Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Reader

2 days ago, mommy decided to put some of his books down, meaning within his reach.
Guess, what he's doing ??
He's so excited, now if mommy does something and can't play with him, he will take his books and flip the books by himself.
Of course after that, he will make a mess, but still he's very interested in reading the book

When mommy finishes doing chores and accompanies him, he always asks mommy to read the same book, his favorite ones : Dibo book, words book, mickey mouse hehe

So yesterday, mommy applied library card for him, and it's free since Richie's a Singaporean and guess...
he's so excited in the library, he picked some books and gave it to mommy and mommy could see he's so happy to see so many books in the library

Mommy borrowed 6 books, mostly nursery rhymes books that he's familiar with...

favorite books

read a book by himself

tired after reading many books

Sous Chef Richie

This morning, mommy wanted to make a soup and Richie's been cranky 'cos boring watching TV and been wandering around kitchen and bedroom so mommy decided to let him take a part in cooking.
Mommy cut the vegetables and prepare the stock and Richie just put the cut vegies into the pot.
So here's some pictures and videos
Well done boy !

Higglytown Heroes Cardboard rolls

This is the second craft project : making higglytown Heroes from cardboard rolls

Materials : tissue roll cardboard, used wrapping paper, marker, glue

Monday, May 23, 2011

Richie's good points

20 months have past and mommy could see Richie's good points

1. Strong willed
He has strong willed, I would say this gen comes from mommy haha...
If he wants to get or do something and nobody helps him, he will do it by himself with any cost

2. Cooperative
Even though he has strong willed but he's not stubborn. He's pretty cooperative when mommy or daddy tells him do and don't. Of course if he's sleepy, he will be very cranky

3. Easy Going
He's not the type that like to keep the grudge, if mommy or daddy scolds him 'cos of something he's not supposed to do, he will smile at us first hmmm making us can't scold him anymore

4. Independent
Perhaps because we stay alone without any helper, he becomes more independent. If he wants to get something within his reach, he will do it by himself

5. Friendly
He likes to smile, greet, wave bye-bye to strangers...even though he has strangers anxiety but he's not shy

6. Clean Freak
It also comes from mommy's habit, mommy's a cleaning freak and so is Richie
Whenever he sees a bit of paper or small floret of brocolli fall down, he will pick them and throw it into the bin

It's about $$$ again

Well, mommy just want to write daddy's analysis after observing how Richie handles money.

1. Smart Investor
Whenever mommy or daddy gives him a coin, he will not anyhow use the coin to play kiddy ride.
He will carefully choose the kiddy ride, and of course his favorite one is Barney and Friends. But when he sees the machine that can give him something in return for eg, sweets, toys, he will insert the coin promptly.
And voila, he almost gets toys every time he plays the ping pong ball machines.
In conclusion, he prefers to invest coin to something that can give him objective return not only pleasure

2. Generous buddy
He likes to give offering during the mass, whenever mommy gives him a coin to put into the offering bag, he's so excited and like yesterday when we attended mass, mommy already gave him a coin and he put it into the bag. Then he asked a coin again to put into the bag, unfortunately the warden was walking past us pretty fast and he wanted to catch the warden by running into the back but...still can't catch the warden
Poor boy !

3. Safe player
Even though he's pretty generous with mass offering, he doesn't like to give coin to people who want to sneak his coin. It happened when another boy's hand is closing to his coin and he suddenly take and hide the coin away haha...but if you ask him nicely, he will give it to you for sure...

