Monday, November 29, 2010

Walking in Progress

Richie is now able to walk 5 steps and he's still trying to walk more and more steps.
Mommy is really amazed his effort, with or without mommy's praise, he always tries to get up and walk.
When he's able to walk for few steps, he will turn his face to mommy with big if he wants to say...
MOMMY, I MAKE IT hehe....

And when he falls down after that, he seldom cries, he will get up and try over and over again.
Mommy never imagine that learn to walk is very difficult for baby. They need to have full balance on his feet to support his body...and the amazing part is they never give up, it's their instinct to try over and over again until they can walk properly and steadily.

Whenever we go out to mall or just playground, he likes to walk with one hand holding to mommy and wandering around...
He likes to explore something new and mommy and daddy are also getting tired chasing him especially when he wants to explore the escalator, glass door....

Mommy guesses, Richie would be able to walk before his 15th month b'day...
Great Job Boy ! Go Go...You can make it happen !

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hi-5 Live Show

Yesterday, mommy and daddy brought him to Marina Square to watch Hi-5 Live Show. Christmas Session.
Since, he liked to watch it in DVD, it would be a good experience for him to watch live with many kids around.
Unfortunately, Richie was still half awake after sleeping for half an hour only therefore he was a bit scared when the MC gave some opening speech.

But when the Hi-5 guys started singing and dancing, he watched them with serious mode haha...I guess he's wondering who were they?
We came around 1pm and so many kids and parents have arrived there already and we couldn't get the first floor, so we went up to second floor therefore it was not so clear for Richie to watch.

Anyway, we had some pictures of them though haha...hopefully they come again next year when Richie is big enough to watch and follow them singing and dancing.
Next week, we will hunt to United Square to watch Barney live show ...hopefully we are early to get the front sit and Richie's not sleepy

Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter melon fish soup

Source : Mommy Richie
Preparation : 10 mins, Cooking Time : 10 mins
Provide : DHA, calcium, vitamin C, protein

150g cod fish
100g winter melon, diced cut
1 tomato
half block of silken tofu, diced cut
1 clove of garlic
50g enoki mushroom/straw mushroom
salt and pepper for seasoning

Boil the water and add 1 clove of garlic.
When it's boiled, add winter melon, tomato, mushroom and tofu until they are soft. Winter melon will turn transparant when it's soft
Lastly, add the fish and season it with salt and pepper. Just cook for 45 seconds until the fish just nicely cooked

One Two Three..Down (13mos 26days)

Richie was trying to take the first steps and he could do it in three steps before fell down.
First, he's trying to stand from sitting down position unsupported then he slowly took the first step, second step, another step and lost balance hehe...
Anyway, well done boy!

Now, he likes to cruise a lot and sometimes he could cross from one furniture to another furniture by taking one or two steps before holding something....
Hopefully, he will be able to walk soon then....

Keep it up boy! way to go!

Weaning off totally

Since he turned down the breast milk, Mommy called it weaning off has already been accomplished.
Richie is now in total cow's milk. And so far so good even though he drinks half a little every day.
He's not kinda of a milk person, he prefers to eat than drink milk which is a good sign.

In the morning, he drinks 150ml milk, afternoon he drinks 120ml and before sleeping at night he drinks 150ml
and mommy gave him yoghurt 60ml in the morning after strolling to the park.

He also sleeps through the night now, from 930pm to 7am which makes mommy sleeps well too.
Finally, mommy can sleep through the night again yeay....

The next training will be sleeping alone at his bedroom...

Family Visit (17 - 22 November 2010)

Opa Jerry, Oma Liani, Opa Bambang and Oma Tine visited Singapore from Hari Raya Haji till Monday.
We were delightful of their coming especially Richie, 'cos there will be many people at home.

When they arrived on Wednesday, we went dinner together @Shokudo Restaurant to celebrate oma Tine's B'day. And on weekend, we went to Marina Bay Sands Skypark infinity pool to have a look since oma tine's friend were staying there over weekend.
It was awesome and Richie liked it so much.

Next time we will spend 1 night and swim there with Richie hehe....

Monday, November 15, 2010

walking training

Mommy noticed that Richie actually can walk unsupported but he seems doesn't have enough confidence.
I guess it's his character, when he fells, he will be very cautious and doesn't want to try after some times.
That's why, every day mommy trains him using baby walker push from fisher price.
He will push the walker and mommy just hold him if he runs fast.
So far he managed to go from his room to living room with the walker.

But when mommy takes the walker back and asks him to walk within arm reach, he's not confident enough to take the steps and prefer crawling since it's safe and much easier from him hehe...

oh boy...hopefully you can walk by yourself soon...

