Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lunch @ Shokudo Japanese Market Restaurant

On Sunday afternoon, we had lunch with daddy's friend @ Shokudo Japanese Market Restaurant.
It's like Marche but selling Japanese cuisine even though they have rosti and pizza.
After finishing the meal, Richie played in the indoor playground also still inside Shokudo Restaurant.
He seemed enjoy playing with friends

Breakfast on Lazy Sunday

Happy Halloween 2010

Old MacDonald had a farm, EIOEIO
And on his farm, he had some cows EIO EIO
With a moo moo here and moo moo there
here moo, there moo, every where moo
Old Mac Donald had a farm

Attending Cosmas and Vero wedding - 30 October 2010

NUS alumni

Richie enjoyed food from hotel

Sushi sushi

just arrive, still in the proper sit and clean hands

start digging the sushi

here's the egg and sushi rice

One day after Richie passed his 13th month age, mommy and daddy brought him to Sakae Sushi for lunch.
Mommy brought his meal which is mashed potato with salmon carbonara. He finished them very fast and still looked very hungry, therefore he asked mommy sushi, since daddy and mommy ate sushi.

So mommy ordered tamago sushi (egg omelete sushi) and he liked it and finished 1 sushi except the sea weed.
After that, mommy let him try to feed himself sushi by his hand and end up playing with the food and messed up the table and floor.
Luckily he has finished his meal and it's in the restaurant. So mommy don't mind paying service charge

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking Own Responsibility instead of Blaming Others

Recently, in Indonesia there are double disasters or perhaps triple disasters, tsunami, volcano and flood even though the latter is not as severe as the other two.
And of course there are so many responses and comments with regards of those events.
But the interesting part is the comments that people wrote in facebook, I believe they are not directly affected.
They show sympathy and empathy to the victims but on the other hand they also blame government and even dare to ask God, why is this happen or Is God really angry ??

When I think and analyze again with more logic, I believe those unhappy events can be prevented except the natural disaster like tsunami and volcano.

For the case of flood in Jakarta or other areas in Indonesia.
We are easily blaming the government, because of this or that, never do this or that but never reflect on ourselves what we do to prevent the flood coming.
See, how many vehicles are there in Jakarta, the government has made the rules, but people always find the flaws and loopholes and always make use of them.

There are areas that not supposed to build for residentials or shopping centers but again, the developers and the rich people never care. They insist on building it to gain more.
After having a lot of money, they will leave the country and contribute it to other countries.

When the government wants to build or repair the road, the contractors will corrupt the materials and make the road able to use only for short term.

And when the flood coming, they easily curse and blame the government and even dare to say they want to change the government.
I believe even the genious people won't be able to repair the damage of the country.
It's about ATTITUDE that need to be repaired....

Second case is Merapi volcano eruption.
Of course we couldn't avoid the eruption but we could prevent many victims.
Well, I believe the government has warned the villagers there about active volcanoes even before it errupts.
But, are the people listening? They insist to stay and some even prefer to die in his house/village than moving to other part.
And when it happens, do we have right to blame others ? do we dare to ask God why is this happen ? do we dare to ask God, are You angry to us ?
It's all human fault and they must take full responsibility for the consequenses. It sounds cruel but it's the fact

Third case is tsunami.
This is coming unexpected, of course none can avoid it.
That's why, I have no comment for this but again, we don't need to ask God why is this happen or are You angry to us?
instead we must change our behavior towards the earth starting from simple deed 

Well, I just hope when Richie is big enough to read and understand this, he will care to earth and take full responsibility for every thing he does and never blames others

Glenn Doman Method

Mommy has finished reading both books, how to teach your baby math and reading.
It's insightful and enriching. It's about simulating the brain to grow and develop well so it will be easier and useful in the future.
The method is about FLASH CARD. It's hard copy cards not the digital one.
Mommy like this kind idea, hard copy instead of digital.

Some of advises that mommy think are very useful :

1. Start as early as possible
The earlier, the better, the brain will grow very fast and can accomodate a lot of information

2. Never force the children or the parent
If the parent feel that they don't want to do it, better not. Because it will become burden and no more fun.
It applies to the children, if they seem never interested in doing the program, better just leave it and find other program that suitable to the kids.