4. Not greedy
Another good point is he's not greedy, when he hold 20 cent coin and then machine didn't accept that, mommy gave him another coin and he always returned 20 cent coin that he had.
And this is another event, when mommy's friend gave him a coin to be inserted into kiddy ride machine for her daughter. He didn't take and keep the coin by himself, instead he inserted the coin into machine and felt happy when he saw his little girlfriend playing the kiddy ride before him

Well done son ! Even though you didn't understand much about money but mommy and daddy believe that you will be able to handle your money in the future

His big portion meal

Since Richie doesn't really like milk, he eats quite a lot
His breakfast is only 200 cc milk + yoghurt /+ yakult
His lunch is meal portion + 10 pcs of grapes + 150 cc juice
His tea break is 200 cc fresh milk + bread/banana/ice cream
His dinner is meal portion + 10 pcs of grapes

That's all hehe and he gains about 1 kg so far within 3 weeks

Ice Cubes Melting Experiment

This second project is more science project...
Mommy let him observe how the ice cube melted from ice form to water form.
He's so curious and his eyes just so focus observing the process

Expressions Lollipop

The first art and craft project is making Expressions lollipop
It's easy to find material and make it.
Here's some pictures

Art, Craft and Science

When Richie's turning 20 months old, mommy decided to introduce art, craft and science to him in a simple, easy way.
Even though he couldn't do it yet, but mommy let him observe how mommy did it.
For eg how to hold scissors, how to draw in the paper, how to glue etc.
And he tried to copy mommy's fingers when mommy used scissors cute...

Welcome to the world of Creativity, Imagination and Logic !

Happy 20 months old

Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Preschool Activities Ideas

Mommy got this from the websites, I hope it's useful for those mommies out there who happen to read this blog and want to have some fun with kids at home

Feeling and Emotions
helps teach toddler about feeling and emotions
Materials :  Color art paper, marker, ice cream stick, disposable paper plate, glue
Directions : Create face board by glue the art paper into the disposable plate and use marker to create eye brows, eyes, nose and mouth. Make different faces to show them the emotions eg happy, sad, angry, smile, crying etc. To make easier to hold, we can put the ice cream stick to hold the plate

Science : Colored ice
Toddler observe changes and "discover" melting during early learning activities
Materials : Ice cubes that have been colored with food coloring, re-sealable plastic bags
Directions : Put ice cubes into plastic bag. Let the kids watch the ice cubes during the day. Ask them what's happening. Then they can play with bag of water as the ice cube melts

Green environment : Tissue roll cardboard story telling
Encourage toddler to use recycling materials and making it fun
Materials : Tissue roll cardboard, unused wrapping papers or newspaper, markers, glue
Directions : cut the papers and glue into half of cardboard to make it looks like cloth. Let another half becomes a face. Use the markers to draw eyes, nose and mouth.
And ta-da, you have dolls that you can play for story telling

Self Feeding Training : Spooning Activities
Practice fine motor skills and self feeding without getting a mess
Materials : two colorful plastic bowls, beans, spoon, tray
Directions : Place two bowls in the tray and place one handful of beans into one bowl. Ask the child to scoop the beans from one bowl to another bowl using spoon.

Drinking from a cup : Pouring activities
Practice fine motor skills and train the kids the technic of drinking from the cup without spill
Materials : two clear disposable cups, color water, tray, sponge
Directions : Place two cups in the tray and put water into one cup, ask the child to hold the cup and pour into other cup. Use sponge to clean the spilled water in the tray

Soup is for learning and sharing too
Kid can help parents prepare the soup and experience while they cooperate to complete the task
Materials : a pot with cover, vegetable peeler, knife, cutting board, soup bowl
Ingredients : water, chicken bouillon cubes, variety of vegetables (carrots, potato, french beans, peas)
Directions : Put the water into pot, add the vegetables and bouillon cubes. Cover and bring to boil and simmer for about one hour
What kid can do :
- choosing their favorite vegetables (decision making)
- measuring water and put into the pot (pre-math skills)
- placing vegetables into water
- listening for the timer (anticipating event and listening skills)

Counting Groceries
have the kid helps to put the groceries away. At the same time, give him/her practice with counting
Example : ask : how many carrots I buy?

