Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teething teething 9 months old

For the last 1 week since we returned from Jakarta, Richie was cranky at night.
He could suddenly cry for a while, luckily his eyes were not wide opened. When mommy breastfeed him, he calmed down.
But it always happens until now, perhaps he's teething and feel uncomfortable.
He likes to bite everything that comes to his mouth including mommy and daddy's fingers...

Hopefully, his tooth will cut the gum soon...
Be strong my baby !

Godparent's wedding 19 June 2010

Happy 9 months old

Thursday, June 17, 2010

8.5 months old

Some vast developments :
- Able to stand up by holding the objects
- Able to clap his hands together
- Eating progress from pureed to mashed
- Some babbling words : Pa, Ta, Ca, Wa, Ba...

Jakarta Holiday 13 June 2010 - Borobudur Hotel

Adit - Linda's wedding 12 June 2010

Adit and Linda's Wedding
Jakarta, 12 June 2010
Solemnization : Cathedral Church
Tea Pai : Borobudur Hotel
Reception : Bandar Djakarta

When Richie meets Rexton

On Monday, we visited Rexton, Tessa and Andre's son
He's 1.5 months younger than Richie...but both of them were really cute.
They liked to play together and Rexton's toys were so many....
Hopefully both of them can become best friend in the future eventhough staying in different country and have different citizenship

Going to Jakarta 10 - 15 June 2010

We went to Jakarta on June 10 - 15,2010 for nyonyo's wedding.
From the past experience, we decided to take Lufthansa instead of budget airlines.
Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for 2 hours because of the storms. We reached airport quite early because daddy wanted to shop in the airport.
Luckily, there were family zone and children playground @Changi airport so Richie was not so bored, he played there meanwhile mommy and daddy could look around and did window shopping.

We departed at 7pm and since we had a baby, we have been given a priority. The service was pretty good and we were satisfied with that.
Richie could sleep throughought the journey and just woke up when we almost reached Jakarta.
Since we reached Jakarta about 8.30pm, there were no traffic jam..this's blessing in disguise..
We stayed at Opa Jerry's house @Tomang.

The next morning we went to Nyonyo's apartment @Kelapa Gading to meet oma and opa semarang. After lunch, we went to hotel Borobudur to check in.
On Saturday, it was a busy and tiring day starting from morning. Luckily, Richie was cooperated very well, he woke up early in the morning as well and had breakfast and shower before mommy's make up.

After tea pai, we went to Katedral Church for the solemnization @3pm followed with dinner @Bandar Djakarta. Everything was running smoothly eventhough there's raining between 4.30pm - 5.30pm.
We stayed another night in the hotel since the next day was nyonyo's birthday.
On Sunday and monday night, we stayed back to opa's house.

On Monday, we visited Rexton @Kelapa Gading, mommy will put into other post for details.
On Tuesday night we flew back to Singapore. The flight was supposed at 7pm, but there's delay for one hour and we waited inside the plane...
Finally we reached Singapore around 10.30pm....

Mommy's sick and Richie's running nose

This was the longest flu that mommy had...
Mommy had flu for 3 weeks, since early june until now
Firstly, mommy had plan to go for flu jab end of may/early june before went back to Indo but the flu came first and attacked mommy.
Luckily, mommy asked daddy to go for flu jab first before went back to Indo otherwise mommy will need to take care both of us.

The first symptomp was sore throat then running nose and finally coughing...the longest one was coughing and it's really uncomfortable.
Mommy has taken the mild medicine but it seemed never work, then the doctor gave mommy stronger medicine and antibiotics. Until all the medicine finished, mommy's coughing never stopped and became worst while we were in Jakarta.
Then mommy took actified and herbal cold and now mommy's feeling better and recovering soon.

While mommy was having flu in Singapore, Richie was lucky that he never had any symptomps.
But when we went back to Jakarta, within 2 days Richie started to have runny nose...phew...
Luckily it's just runny nose not fever or other symptomps. Perharps it's also contributed by the weather and heavy pollution.
Richie's nose still couldn't take the bad pollution in Jakarta. Fortunately, we only stayed for 5 days in Jakarta otherwise the matter would be worse.

Now, mommy's feeling better and recovering as well as Richie eventhough sometimes he's still having running nose.