Start learning mathematic in Dot methods

After going to enrichment class, mommy knew how glenn doman method works.
So mommy decided to DIY the flash card for mathematic and words. Buying the ready made is expensive.
One set of Mathematic kit is S$380 and one set of reading kit is S$650.

Mommy did some researches in the internet and finally mommy could make own mathematic and reading kit.
Mommy spent S$30 for 50 blank cards (11'' x 11'' )

And starting from today, mommy taught him 5 cards ( dot 1 - 5 ). He seems pretty interested when mommy start to hold the cards. Since mommy only flashes them twice which is almost less than 15 seconds.
He gets very curious and wants more. But according to the rule of thumb, the lesson must be stopped before it gets boring so mommy decides to stop it.

After 15 - 30 minutes, mommy repeats again and he's very interested and seem that he wants it more and more.....
Hopefully, it works to him. At least to simulate his right brain.

Enrichment Class - trial

Last Saturday, mommy brought Richie to Baby Jumper Gym for trial class.
Mommy paid S$32 after discount for the trial. It's 1 hour class.
Since Richie's age was 13++ month, he went to Little Crawler 2 which is from 9 - 14 months old.

They taught mostly flash card and gym but of course there were many subjects
- Vocabulary in Chinese and English (using flash card words and picture and huayi pinyin, the topic was about fruits)
- Music (listening to classic songs, flash card taoge A and G, playing xylophone and 3 glassed filled with water in different level, sing green apple and goodbye song)
- Encyclopedia (the topic was about the star, by using flash card also)
- Gym (crawling, pull up, monkey bars)

The teacher was not so bad, cheerful and quite patient but mommy felt that the timing was too long for kids below 18 months old.
There were 3 kids, after 15 minutes, they lost the focus and preferred to crawl and explore the room instead of sit down and listening to what teacher said.
And when the parents tried to sit them down, they started cranky one by one .....

I guess, 30 minutes would be enough for kids below 18 months old.
15 mins for flash cards or music and 15 minutes for gym and playing.
But well, those kiasu parents wanted all subjects to be covered since they paid quite sum of money. Therefore as a teacher, she needed to force the kids a little bit to cover all the subjects even though the kids already lost focus.

Mommy decided to postpone the enrichment class and perhaps just send Richie to nursery when he's 3 years old. In the meantime, let mommy become his teacher at home when mommy knows his mood and when he can concentrate.

Turn Down Breast milk

Starting yesterday, Richie turned down breast milk when mommy wanted to breastfeed him.
He just stared at mommy and mommy's breast and didn't want to suck.
Then last night, he never touch mommy's breast when he suddenly cranky around 3am 'cos of blocked nose, mommy offered him breast milk to soothe him. But he rejected completely.

This morning, when he's sleepy, usually he will fall a sleep during breast feeding but when mommy offer him again. He simply turn it down and prefer carried by mommy to bring him to sleep.
Well, perhaps it's the time he wants to completely wean off from breast milk
That will be a good and bad news. Good news, mommy would be able to sleep through the night and he will be more independent. Bad news, his milk intake need to be increased even though he's not a "milk person"

His daily intake is now around 380ml of cows milk
One in the morning 140ml and another one is at night before sleeping 140ml. And mommy gave him yoghurt 60ml and milk pudding.
Mommy need to add one more feeding in the afternoon so at least he takes 500ml of milk daily.

Mommy's sick, Daddy took over

After Richie recovered from fever, few days later, on Friday to be exact, mommy's down with cold.
No fever, only runny and blocked nose. But it's pretty severe 'cos mommy can't smell or taste any food.
That's why during the weekend, Friday and Saturday night, Richie slept with daddy and also played with daddy.
At least mommy had 2 good nights sleep and had enough rest beside taking medicine.

On Sunday afternoon, mommy felt better and did some housework, and also Sunday night mommy slept with Richie 'cos daddy needed to go to work the next morning.

Now, mommy was feeling better even though some times there's a little bit runny and blocked nose.
Richie was a good boy, during 2 nights, he almost never woke up at night and looking for mommy frequently.
Only once around 1am and another day was around 5am.
Then on Sunday, Richie only woke up around 6.30am and he slept through the night...

Very well done boy!
and another complement for daddy, who's been almost full time daddy taking over mommy's duty except feeding and bathing Richie...
Thank you daddy muach muach....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recover yeay...