Finger Paint
Ingredients : 1/2 cup boiling water, 2 tbsp corn starch, 6 tbsp color water, Food coloring
Directions : Dissolve cornstarch in cold water in a cup. Add mixture to boiling water. Stir Constantly, Heat mixture until it becomes glossy. Add food coloring and cool completely before using

Learning to sort objects
Involve kid in sorting chore. Example : have kid sort the plastic fork or spoon before putting them away.
Help them match clean socks in pair before putting away

Being a gentleman

Mommy not sure where Richie picks up this becomes a gentleman
2 days ago, daddy came home late 'cos of works in the office. When daddy arrived, daddy talked with mommy about some problems at works and we just simply ignore Richie.

He tried to make a scene by jumping or doing silly things to get attentions from us, then he wanted to hug his daddy. Daddy then told him that daddy needed to change cloth first while still talking with mommy.
After that he left and both of us didn't pay attention much to him.
Suddenly, he opened the wardrobe and picked one of daddy's shirt and brought to daddy
First, daddy didn't notice, so he asked Richie "why you made a mess in the wardrobe? " then mommy saw this and told daddy that he had a good intention to bring the shirt for you to change

hahhaha...we laugh and hug Richie, he's so understandable and gentleman
Mommy's really touched by him

Enroll to school

Sometimes mommy feels pity to the kids in this modern era, they are still 18 months or even less but they already go to school...
And most of the reasons that come from mommies is it's better going to school 'cos the school will have some activities better than staying at home, making the house messy or do nothing useful
Worse, they expect the school does the magic for their kids, for eg after they enroll the kids to the school, they will be able to do toilet training, self feeding, put the shoes, brush the teeth  etc

I guess there's something wrong with have long way to go to school...imagine primary school 6 years, secondary 4 years, JC 2 years, University 4 years they have at least spending 16 years in school

For me, I prefer to delay his schooling and staying at home with mommy.
For what I believe home is still the best school after all and parents are the best teacher. Outside, school is just a supplement for kids to develop their social skills and facing the real world.
But until the kids are ready for that, there's no hurry to enroll them to school.

There are many activities that we can teach them at home, from simple household activities, plays, reading, games or observation at outdoor. Of course mommy needs to take a part as well finding interesting activities
And it's very fun when mommy becomes like a teacher at home....
Mommy knows more about his characters, strengths and weaknesses and how to handle Richie.

The best place for Richie to learn is still home and the best teacher for Richie is still mommy and daddy

Jesus is a GPS

Mommy just read a nice article from today's reading..they wrote the analogy that Jesus is like GPS
We all want to go to Father's house but we don't know where and how to get there..Fortunately, we have Jesus who helps us. If we follow His directions and guidance, we will get there in short period and safe but if we disobey His directions, we may get there but take longer time and can get lost anytime...

It's such a good analogy and it applies to my little family's life as well.
When we start our little family, we are not sure what will happen during our journey but we have Jesus who are in control of our family's life.
So far, we have been in smooth sailing journey and mommy is very thankful of that.

Seeing Richie grows up happily, full of joys and smile and seeing my family has good time almost most of the times are really blessings that can't bought with $$$

Thanks God for Your guidance and blessing to us. Always guide our family and be a center of our family's life. We want to be like Holy Family who can share peace and joy to others

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discipline Method

I ever read in the forum when one of mommy asked when is the right time to discipline our kids ?
And there are many comments that said as early as possible starting from conceive period, some mentioned starting from new born.
And surprising comments are some still use "violent" method (caning, smacking, etc) when the kid refuses to obey what the parents ask makes me wonder in this modern age, there are still parents like to use "violent" method to the kids
Are their kids having really bad behavior or they just simply couldn't control themselves?

Well, when I relate back to my life experience dealing with Richie...I seldom have bad time except during feeding times....I mean of course I scold him if he really out of control but I never lay my hands on him
I believe that what we do is what our kids will do in the future 'cos subconsciously they observe, process and copy what the parents do

Therefore instead of wasting so much energy scolding him, I make myself easier by doing these...

