Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shape sorter and simple puzzle

wooden puzzle

4 pieces puzzle

At 19 months, Richie can do shape sorter and simple puzzle with little or no help.
He can sort and insert the shapes into the hole box accordingly by himself with no help especially symmetrical shapes like triangle, cylinder, rectangle, square, pentagon, octagon, star, oval
and for asymmetrical shapes like trapezium, half circle, crescent he needs mommy's help to turn the shape until it fix the holes.

As for puzzle, mommy bought him vehicles and color shape puzzles where he needs to match and put the puzzle according to the pictures.
He's able to match 100% correct and put 90% 'cos sometimes his fine motor skill hasn't perfect yet
But he's done good job

Well done Boy !

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mommy's best friend

Richie has been becoming a good boy now...he's seldom cranky or demanding.
He's more understanding and becomes a good helper.

In the morning, he wants to take his 200cc milk and in the afternoon he takes 180cc milk
it's very good progress.
He also helps mommy when mommy asks him to put the rubbish into the bin or bring the dirty clothes to the laundry bin or even when mommy tells him it's time to eat
He knows where to get his bowl, his dining chair etc.

He's so happy when mommy gives him a task to complete. I guess he's proud of himself when mommy gives him a task, meaning that he thinks mommy trusts him that he could do as adult can do.
When he completes the task well, and mommy praises him, he becomes happier and gives mommy big smile.

In the morning, when he first wakes up, he will wake mommy up by taking and giving mommy's glasses to mommy to wear and asks mommy to open the door.
Then he goes to the kitchen and asks mommy to make milk for him.
While mommy cleaning the house, he will finish the milk. After that we have breakfast together.

When, mommy's doing cooking in the kitchen, Richie will play by himself and watch mommy
After mommy's job done, mommy will bath him and after that he will wait for mommy to take shower by watching TV
Then we went to playground together for playing and exploring, after that we go up and read the book or doing flashcard or other games.

It's part of our daily life activities where mommy can feel that Richie has become more mature. He's not only behave as a kid but also a best friend for mommy while daddy's out for working.

Sometimes mommy wondering, what 5 years later he will be, is he still caring and helping mommy like now hmmm hopefully he's grown up as a gentleman and caring for not only us but other people too.

Very proud of you son ! You are mommy's best friend

Happy Easter !

This year easter is a little bit different from the past years easter.
Well, mommy and daddy didn't do fasting and abstinence especially since Richie was born.
I knew it's sound like excuses but to be honest, when taking care of kid, sometimes mommy even forget what day today is. Therefore, every day is the same, even it's advent, easter, xmas etc.

The different thing is mommy and daddy only can GIVE THANKS to GOD for what He has done for us.

It's all starting after new year when daddy caught the flu bug for more than one month.
Then mommy and Richie caught the bug from daddy just before we went back to Indonesia.
To make it worse, Richie has been very sick - diarrhea, severe cough and blocked nose for about one month.

While mommy and daddy went to Europe, mommy had very bad cough there and when we went back, daddy needed to go for sinus surgery.
When mommy looked back again, our family had been sick for about 4 months....

Because of His Grace, our family has been recovered and daddy is still in the process of recovery from the surgery. It takes sometimes for daddy's nose to have normal function again.
From the sick journey, we realized that health is very important in our life even if we have money.

Mommy also gave thanks for the protection and guidance during Europe Trip when we went by our own and left with unforgetable memory and of course made our marriage became stronger and stronger every day.

Mommy and daddy also gave thanks for daddy's promotion and salary raise. It's quite unpredictable though.
and most importantly, we gave thanks as a family where we have good bond as a little family and also good bond with our big family (mommy and daddy's parents, brothers and sisters and also our relatives)

Mommy also gave thanks for Richie who becomes more mature every day and can be a good helper and best friend too for mommy.

Thank you God for all the blessings in our life, please remind us always that what we have now is all from You and teach us to share with others and let our little family become a blessing for others too

Mommy present this song as our thanksgiving prayer for this easter season

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Camera Expressions

This is Richie's expressions when mommy said smile in camera

Toilet training in progress (pee)

Today mommy trains Richie again for toilet training (pee). This morning, mommy put training pant instead of diapers and mommy told him if you want to pee, you go toilet to pee and show him the toilet.
So when he played in the kitchen while mommy was cooking, he felt that he wanted to pee.
Since he couldn't talk yet, he just stood up and pulled up his shirt and wanted to pull down the pant.