Yeay...Richie has recovered from fever...only 2 days and he's as active as before and the fever also came down...
Thanks God
Here some videos while he's sick, he's still cheerful and curious

Play date with Nathan 10-11-10

Before Nathan heading back to Kampar the next day, his mom and Nathan visited to our house to play together with Richie. In the mean time, Auntie Friska and uncle Ferdi also came to our house to see the babies playing together while we were having dinner
Here are some snapshots, they were so cute...and when Nathan went back home, Richie's crying and almost didn't want to come home haha...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Falling Sick

Yesterday at 2 pm, Richie suddenly had a fever, when mommy measure the temperature it was 38.8 deg C
Immediately, mommy gave him panadol at 2.15pm and followed with pear juice. He finished 3/4 pear juice
Then he played as usual....
At 3.30 -, he had afternoon nap since his morning nap was very short.
After he woke up, mommy measure the temperature again, and it was 37.8 deg C. So mommy gave another panadol at 6.15.

In the evening we went to see doctor, surprisingly it was many people even though the clinic was small
So while waiting for the queue, Richie was playing the kiddy machine ride.
When the doctor checked him up, everything was good except there's minor inflamation on his throat but it's very minor, only slightly red

The doctor then gave him 2 types of panadol, one was normal paracetamol another one was bufen for very high fever above 38.5 deg C and also syrup to reduce inflamation.
After we went back home, mommy straight away gave him the syrup to reduce inflammation before having his dinner just in case he wanted to throw up.
Fortunately, he didn't and he ate much as usual.

Around 9.30pm, mommy measured the temperature again and it was 37.8 deg C so mommy gave him another shot of bufen to keep the fever down through the night.
He slept through from 10.30pm till morning..
At 6 am, mommy measured again and it was 37.6 deg C so mommy gave him another shot of panadol

He could drink milk or eat as normal and as active as when he's healthy. The difference was sometimes he's a bit cranky and clinged to mommy often.
Hopefully the fever never come back and he can play and cheerful as usual
Get well soon my son !

Survive without asking milk or asking less milk

On Saturday night, Richie slept with daddy instead of mommy, 'cos we wanted to know whether he's just looking for comfort by sucking into mommy 's breast or he's really hungry.
And as expected, he woke up 4x with closed eyes looking for mommy and since mommy's not around, daddy carried him for a while until he went sleep again.

But he survived until morning without having any milk, and he drank milk a lot in the morning during breakfast....
The next day, Richie slept again with mommy, cos daddy needed enough sleep to work the next day.
And gotcha, Richie just slept through the night and only asked the milk at about 5 or 6 am.
On Monday night, Richie again slept through even though he's not feeling well yesterday and had fever
He only asked the milk about 6 am

Good job ! meaning he could wean off from breast milk at night and mommy could sleep well too

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet and Greet with Nathan 07-11-10

Finally, after more than one year, mommy and daddy met Auntie Devy and uncle Erwin
They came to Singapore for short trip before back for good here early next year
and it's first time Richie met Nathan. First, they just stared at each other, after some times, they could get along very well hehe

Deevapali Long Weekend Holiday 5 - 7 November 2010

kick the ball

We spent the long weekend at Marina Bay Sands and East Coast
Even though there's raining here and there, but the weather was perfect
But Richie didn't really enjoy the beach, he preferred going to garden or park instead

Sleeping in his room


bed and toys

Starting from November, Richie will be sleeping to his room.
Mommy has re-arranged his room to make it cozy and baby proof.
Gladly, Richie liked it too, he liked playing and sleeping there than in mommy and daddy's room

Now, Richie still sleeps with mommy, but on December, mommy will train him to sleep with daddy so he can wean off from breastmilk at night and next year hopefully he can sleep alone in his room.
Here are some pictures of his room

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Donut Rings Stacking and Shapes Sortir

Some new improvements of Richie motor skills.
He's able to stack four donut rings even though he hasn't been able to sortir which one is bigger and going first.
But it's a great improvement....
The other one is shapes sortir, he managed to sort three shapes to the respective holes, cylinder, cube and triangle

Great Job Son

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fresh Milk (13 months old )

Since Richie turned to 13th month age, he suddenly refused to drink pediasure. It seems that Richie is not a milk person. He only likes breastmilk so far.
But, under 2 years old, full fat milk is very important for his growth. Therefore, mommy decided to buy 200ml Meiji Fresh Milk. First, he rejected when mommy warmed the milk up. But when mommy gave him the chilled one, he accepted it even though he drank a little bit.

And turned out that his body could accept the fresh milk, therefore mommy decided to give him fresh milk, chocolate flavour.
He seemed like it, especially when it's chilled.
So, mommy decided to alternate the milk, morning time will be Pediasure for breakfast and afternoon and night time will be fresh milk