3. Stop before the kids ask to
Mommy likes this idea, to encourage the kids to eager and hungry for learning we better stop before the kids reach to boring limit.
We can judge whether the kids are interested in learning or not by doing so. If we stop it and the kids ask for more, meaning that they have put heart on it and want to learn more.
It applies not only in learning but also in eating.
BUT be careful, don't apply it on digital games or TV, it will make them addicted if we stop it before they reach their boring limit

4. Make it as short  and fast as possible
Since the kids brain is awesome, they are able to get information as fast as possible. The fast we do it, they will able to get more information before leaving us.
And we just limit it less than 2 minutes, because their time is very precious and their schedule are packed to explore the whole house.
Well, mommy is now eager to start with math and mommy has asked the GD representative office in Singapore about the kits and it's pretty expensive.
The kits for how to teach your baby read in English is S$680
and the kits for how to teach your baby math is S$380
That's why mommy is now searching for alternatives, perhaps mommy could make own card even though it's time consuming 

less for MORE

Suddenly Richie's appetite was back again since last monday, exactly after he passed 13th month.
When mommy gave him his meal during lunch and dinner, he ate very fast and never spitted out.
Well, mommy was so happy.

Previously, since he didn't want to sit still for more than  5 mins, mommy gave him half of his usual portion.
And when mommy gave him last monday, he seemed hungry and asked when mommy ate.

So, on Wednesday, mommy add to become 3/4 of his usual portion to see whether he finished it. And he did it.

Finally mommy found the solution if he didn't have enough appetite, mommy will give him less and let him ask for more. I guess it works for us.

The moral of the story :
If the desire of eating comes from the child, it will be easier to feed him instead of forcing him to eat
Always give less than what he wants, to make him wants more

On the other hand, the weaning is still in progress. It's kinda of up and down though.
But mommy always tries to be consistent at least giving him 135ml milk in the morning. The rest of the days depends on his meal and mood. Other alternatives, mommy gave him a tub of yoghurt everyday and a slice of milk pudding (made from his formula milk + agar agar powder)

Monday, October 25, 2010

How to teach your baby math and to read

While in Bali, mommy bought two books How to Teach Your Baby to Read and How to Teach Your Baby Math by Glenn Doman
It's good to know the reason why baby looks like easily boring with his toys and why he likes to play the real one for eg real hp instead of hp toys.
And also the guidance to stimulate his brains without forcing the baby...

Happy 13 months old

Richie the Explorer

While in Bali, Richie learnt many things from splashing the water, climbing up the stairs and learning the sound of some musical instruments.
Here some snap shots of Richie the Explorer

Some Snap Shots in Bali

family in the beach

walking in the sand

laugh and fun

daddy and son bonding time

havin' fun at pool

mom and son bonding time

with oma sian, iik audi and om nino

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have Fun @ Bali

We were absolutely having fun @ Bali even though most of the time we stayed @ home. But it's quite refreshing for mommy and Richie.

This is some stories while we were in Bali

Tuesday,19 October 2010

We went to airport in the late afternoon since our flight was 7pm. Mommy and Richie flew with Jetstar while daddy flew with SQ. Since we had different terminal, daddy checked in first and then followed mommy and richie to terminal 1. Everything went smoothly during the journey. Richie slept for almost 2 hours and was not cranky and he woke up 15 minutes before landing....Good Boy !
When we arrived, oma sian has waited for us...then we went to oma sian's house first before sending daddy to the hotel since daddy would continue with his business trip to Sumbawa

Wednesday - Thursday, 20 - 21 October 2010

While daddy's having business trip, mommy and richie was at home most of the time. But Richie was very happy and excited. He liked to explore many things surrounding the house.
Luckily, oma sian has many toys and Barney Show CD to play so Richie was not so boring
In the afternoon, we went swimming at Oma's house
On Thursday late afternoon, we picked daddy up from airport

Friday, 22 October 2010

In the morning we went to Kuta beach since it's 5 mins walking from home. Richie was pretty excited at first to see the sand and beach and waves for the first time. But when his feet were dirty 'cos of sands, he didn't want to go down again.
Then we went to swim after that since it's cooling after raining in the morning.
In the evening, mommy and daddy went spa while richie had afternoon nap and after that we had dinner together with oma sian and opa ling

Saturday 23. October 2010

it's time to went back Singapore. Our flight was in the afternoon.
Richie managed to sleep for about 1 hour and full of energy after that. He amused himself in the plane and sometimes playing with the passengers next to us.
And we arrived in Singapore at 5pm.