1. Starting from my pregnancy, I've told him to be a good boy, to obey parents and God...

2. Make the home baby proof, conceal all the cables and plugs, put all dangerous equipment or valuable things out of reach from the kid ... meaning that our home becomes more like preschool than cozy home hehe
Cos we can't put the picture frame or decorations in the table 

3. Instead of telling him "don't" or " no " I tell him the positive way...for eg...instead of telling him don't put this coin into the mouth, I tell and teach him how to put the coin into the coin bank 

4. Letting him learn from the mistakes, sometimes out of curiosity, Richie likes to try something 
I know that it would hurt him, but because of his strong willed, I let him and when he hurts, he'll learn how to deal with it...
Sound cruel yah ? but it's good as long as we already took the precautions

5. Give him cold treatment, this is when my anger can't subdue directly, instead of scolding him or beat him, I rather give him a cold treatment...pretend that he's not there...I just do my own things and when he asks me to do something for him, I simply ignore it...
It makes me cool down and he knows and feels guilty too

6. When his daddy scolds him, mommy won't interfere and the same thing when mommy scolds him, daddy won't interfere it...
I guess it's good so he knows that when he's wrong he will admit and not asking protection from one of us

Of course the two last points are done when he's out of control, otherwise he's quite a good boy and obeys mommy and daddy.

Punishment ???
Hmmm never punish him so far, I don't believe in punishment as well. It doesn't make positive impact and makes the kid becomes traumatic

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learn to put shoes on

This is another training for Richie to put his shoes on by himself.
Mommy uses home shoes which is cleaner and easy since it's soft
Well, he keeps on trying and gets agitated in the end hahaha

Spooning Activities

Mommy copies this activity from Preschool Montessori at Youtube...
This is fun activity for practising fine motor skills as well as one step closer to self feeding...
Mommy seldom trains Richie for self feeding at home, 'cos mommy's lazy to clean up the mess therefore mommy train him using dry beans and asks him to scoop using spoon from one bowl to another bowl

First, he's kinda excited and enjoy it, but since he scoops very little he kinda impatient and makes a mess hahaha
but it's dry, so it's easy to clean up and can be reused again
Hopefully after this he's ready for self feeding with little mess

Yeayyy...I hit 11 kgs

Well for some other kids, 11 kgs is just normal weight for 18 + months kid but for Richie, it's a big achievement haha...
Finally, he hits 11 kgs scale...means that within a week after mommy gave him fish oil, his weight increases by 300g in average.
Well done boy !

Even though his milk intake is only 400ml/day, his meal portion is almost as big as mommy's
It's really good improvement and he now likes grape very much

Monday, May 9, 2011

Banana Cupcake


150 g margarine /butter
150 g sugar
175 g self raising flour
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilli essence
2 bananas

Panaskan oven, siapkan cetakan muffin 12 pcs beri kertas cup
Masukkan semua bahan ke dalam baskom mixer
Kocok dengan kecepatan sedang selama 5 menit
Setelah itu masukkan ke cetakan muffin yg sudah diberi kertas cup
Panggang dalam suhu 180 - 200 drjt sekitar 18 - 20 menit

5 Years Ago ....

5 years ago...daddy and mommy committed to love and take care each other
5 years ago...daddy and mommy started our courtship
5 years ago...daddy was in the lowest point in his life in terms of career
5 years ago... mommy accepted daddy whoever he was even though daddy was jobless at that time
5 years ago... our love was first tested

and now it's been 5 years that
our love is getting stronger and stronger each day
daddy's career has been climbing up
we have a boy that completes our life
we have a house, car and countless blessings every day

Nothing we could say except Praise and Thanks God for Your guidance, blessings and love for us
Thank you that we could walk by faith with You when we were in the dark periods
Thank you for the joy, laughter and love that our little family has
Thank you for material blessings You provide that beyond our expectations
Thank you for our parents and family that give us blessings from the beginning

And our journey is still long way to go...our wish is walking side by side with You and depends on You completely

Happy 5th Anniversary from the day of our courtship (10 May 2006 - 10 May 2011)

Here is a video of our 1st Anniversary during courtship (10 May 2006 - 10 May 2007)
click here

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Understanding buying/selling concept

This is another surprise event for mom and dad from Richie...
Last Saturday morning, we planned to go to Botanic Garden 'cos we haven't been there for quite sometimes since we were back from Europe. And we planned to have family picnic with simple breakfast.
Therefore before we went there, we bought some breakfasts downstairs. Mommy bought pau and toasts and daddy and Richie bought juices in other shop.

