Thursday, March 17, 2011

Off Starting from today till 2 April

Since mommy will seldom using internet during the trip. Mommy will update again once back from holiday

Worry Vs Faith

Tonight mommy and daddy will leave for 2 weeks for holiday and recharging both energy and spiritual.
And closer to the date, mommy has been worry about Richie.
Whether he wants to eat or drink, whether he becomes good boy and naughty boy, whether he becomes spoilt boy, whether he can sleep well, whether he's healthy etc

And this anxiety made mommy couldn't sleep well at night unless taking the flu medicine that has codeine...
Even though in front view, mommy has confident to leave him but subconsciously as mother there's some anxieties
Well, when mommy prayed this morning, it was reminded that anxiety is the opposite of faith.

Anxiety is worry about something that hasn't happened yet
Faith is believe something good that hasn't happened yet.
So instead of worry, mommy should have faith that Richie will be alright for these 2 weeks.
Mommy believes that God will protect him and guide oma,opa, uncle and aunty who will take care Richie while mommy and daddy on holiday

Be a good boy, Son. Mommy and daddy definitely will miss you ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Richie does the laundry

Now he already knew what to do before or after going out, which basket to put his dirty clothes, mommy's broom to sweep the floor after meal
And here he is, playing with his dirty clothes take in and out from the laundry basket

Playdate with mom

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Hobby - climb up

After his recovering from diarrhea, he's getting active and smarter.
He likes to climb up the sofa and window...his balancing skill is good though...
He also can climb up to the dining chair, his hand is super strong to hold his weight
I guess this is called a boy..

Refuse meal and milk (17.5 months old)

This week Richie starts rejecting meal and milk....don't know whether he's sick of the rice and soup or just not in the mood of eating.
He eats very little then left the chair for playing...aiya....
My mom always reminds me that sometimes child is like that, sometimes he wants to eat sometimes he doesn't want to eat. Well, I know that it's not the first time he likes that but it's so heart breaking to see the food prepared go wasted and I also worry if he doesn't have enough nutritions especially after his diarrhea.

Hopefully, his mood backs to normal when mommy and daddy are going for holiday

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Accidentaly speaking words ??

This morning when mommy brought Richie to playground, suddenly he copied what mommy said.
When mommy asked him...where's the star ?
He then pointed the star and said "star", then when mommy asked him where's circle ?
he then said "circle"

Then when mommy showed him the bird, he said "bird"
But after mommy asked him to repeat again, he didn't want it .....aiya....

Don't know if it's just happen accidentally...oh boy...when do you want to start speaking properly??

Reject milk @_@

Since Richie had bad diarrhea, he didn't want to drink milk, perhaps soya milk was taste awful.
After he's no more diarrhea, mommy changed back to gain IQ but still he rejected the milk.
Only sight of it, he already rejected....sigh....
Mommy had no choice but "force" him a little bit by giving him milk and bread.

He's so petite in size after having bad diarrhea, that's why mommy worried if his calcium intake was not enough.
Mommy decided to make milkshakes and see how it goes.
Hopefully, he likes it so mommy doesn't worry much about his growth

Some Fun Activities while he's sick

These was taken when he's not feeling well.
He's still as cheerful as before

Back to Singapore

After we went back to Singapore on friday night, we saw PD the next day.
This PD was a new PD 'cos the former PD who handled Richie when he was born resigned from SBCC.
And this PD turned out to be an Indonesian Chinese young lady so it made us comfortable to talk in bahasa Indonesia.

She said that a lot of phlegm and wheezing in Richie's airway, she then asked mommy to use nebulizer and we could borrow to use it at home. It's more hygienic and not time consuming compare with what we had in Jakarta.

The good news is Richie was so full of energy, he's much more cheerful here than in Jakarta even though he's a bit cranky.
The diarrhea has stopped on Monday and left with coughing only.
On Wednesday, we were back to see PD again and she said that no more wheezing only a bit of phlegm while he's coughing, she asked to continue with the cough medicine prescribed.