Thanks God everything went well and we had fun there. We will be there again early next year...
Thanks to Oma sian and family for the hospitality and cu soon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Holiday 2010 - Bali

We will be having short trip holiday to Bali from 19 - 23 October 2010 while daddy's having business trip to Mataram.
Mommy and Richie will take different flight from daddy but we will arrive in Bali almost the same time.
We will be staying at Oma Sian's house which is in Kuta, opposite Discovery Plaza Hotel and just 5 mins walk to Kuta Beach.

But mommy guess most of the time we will be staying at home or walk around Kuta, 'cos it will be inconvenient travelling alone without daddy.
Anyway, mommy hope we have great time there especially Richie, we will dip ourselves into water this 4 days hehe...

So the blog will be off in the moment

Learn walking with support - almost 13 months

Richie is very active nowadays not only exploring but also learning to walk with supports
We almost sweating everyday when he turns us upside down
Here is some pictures and video taken in the church

Lazy Weekend - Wedding Parties

This October is full with parties, almost every weekend we had party invitation either wedding or birthday party.
Last weekend was two wedding on a row. First on Friday evening, one of daddy's best friends had ROM and they invited us over dinner @ Sakura
Before that, we went to Plaza Singapura to buy some stuffs for Daddy's business trip this week
And as usual, Richie was very interested in playing the machine especially if there's the steer wheel

Here is some pictures

Then on Saturday, there's wedding of daddy's ex school mate in NTU
It was in Church of St Mary of the Angels

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorting the shapes and digital flash card

Now, Richie is able to sort the shapes even though only 3 (cylinder, cube and triangle).
It's much more easier to start from simple shapes and it's from his walker.

Besides, he's now addicted to digital flash card from iphone.
Every time mommy hold the iphone and he saw it. He will run to mommy and beg to see the flash card.
After mommy show it to him, he can sit still for at least 5 mins and always ask the new topic in the flash card.

There are about fruits, ABC, numbers, animals, body part, musical instruments, vehicles, sports, thing surrounding house, color.


Mommy surprised this morning as usual Richie turn on the CD player, sit in front of it and listen the songs with dancing then when mommy was at other bedroom, mommy heard Richie saying ba ba ba...when the song chorus said bom bom bom...
It seemed that he liked to follow the chorus song, it's so cute, mommy was giggling in the bedroom listening him try to sing hahaha...

Mommy wanted to video the event, but too bad, he knew it and just run into mommy...
There are two songs that he likes to follow by singing.
First is Make a foolish rhyme and the second one is Sally the camel

Make a foolish rhyme
ya ya yayaya...=> Richie likes to say it when he hears this song
in China they never grow chilly
so sing me another verse and worse than the first verse
make sure it's foolish and silly....

.........(there's 3 more verse after that)

Sally the camel
Sally the camel has 5 hums
Sally the camel has 5 hums
Sally the camel has 5 hums
so ride Sally ride
bom bom bom bom...=> Richie will say it ba ba ba ba...

.......(then just continue with 4,3,2,1,0 hums)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Salmon Carbonara Alphabet Pasta

Source : Mommy Richie
Preparation time : 10 mins, Cooking time : 15 mins
Provides : carb, calcium, protein, omega3, folic acid, vitamin B and C
Suitable for freezing (sauce only)

Ingredients :
60g alphabet pasta
100g salmon (deboned, cut diced)
60g broccoli
60g luffa
60g shredded cheddar cheese
30g butter
120g milk
1 spoonful plain flour
salt and pepper for seasoning

Steam the broccoli and luffa, meanwhile melt the butter and cook the salmon until it's easy to flake.
Add the plain flour and milk and whisk together into the salmon until it's thick.
Add the steamed broccoli and luffa and cook for 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.
Remove from the heat and add shredded cheddar cheese.
Boil the water and add alphabet pasta, cook it until it's soft but not soggy

Chicken Bolognaise Alphabet Pasta

alphabet pasta and spagetti bolognaise
Source : Mommy Richie
Preparation time : 10 mins, Cooking time : 15 mins
Provides : protein, calcium, carb, beta carotene, vitamin A, C
Suitable for freezing (sauce only)

Ingredients :
60g alphabet pasta
60g tomato puree
2 tomatoes (skinned and remove the seed, finely chopped)
1 baby carrot ( finely chopped)
90g minced chicken
50g shredded cheddar cheese
30g butter
salt and pepper for seasoning

Steam the tomatoes and carrot until soft. Meanwhile, melt the butter and add the minced chicken and cook until it's soft and thoroughly cooked. Add tomato puree, and steamed tomato and carrot into the mixture.
Season with salt and pepper. Remove from the heat and add the cheddar cheese.
Boil the water and add alphabet pasta and cook for 5 minutes.
Serve the pasta with sauce.