As usual, Richie will take a coin from the change and hold it hehe just in case he found the kiddy ride, he will use that coin.
On the way there, daddy stopped by at fuel station and bought steamed brown rice (can't remember the chinese name) and it smelled so good when he brought back to the car.
Since Richie hasn't got any breakfast yet, he wanted to ask daddy's rice.

Suddenly, he gave the coin back to daddy, mommy thought ooowww so kind of him return back the coin...
But after that what's he doing after gave the coin back to daddy, he asked for the rice haha..then we burst to laugh...
Cos he thought that he already gave the coin and he could have the rice...(so called "he bought the rice from daddy")

And another occasion, he likes to hold car keys but when daddy asks him, he won't give it to daddy...
Once daddy gives me a coin, he will give the car keys back to daddy
Oh boy...he already thought of trading the things with money

hahaha...I guess he likes to observe when mommy brings him to the coffee shop to buy pau and mommy always uses coin to pay for the pau

Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazed with Richie's memorizing power

Mommy is lazy to write again here in english, so mommy just copies the note from facebook

Ini kejadian lucu tadi pagi.
Sekitar jam 9.45, daddy telepon mami pake iphone. Richie seperti biasa mau ikut2an dengerin...(
Cuman karena mami takut kalo ada yg penting jadi mami emang ga kasi ke Richie, trs mami cuman kasi dia house keys soalnya biasanya dia okay kalo dikasi something buat distract yg dia mau...

Mami terus ga perhatiin dia, karena mami sibuk pindah kamar satu ke kamar laen biar bisa denger si daddy ngomong apa...maklum Richie sempet ribut terus...
Abis udah kelar, mami waktu itu di ruang tengah, terus manggil Richie...let's go outside buying bakpau...
Seperti biasa dia excited sekali kalo diajak keluar soalnya dia jadi bisa maen2 kiddy ride dsb...

Ehhh mami baru inget kalo kunci rumah aku kasi dia, trs pas mami liat di tangannya udah ga ada kunci rumah...OMG...
mami tanya ke Richie, kunci nya dimana? as usual mukanya yg innocent jg kayak bingung gituh...trs dia lari ke master room tunjuk2 ujung bed...mami cuman ngintip dari luar aja, keliatan besi pengait nya doang, jd mami pikir dia cuman bercanda.
Mami tanya dia lagi kunci rumah dimana, kalo ga ketemu kita ga bisa keluar ...sambil ubrek2 di master room ama kamarnya Richie, soalnya mami sempet ke kamarnya Richie trs diikutin ama dia jg...

Again, dia balek ke master room, tunjuk2 ujung bed...akhirnya mami ikutin kemauannya dia, mami buka bed nya and VOILA...ternyata kunci nya ada di bawah nya bed, nyelip kebawah...
Duhhhh anakku, ada - ada saja tempat persembunyian baru...mau ga mau mami ketawa, dia jg ikut ketawa..

Tp yg bikin mami bangga, meskipun dia belum bisa ngomong banyak, dia tau apa yang mami bicarain, dan inget dimana dia sembunyiin barang...
laen kali jangan diulang lagi ya Rich...untung baru kunci, kalo barang2 penting pusing cari nya...