Mommy saw this and asked him to run to the toilet to pee. But when we almost there,in front of the toilet he couldn't take it anymore and pee in the pant hehe...
Well, not too bad for the first day, at least he can feel and show that he wants to pee.

Tomorrow, we will train again then...
Good Job Boy !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planning for holiday with Richie

We just came back from Europe and now we are planning for next holiday again...but of course this time with Richie hehe...
Daddy proposes we go to Australia end of October until early November during Hari Raya Haji holiday.
Since we will bring Richie, we choose either Melbourne only or Gold Coast and Melbourne and we plan to go our own instead of using tour

For accomodation, we have our relative in Melbourne, so it's not a problem and hubby's parents, aunties and brother will come along too.
If it's confirmed, we will take A380 SQ since we bring Richie along. We want to get enough rest during flight that's why we choose SQ instead of budget airlines such as Jetstar or Tiger.

Hopefully, everything goes well according to the plan...
Can't wait to go holiday again hehe...

Only three of us

Yesterday, oma was back to Indonesia so left only three of us at home.

It's quiet but mommy feels free to do anything. Perhaps mommy has more control of situation when only three of us.
Richie becomes a good boy too 'cos none spoilt him.
When his grandparents were here, he's became like a "king" and bullied them.
When he didn't get what he wanted, he would scream and cry loudly and his grandparents would give whatever he wanted to stop him from crying.

But now, only mommy and daddy, he couldn't do whatever he wants. If he cries, sometimes mommy and daddy just let him be until he stops by himself.
Sometimes, mommy feel that living in the small house with only three of us is much more better than living in the big house with so many people.

It's good for Richie too, he becomes more understanding, not demanding.
And all his schedule is back to normal, his feeding time, his sleeping time, his playing time

Well, mommy's glad when his grandparents were here to help out and mommy's also glad that now only three of us living this house again.

Home sweet home

Slow intake in milk

Since his diarrhea last time, he don't really like milk especially when he has choice
When we left him with his grandparents, he only drank milk for about 120cc a day sometimes less.

Now, our home is quiet as before so Richie has no choice to drink milk every morning because mommy gave nothing to him unless he finishes his milk.
Hopefully, his milk intake increases

Meal wise, he's okay with eating varieties of meat, vegies, fruits, cakes, rice, pasta etc. Even though sometimes depends on his mood too.
Now his teeth are still 8, hopefully when his teeth are completed, he eats a lot and gain weight more

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday Mommy

Celebrating my birthday in simple way with family at Astons Specialities, Suntec City
The Eurotrip is the best present from my hubby and family is the best present from God
Thanks God for Your guidance over a year to be a good wife and mother and please guide me again to be a better wife and mother

The other "baby" in your life : your husband

On many occasions, I have heard how a couple’s relationship can suffer a strong beating after their bundle of joy has arrived. You are constantly tired, because you just had a baby. You have domestic help, but are they reliable?

Your husband hips in to help, but is it truly enough? Or is he giving you more trouble and pressure with his complains, on how he doesn’t receive any TLC (tender loving care) from you anymore? There are not enough hours in the day to squeeze in everything that needs to be done. Without constant effort and understanding, the loving couple who started a loving family can easily drift apart.

Child at Heart
In most relationships, the woman is the primary nurturer, caring for both the home and the relationship in an instinctively maternal way. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that he’s remarking about losing your nurturing attention, or sulking about having to share your love, or be resentful about not being the centre of your world?
We are all multi-functional beings with numerous roles. He is now a father. Yet, don’t forget that he is also a child at heart. He may not admit it, but he enjoys being nurtured by you. Does he love it when you make him a sandwich, run him a bath, surprise him with a treat, and care for him when he’s sick? Do some of these gestures from time to time, and watch how his eyes sparkle with childlike delight.

