening Mass but Richie and daddy fell a sleep until 6.30pm so we skipped the church then this Sunday...
In the evening we went to IMM for dinner with Uncle Reynard.

The long weekend was so fruitful and we're glad that Richie enjoyed very much and happy...
Looking forward to another activity this coming weekend

Monday, May 24, 2010

One lazy weekend 22-23 May 2010

Since we know that Richie likes natures, we decide to go to the park every weekend.
Last Saturday, we wanted to go to Bukit Batok Nature Park, but the weather was not compromisable therefore we went to Vivocity instead.
Then on Sunday morning, the weather was so nice and the sun was bright therefore we went to Bukit Batok Nature Park. Even though it's not so much to see there, but Richie liked it until fell to sleep

Next week will be a long weekend, we plan to go to either henderson park or botanical garden.
Hopefully the weather is favorable.

Richie's territory

Since Richie starts to crawl and stand up, mommy has put him to his playpen.
He seems enjoy it eventhough if he knows that he's alone, he will scream to get attention.
But at least mommy and daddy have mind at ease if we need to do something

milestones - 8 months old

Such amazing journey from 7 to 8 months.
Richie has vast development especially the brain. He knows his habit and has regular schedule everyday.
He knows times to eat, play and sleep even stroll in the park
He can express very well his happiness when we cheer and praise him as well as his anger when we take his toys off or he doesn't get what he wants

Very well done my son !!
Mommy and daddy are proud of you and love you more and more each day.

Happy 8 months old

Monday, May 17, 2010

Starting to show his emotional

Last week Richie started to show his emotional from being happy, angry, and sad.
When he's happy, he will giggle or laugh and said hey hey but when he's angry, he will scream and scream and cry out loud until coughing.
On the other hand when he's sad, he will cry softly.

And also he knew when he's being scolded or when mommy said NO NO..
He will be angry if somebody took his things while he's still playing with them or when mommy take him out from his bathtub and he thinks that he hasn't finished playing with water and rubber ducks

And if he wants something and he can't get it, he will starts showing the tantrum...
Oh boy...

Feeding at 8 months

Richie is coming to 8 months and so far mommy has given him some new tastes, of course in small amounts.
- Banana Cake and Chocolate cake (from Bengawan Solo)
- Beancurd (from old changi airport Rd)
- Tau Sar Pau / Red Bean Pau
- Vanilla Ice Cream ( Chilli's Restaurant @Resort World Sentosa)
- Mashed potato (KFC) but he doesn't like it hehe...Thanks God

Richie likes them very much except KFC mashed potato and so far he's responsive well with cow's products such as ice cream and cheese

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feeding at 7 months

Since Richie will be 7.5 months soon tomorrow, mommy will make intermediate stage of his food
So far this is a good improvement :

Fruits (always his favorites)
1. Pear
2. Apple
3. Banana
4. Mango
5. Papaya
6. Guava
7. Sweet Orange
8. Avocado
9. Banana Milkshake
10. Banana Strawberry
11. Papaya Strawberry
12. Pear Avocado
13. Pear Apple (will try soon)
14. Papaya Pear (will try soon)
15. Papaya Melon (will try soon)
16. Melon blueberry (will try soon)
17. Melon banana (will try soon)
18. Banana Pear (will try soon)
19. Banana Sweet Orange (will try soon)
20. Sweet Orange Avocado (will try soon)
21. Sweet Orange Apple (will try soon)
22. Avocado Cucumber (will try soon)

Vegies (second fav)
1. Sweet Potato
2. Pumpkin
3. Carrot
4. Broccoli
5. Spinach
6. Sweet Potato + Carrot
7. Sweet Potato + Broccoli
8. Sweet Potato + Carrot + Broccoli
9. Sweet Potato + Carrot + Spinach
10. Pumpkin + Broccoli
11. Pumpkin + French Beans + Tomato
12. Potato + Carrot + Tomato (will try soon)
13. Potato + Spinach + Tomato (will try soon)
14. Potato + French Beans (will try soon)

Oat/Rice Cereal/Rice Porridge (less favorite)
1. Rice Cereal + Breastmilk
2. Oat Cereal + Breastmilk
3. Oat Cereal + Spinach
4. Oat Cereal + Pumpkin
5. Oat Cereal + Pumpkin + Broccoli

Rice/Vegies/Meat/Dairy (will try soon)
1. Rice Porridge + Carrots + Tomatoes + Chicken breast + Cheese
2. Rice Porridge + Spinach + Chicken breast
3. Potato + Carrots + Chicken Breast + Cheese + Garlic

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Super baby learns to crawl at 7 months plus

What A Perfect Sunday Morning !

Yesterday we had a great time as a family.
In the morning, we went to Marina Bay to see the New Marina Bay Sands, The Helix Bridge and Marina Barrage.
We wanted to go down and took a stroll @The Helix Bridge but unfortunately Richie fell a sleep and just woke up when we arrived @Marina Barrage.
So we came down and had a look there. Richie had a great time, he had fun playing with water and also enjoyed the scenery and the fountains

After that, we dropped by to Mommy's Audrey house to get some baby food book then we had lunch @IMM while mommy shopped groceries
In the afternoon, we went to church @Holy Spirit Church and finally we had pizza hut delivery for dinner

We enjoyed very much as a family, hopefully we will do it again in the future