Train him using mini broom and dust pan

Richie likes to fight with mommy for broom and dust pan in the morning, therefore mommy bought him mini broom that comes with dust pan.
It's not supposed for kid's play but it can be used to train him and also practice his fine motor skills
So mommy tore papers into small cuts and teach him how to sweep the papers into the dust pan

He's not get into it yet and prefers to pick the paper with his hand hehe...
Well practice makes perfect

tries to pick up the paper with mini broom

Richie's train vs Mommy's train

It's about mega blocks again, now it's Richie's new improvement making a train after mommy gives him an example how to make simple train..
Turns out that he makes more sophisticated train then mommy even though he just makes the head only

mommy's creation : train and airplane

Richie's new train head

try to modify again

Mie bakso sapi


Organic spinach noodle
beef ball ( cut diced)
beef stock
cay sim (shredded)
fried shallot
salt and pepper

Boil the noodle until it's soft enough and set aside
Boil the beef stock, add beef ball, cay sim and season with salt and pepper
served warm with noodle and garnish with fried shallot

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home made fried rice


2 crabsticks (diced)
button mushroom (diced)
carrot and french beans (diced cut)
beaten egg
salt, pepper, dark soy sauce and tomato ketchup

Boil diced carrot and french beans until it's soft enough.
Sautee garlic into hot oil, add crabsticks, mushroom, and pre-cooked carrot and french beans. Add beaten egg into it and mix it.
Add rice, and seasoning and mix it until it finely mixed and smells great
served warm

Home made fried noodle


yellow hokkien noodle
2 crabsticks (cut diced)
button mushroom (cut diced)
carrot and cauliflower (cut diced)
beaten egg
dark soy sauce
salt, pepper

Boil carrot and cauliflower until soft enough and blanch yellow hokkien noodle for few minutes until it's soft
sautee the garlic with diced crabsticks, button mushroom, pre-cooked carrot and cauliflower and beaten egg.
Add noodle, soy sauce, seasoning until it's cooked and tasty
Served warm

Mega blocks

This is not new toys but become now toy hehe...'cos mommy bought it few months ago during sale in Kiddy Palace and last time Richie didn't like to play
Recently, when mommy short of toys for him, mommy gave mega blocks for him to play with.

Voila ! he likes it and he just stacks the blocks together and he uses his imagination to create a train or house
Well, still not properly formed yet, but it's first step for him to use his imagination

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Training Pants

Since mommy decided to toilet train Richie, mommy bought training pants from Mothercare (3 pants/S$29.90) it's a bit expensive but the quality is good compare with training pants from Kiddy Palace (6.90/piece)

Mommy does toilet train from him only during a day before his afternoon nap.
So far, no improvement yet. He still pee in the pants and worse he never complains about the wetness
Well, mommy just needs to have more patience then hehe...

Drinking from the cup

Another improvement from self feeding, he now can drink from the cup without spilling, of course mommy still help him to hold the cup. But he can control his tongue to suck the water from the cup without spilling.

Well done Boy!

Eating Adult Food

home made fried rice

home made fried noodle

After 18 mos, he's sick of soupy food and wants to taste more adult food. So mommy gives him a try when we eat outside on weekend.
Mommy don't cook for Richie over weekend, instead we eat whatever have in food court.
So far he's quite okay, he eats fried rice, char kwee tiau, Indonesian chicken noodle, unagi don etc.

Since he can eat noodle now, mommy cooks him prawn mee, fried noodle ...well it's make mommy's job easier too hehe...mommy doesn't need to cook twice one for Richie and one for mommy and daddy.

As for milk, he's "forced" to drink once every morning about 200cc and once every afternoon after nap about 180cc. And in between mommy gives him yoghurt, yakult, ice cream to boost his calcium intake.
Starting from yesterday, mommy also gave him one tablespoon of Scotts emulsion orange flavour from advises one of mommies.

Hopefully it boosts Richie's appetite and calcium intake too.

Playdate with Nathan

It's quite sometimes ago, but mommy forgot to post the pics and videos hehe...
Nathan and his mom happened met mommy and Richie downstairs in the morning and decided to stop by at Richie's house and played together.
Here some pics and videos

When the story book comes alive