Assure, and Reassure Him

You have the ability to ease his fears. Assure him, frequently that you have enough love to go around. Learn how women you admire make time for their relationship as well as their kids. Discuss how, as a couple, you can establish ground rules and traditions to make sure you keep the romance alive, from committing to a weekly ‘date night’ to ensuring a bedtime routine that allows for couple intimacy.

Implement What’s Feasible

It’s imperative to carve out time to spend with each other. Treat it as you would with a work appointment. Yes, it sounds extremely unromantic, yet is necessary when your schedules become erratic. This might be the one thing that might save your sanity and even marriage. And, if possible, go somewhere out of the house. Hire a babysitter (or ask a relative or friend to watch the kids), go out to dinner, and take the time to stare into each other’s eyes again. Go to a movie and snuggle up to him in the dark. Take a walk on the beach, listen to the waves and reconnect. After all, you married because you loved him – not to run a childcare service with him!

Note to Anxious Parents

I already know what some of you are thinking – “I want to, but I can’t because”…
• My child will cry his or her eyes out without me/ us around. Your child is in good care, is more resilient than you think, and will get used to the idea of you needing ‘me’ or ‘daddy-mommy’ time.
• My child gets jealous when we are affectionate in any way. Your child doesn’t understand that this is what is important for your relationship but he/she will get used to it and see it as the normal, healthy behaviour that it is.
• My child ___________________ (fill in the blank). Trust me, your child will live and thrive.
Never forget, your marriage is the backbone of your family. It needs to stay strong in order for your child to be happy, healthy and to ensure the longevity and sturdiness of your family. Long after your kids are grown and gone, you two will still be together. Remember your other ‘baby’.

Byline: Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching in Singapore. She holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and provides sex and life coaching, runs sex educational workshops and gives public talks.

Some words spoken

Another improvement for his speech...yeay....
he  could speak some words even though it's not correct yet but at least he understands and we could understand what he wants
And we patiently correct him and teach him more words

Ba ball - meaning ball
Ba bo - meaning balloon
Ku kuk - meaning the bird coming out from our cuckoo clock
car - meaning car
ta ta - meaning tomato
mamam - meaning drink
ama - meaning oma
am - meaning om

u u a a - sound of monkey
wuf wuf - sound of dog
argh argh - sound of lion
mao mao - sound of cat

Getting smart

After mom and dad came back from our trip, Richie is also getting smarter.
Now he doesn't want to be left behind if both of us go hmmm definitely this was the first and last trip without Richie hehe..
He also throws tantrum if he doesn't get what he wants sigh....
and he loves to play kiddy ride in the mall, he chooses the kiddy ride, asks the coin from us, insert the coin by himself and enjoy the ride
Well, at least we can keep him busy at mall while mommy shopping and the coin bank also useful to prolong his fun

Another good thing from him is he knows what to do before and after shower.
Before shower, he will get the towel from hanger and clothes from his drawer well, since the drawer is a bit up high so either mommy or oma help him
Then after shower he will put his dirty clothes to his laundry bin. Sometimes, after going back from work daddy also asks him to put daddy's dirty clothes into laundry bin. Indeed, he's a good helper

And now, whenever we go out, he wants to carry his own bag. Since it's heavy, he will pull it with his hand and doesn't want any help from mommy and daddy decide to buy new trolley bag for him
Well, at least he knows that there's no helper at home and he's so independent right from the start.

Well done boy !

Happy 18 months old

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to real life

After taking long break for about 2 weeks, mommy and daddy landed safely at Changi on Saturday night
Richie has slept already when both of us arrived at home.
He's getting bigger and smarter while mommy and daddy gone

We enjoyed our trip, privacy and intimacy together as if we were in courtship. We fall in love to each other again and the feeling was great. Few days before our departure to Singapore we already missed Richie and looking forward meeting him as when we were looking forward seeing him as newborn baby

I guessed we made the right decision to take the break from our daily activities and enjoyed "our" time together as a couple and we came back again to reality, we had more spirit and energy to continue our journey as family
Well, not sure whether we could do it again in the future, 'cos Richie won't want to be left behind again

Perhaps when he's grown up then we will travel again and enjoy our time as couple

PS : mom and daddy's honeymoon pictures Euro Trip has been uploaded at