Misua Soup with Luffa

Source : Mommy Richie
Preparation time : 10 mins, Cooking Time : 10 mins
Provides : Carb,  vitamin C, protein

Ingredients :
1 bundle of dry misua
1/2 luffa (cut diced)
1 egg
1 clove of garlic
salt and pepper for seasoning

Boil the water and add garlic, add the luffa and mix the egg into the soup. Season with salt and pepper.
Before served, add the misua for 1 minute to prevent turning soggy and serve with / without rice

Continued .... from changing appetite blog (12 months)

Mommy now knows why Richie has sudden change of appetite. He likes to play more and can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, unless he's being entertained.
Like yesterday, mommy gave him

Breakfast   : 135ml + bread talk steam cake ( more than 1/2 cake )
Tea break : milk pudding + 60g yoghurt
Lunch : tofu soup + rice (only 10 tea spoons ), 1 whole banana and 1 whole kiwi
Tea break : milk pudding
Dinner : tofu soup + rice (3/4 bowl) + onion ring snack (for playing and entertaining)

Richie ate more during dinner time because daddy kept him entertained by giving him onion ring snack.
He liked to hold and play with it, sometimes he put it into his mouth or daddy's mouth.
Well, boy, you make mommy becomes busier and busier every day hehe...

Starting to observe and like animals

After 1 year old, Richie is starting to notice the animals, especially pets.
When mommy brings him to stroll in the park, he will observe the dogs, cats, birds when he meets them.
Sometimes he's excited when seeing dog with thick hairs 'cos it's cute as well.

Well, mommy knows that his brains have developed well, not only animals, he still likes to see and observe the greeneries

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Postponing Self Feeding training

Since his appetite was changing, mommy decided to post pone self feeding training.
Besides, mommy had sharing experience from other mommy, she said that she never train self feeding her daughter at home, because it's quite messy and she just can't stand it, so she only allows self feeding in the restaurant...And she told me when the time comes, her daughter is able to do it by herself, she just take the spoon from her mom and start scooping the spoon into the food and putting into her mouth.

Well, I guess every thing will come when the right time has come otherwise it will be frustrating for mom and son

Favorite Toys from Fisher Price

Since there was news that the toys from China affected many children there because of toxic, mommy decides never buy toys that has unclear brand and chooses Fisher Price brand instead.
It's more pricey compare with other brands, but mommy feels safe using Fisher Price and it's worth of it.
The color and the plastics materials doesn't seem go off soon.

Mommy ever bought the drums set and Richie was banging and biting and the plastic and color were just went off so soon....therefore mommy decided never buy cheap toys anymore.
Besides, the fisher price toys have lighting, music to encourage the kids playing more...

Here is his toys from Fisher Price from Baby Gym, Baby Walker, Ride On vehicle, Go Baby Go Giraffe and stacking bowls and telephones (it's not in the pic though)

PS :  this is the website
with a lot of informations about toys and games

Fast learning when there's interest

Walker from Fisher Price

push the walker

turn on the CD Player

Richie is really a unique boy, sometimes his milestones are different from the guideline.
For eg, during his age, most of the kid will have interest in learning walking either by hand support or walker, however Richie 's different, he doesn't seem to care about walking, he prefers move around by crawling...
I guess he thinks that crawling is much more faster and safer than walking...
Even though mommy has bought him new walker, he prefers to play with the toys in the walker, only last night he tried to push the walker

On the other hand, he's very interested in music and he's able to turn on the CD player by himself.
In the morning, after mommy put him to the floor, he's always going to Daddy's study room and turn on the CD player and sit there for quite some times listening his favorite nursery songs.

Well, mommy now also learning that when he has interest in it, he'll be able to learn very fast otherwise he just simply doesn't bother...

Proud of you boy !

Splash Splish Splash

First time mommy and daddy brought Richie to big pool to swim after attending birthday party.
We went to Uncle ferdi's condo, luckily it's very near from our house so we could go frequently.
Actually mommy and daddy were only preparing Richie for Bali trip so he's comfortable with real swimming pool
At first, he was a bit nervous 'cos every where was water. But after some times he pretty enjoyed himself and splashed the water with his tiny hands and legs.