Thanks God, the nightmare was over...we really thank God for this painful experience and His guidance throughout this journey.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From fun to nightmare

After 3 days staying in Jakarta, the fun holiday turned out to be a nightmare.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011
Late morning after having fruit juice, Richie threw up the juices while taking morning nap. Mommy thought he's full of the juice. Then in the afternoon, when we went to buy some fruits in the supermart, he threw up again after eating mantou and a slice of cheese. Mommy started wondering if there's something wrong.
In the evening, Richie had loose stools, it's not watery yet.
Mommy decided to bring Richie to the PD 1 whom he saw last time. The PD 1 gave him mixture of cough medicine and orange Zinc for diarrhea.

At night around 9 pm, suddenly Richie developed high fever about 40 deg, mommy started to worry, luckily mommy brought panadol and brufen from Singapore. But after 1 hour, the fever didn't subside, it's around 38.5 - 39 deg until the next morning.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011
Mommy started panicking 'cos the panadol and brufen didn't really bring the fever down and wanted to see the PD 1 again in the morning. Unfortunately, the PD 1 was available in the hospital that's far away from oma's house therefore we decided to go to nearby hospital where there's a PD 2
What mommy expected was the PD gave mommy assurance that it's normal for fever to be up and down and gave some advises how to encourage Richie drank medicine and water. Richie didn't want to drink or eat, that's made a headache.

But turns out that the PD 2 just gave new medicine again with some antibiotics without checking further with mommy whether he has been in antibiotic before etc. When mommy asked the PD 2 further whether it's necessary to give antibiotics directly or waiting for few days to see the reactions of previous medicine. The PD 2 challenged mommy, by saying " Why are you so afraid with antibiotics? ". " I have studied overseas before too "," If you don't want the antibiotics, it's fine but there's a risk your baby will have seizure if the fever couldn't come down" ...OMG mommy didn't like him at that point of time.

At first, Mommy didn't want to buy the medicine prescribed by him, and prefer waiting for the PD 1 available in the evening. But mommy had no choice when people surrounding  persuaded to give the prescribed medicine. In the afternoon, mommy gave first dose of antibiotic, the fever still didn't come down and became diarrhea. The diarrhea was very bad until in the evening. Richie didn't want to drink and eat and he's very very weak, motionless I would say.
Mommy's heart broken into pieces looking at him.

Then, Oma Tine suggested to give him Holy water from Lourdes. Mommy remembered clearly. at 630pm, he had very bad diarrhea and high fever, then mommy gave him brufen to bring the fever down while oma tine gave him holy water
And we decided to go to emergency room in the hospital since Richie was motionless. Just before we went to hospital, Richie suddenly had energy, his fever was down. He felt very hungry and ate a lot.
It's the first miracle mommy experienced.

We still went to hospital to make sure everything alright. The doctor in hospital told mommy to stop the antibiotics and gave medicine for diarrhea instead including new antibiotics for the diarrhea.
After we went back home, mommy gave him antibiotics and medicine for diarrhea, and the fever subsided around 37.5.
At night, mommy was very tired 'cos lack of sleeping and rest, mommy prayed to Mother Mary to keep an eye on Richie and asked the fever either stabil or come down 'cos mommy was too tired to monitor the fever every hour while gave him holy water.

Around midnight, the fever started climbing up again slowly, mommy wanted to give him the paracetamol but Richie kept rejecting until around 1.30am, he finally took the medicine and the fever subsided until  now.
It's second miracle.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Richie was very cheerful, he woke up with some energy, even though he's still having diarrhea, but no fever and he wanted to eat and drink except milk.
He's full of energy, that's why mommy decided to go back to Singapore as soon as possible
Oma and Opa helped mommy to book the flight the next day.

At dawn, Richie suddenly woke up crying for 1 hour, we confused what's wrong with him. We suspected that he had tummyache.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Richie's still having diarrhea but no fever, we packed up and flight back to Singapore with oma