Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tofu Soup with Minced Pork

Source : Mommy Richie
Preparing time : 10 mins, Cooking Time : 15 mins
Provides : protein, vitamin A, C

Ingredients :
100 g minced pork
60g straw mushroom
1 tomato
1 block silken tofu
2 chye sim
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper to taste

Boil water and put the garlic in, when the water almost boiled, add minced pork and wait until thoroughly cooked. Add straw mushroom, tofu and tomato and cook until all are soft enough to chew.
Add the chye sim and cook for 2 minutes and turn off the heat.
Served with warm steamed rice

Feeding at 12 months

 Richie was sick of his normal food and he only took half of the portion, so mommy decided to give him the same food as mommy.
Since mommy now can give him salt on his food, it's much more easier to plan and cook the meal for him.
Mommy still give very little salt just to taste especially for the soup.
Yesterday, mommy cooked tofu soup with minced pork and he liked it.

Some food that mommy has planned to give to Richie next week :
Macaroni Schotel, Bakmoy, Oyong soup, chicken soup, fried eggs

Hopefully they will boost his appetite again...
Good job son !

Learning music

Thanks for the gift...
he likes the piano book even though he doesn't understand yet, but he likes to press the toot...

Weaning Progress to Formula Milk

After stopping weaning to formula milk about 2 weeks, now mommy is starting to wean again.
Mommy changed the formula milk from similac to Pediasure.
First, he didn't really like it 'cos it has strong sweet taste if mommy mix the powder and water according to the instruction. Then mommy reduced the portion of powder to water so 1 scoop of powder to 90ml.
And Richie liked it, 'cos it's still has sweet taste but not so thick...close to breastmilk taste ....
Today he can finish it 2x90 ml within 1.5 hours.

Well, eventhough in his age, he should drink at least 5x200ml, mommy was happy he didn't spit the milk out like before.
Hopefully, it goes smoothly

Happy 1 Year old

Monday, September 27, 2010

Richie 1st B'day Bash - 26 Sep 2010 Part 5

Finally we were back home with lots of gifts...
here are some snapshots of our happiness especially Richie the birthday boy

Richie 1st B'day Bash - 26 Sep 2010 Part 4

Here are some snapshots of Richie

Richie 1st B'day Bash - 26 Sep 2010 Part 3

These are some snapshots with aunties and uncles

Richie 1st B'day Bash - 26 Sep 2010 Part 2

We invited the guests to come around 1130 am but mommy didn't expect the preparation was longer than expected so when some guests arrived, mommy and daddy still haven't dressed up yet.
Making the balloon clown was the tricky part and took some times.

Anyway, when we arrived with Richie around 12.15, most of the guests were there so we started with Birthday Ceremony around 12.30pm lead by Catherine
Followed with Thank you speech from Daddy and opening prayer by Uncle Ferdinand
After that, ..MAKAN TIME...

Richie 1st B'day Bash - 26 Sep 2010 Part 1

Thank you aunties, uncles, and oma for coming and the gifts.
Thank you for the vendors and those who are helping to make the party succesful

Here are some vendors
Invitation Card & Banner Backdrop by Aditya & Linda Designz
Birthday Cake & Cake Pops by C for Cupcakes
Food by Kantin Aneka, Oma Ani and Mommy Felix
Photographer by Reynaria Photography
Videographer by Johnson Lie
Balloon Decoration & Event Organizer by Mommy Richie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Cake, First Wish and First Celebration with His close family

We celebrated Richie's first birthday in simple way on the day he was born.
We made a wish and blown the cake together and followed with nice dinner @ Woori Nara, Korean Restaurant.
The Birthday Bash will be this coming Sunday