Next time mommy will use the baby and me combie float instead of neck ring. He's not able to see surrounding and it's a bit too small for him

Curious about the wheel

The wheel go round and round

Richie is now in the stage that he's very curious about the wheels and its friends.
He likes to touch and steer any wheel he stroller wheel, walker wheel, steering wheel etc.
Perhaps he's thinking why this thing can rotate hehe...

Changing the Appetite

Suddenly Richie has changed his appetite over the weekend. He simply only took max 10 spoons feeding of his meal. He preferred to play and move around until all sweating.
He just simply refused the food by spitting it out after 10 spoons feed.
Mommy and daddy didn't understand why sudden change?

Luckily he still wanted to drink milk, therefore mommy gave him 135ml pediasure if he just ate little.
And the interesting part is he simply never feel hungry eventhough he ate little and drink the milk less than what his age supposed to drink.
Perhaps his interests now are playing, exploring, and learning.
Oh boy...mommy just hope that you're not falling sick because of this especially next week we will be having another holiday again...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eating fruit by himself

Since his appetite is okay and he's not a fussy eater, mommy decided to give him a chance for self feeding.
First, mommy let him eating fruits by himself. He likes it for the few minutes, but after that he just throw the fruits in the floor and put the bowl upside down .....and he smiles after that..
Perhaps it's quite amusement for him able to do that.... and mommy needs to clean up the mess..
oh boy !!
Anyway, mommy will slowly introduce him to self feeding until he can manage eating by himself

No more Porridge - 12.5 months old

Yeay...finally Richie is able to eat normal rice, no more porridge.
So it's easier for mommy to plan the menu and cook every day. So far, Richie is receptive with adult food and his appetite is good.
He has eaten tofu soup with minced pork, misua soup with luffa, spinach soup and scramble egg with mix vegetable and bakmoy.

Well done my boy !

Holy Family be Our guide

O God, Heavenly Father, 
it was part of Thine eternal decree that Thine only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, should form a holy family with Mary, His blessed mother, and His foster father, Saint Joseph. 
In Nazareth, home life was sanctified, and a perfect example was given to every Christian family. 
Grant, we beseech Thee, that we may fully comprehend and faithfully imitate the virtues of the Holy Family so that we may be united with them one day in their heavenly glory. 
Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

These were taken on Henry and Riana's Wedding 02 October 2010, at Sheraton Towers

Monday, October 4, 2010

First time bringing Richie to Rosary Prayer

Yesterday mommy brought Richie to Galilea Rosary Prayer. At first mommy was worried if Richie's cranky 'cos the prayer started around 10 am which is the time Richie has usual morning nap. But after considering that mommy has never pray rosary for more than 1 year after Richie was born, so mommy decided to go.
To mommy surprise, Richie was very well behave. He observed the people there and since there were a lot of mothers he feel comfortable. Then he started to observe the room by crawling around.

When he started to get bored, the host brought him to children room to play with her 7mos daughter and 7 years boy. He enjoyed playing with them and got excited. In the meantime, mommy can concentrate on praying.
When the time shown 1130am, Richie was sleepy so he's looking for mommy. Luckily the prayer was ending. so we went back first and mommy let him nap for around 1 hour before his lunch

Learning Mandarin and Flash Card through Iphone

Mommy just bought new Iphone4 on 27th September and it was a great investment even better than Blackberry.
Luckily mommy changed to Iphone. The applications are so wide range and mommy can use the applications to teach Richie flash cards and learning mandarin.
When Richie wants to be entertained on car or eating, mommy just use the iphone flash card to keep him still hehe...
Thanks to Hi-tech, after Iphone the next gadget for Richie will be Ipad

Scramble Egg with mixed vegetable

Source : Mommy Richie
Preparation : 10 mins, Cooking : 10 mins
Provides : protein, calcium, vitamin A, B and C

Ingredients :
90g frozen mixed vegetables (carrot, peas, corn, beans)
1 egg
30g cheddar cheese
30g butter
pepper for seasoning

Steam the mixed vegetable about 5 mins until it's thoroughly soft. Melt the butter and add the mixed vegetable and the egg. Stir them and add cheese and pepper.
Stir it until it's thoroughly cooked