Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saying Pee and Eek

Finally Richie's able to differentiate between pee and poo
Today, after he pees in his training pant, he comes to mommy and says pee
Even though he's not able to hold and go to toilet for pee and poo, at least he's now able to differentiate.
When the time comes and when he's ready, mommy believes that he can pee and poo in the toilet

Anyway, it's great improvement boy !
Keep it up !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drumming Boom Boom Boom

His favorite music is drum, so mommy used the empty jar and tin to be used as a drum.
Especially after reading the book Donald loves Drumming, mommy let him use his imagination to be a drummer

Attending Abby's 1st Bday Party

Last Saturday, Richie was invited to Abby 1st Bday Party.
He enjoyed it much especially during cutting cake ceremony and eating bday cake, 'cos he read the Birthday Cake book so he can apply his imagination in real life

Happy 21st Month

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleeping alone at night

Starting 2 days ago, mommy tried to let Richie sleep alone at his room. Previously, mommy always sleep with him at night. But mommy think it's about time to make a habit for him to sleep alone otherwise it will be difficult if mommy has another baby later on.
So far so good, Richie can sleep well until about 5am when he's crying for a while looking for mommy.
Then mommy moves in again with him, until he wakes up around 730 am.

Hopefully, soon he sleeps well till morning and not looking for mommy so often.
Anyway, great job boy !

The most rewarded Job - Full Time Housewife

In this modern age, decision to become full time housewife is tough because of financial matters in family or perhaps career minded woman that has been built up since young.
I choose to become a full time housewife right from the start, perhaps it's my family background where my mom always stays at home nurturing and watching the kids grow.

So far from the job I've been through there's nothing compare to full time housewife.
It's true we don't get salary, long hours (24/7), we need to do multitasking, and have many roles (as wife, mother, teacher, friend, doctor, handyman, chef, maid)
What job on earth that we could do so many things within a day?
I don't deny it sometimes I get frustrated and very tired but full satisfaction makes it worth it.
When I watch my family lives happily, healthy and loving to each other, it really gives me full satisfaction and confidence that I do a great job.

Being housewife, we could envision and shape our kids as what we want them to be.
One of a housewife told me money couldn't buy the childhood. We can look for money anytime, anywhere but we can't go back to the time we missed. First 5 years of child's life is very precious, it's either we make it or we break it.
It's up to us to give the happy and memorable childhood or not.

Modern parents tend to forget that what kids need are parents to stay with them every moment.
Unfortunately, modern parents prefer to nurture the kids' IQ than EQ, As early as 1 year, they enroll the kids to playgroup school and many enrichment schools.
As a full time mom, I don't think the kids are ready for it. 

When I was pregnant, I hope that my kid will grow cheerful, have a peace of mind and heart, obedient to God and us and has generous heart.
And when he was born, I did my best to make it happen. I learnt by trial and error how to handle my boy.
I read many books that enlighten me about children development stage, psychological development to understand them better.
I believe in my gut feeling and the lucky part is I and my hubby have full control to our child meaning that either my or my hubby's parents don't interefere how we handle our child.

So far, everything is going well. My boy has grown up well, he's very cheerful, obey us and has generous heart.
I never regret my decision to become a full time housewife.

Imagination Story Board

Mommy got this idea from 3D Birthday Cake @ Art Museum...It's so fun to create a story with the same board and it stimulates Richie's imagination
Mommy decided to make two...One for Night Time Story and the other one for Day Story.
The purpose behind is to tell him about  Book of Genesis in fun way

Visiting Art Museum

This is the first time mommy and daddy brought Richie to museum. Since they have Art Garden for Kids in conjunction with School Holiday Program, we brought Richie on Friday Night to Singapore Art Museum.'s free every friday night after 6 pm.

Not only Richie enjoyed them, mommy and daddy also had fun there.
First we went to World of Tracks Room where all the train's tracks were decorated in the wall and floor.
They had small animal toys and vehicles to play along...It's superb...

Then we went to Decorate Birthday Cake and Dress me up. Richie enjoyed much here. Since he liked My Birthday Cake story, he now could decorate huge birthday cake with stars, moon, and other shapes.
He didn't really like dress me up corner where we could dress boy or girl with clothes, shoes, face etc.

We moved on to Tree Love where the kids could draw anything they liked on huge paper tree. Of course this's the chance for Richie to draw unlimited to it was paper fruit market, where the fruits were made from paper. Mommy bought two templates (banana 'cos his fav fruit and orange)
Next we went to Walter rabbit's house where the kids need to move the furniture according to color. Too bad, Richie was too small to move and he didn't really understand the instruction so end up he sat on top of it and watched other kids haha...

We finished about 830 ++ 'cos we haven't had dinner yet but Richie still wanted to play...
Next time okay !...

Copying - talking and talking

Approaching 21st month, his brain is somehow working well for speaking...
Richie likes to copy what mommy or daddy say and talks much...
Of course mommy and daddy are so happy...finally Richie is willing to copy and talk hehehe...
Now, he's slowly able to differentiate vehicles. Last time, those with wheels were called he can say bus, bike, truck even though it's not clear yet...only mommy and God knows what he's talking about haha...

And he could talk oma, opa, cece, koko, baby besides mama and papa...
Sometimes he could say 2 words to make a simple sentence...for eg..opa bobok when he watched the TV
Richie can say mamam, mimik, kropok, nat nat (donat), anggur, yakult, yoghurt, berry (strawberry), poppop (lollipop), cherries, klat (coklat), cake, cookies, bakpau, nood (noodle), milk, carrot and many more...
can't remember hehe

Well, mommy and daddy are really happy to see his great improvement these few days...

Now, mommy understands, when the kid is ready to talk, he will talk by himself...

Well done boy !

Mommy and Daddy are really proud of you !

Eating Ice Cream

It was a hot day, so after he woke up from afternoon nap, mommy gave him mini cornetto vanilla flavour.
And he enjoyed it so much...
Enakkkk...he said hehe

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading the book and eating lollipop

This is the second time, mommy borrowed some books from public library. And this time round, mommy only borrowed 4 books.
And he likes only 1 book most which the title is My Birthday Cake.
Mommy reads him this book almost everyday before his afternoon nap. And he understands the story as well as he can point and repeat some words especially when it relates with food haha...
So this afternoon, mommy gave him a lollipop to make the story comes alive.

He likes the lollipop and enjoys reading the book hehe...

Some funny activities - Caught in the act

Hehhe...mommy caught Richie in the act
First, he danced when mommy sang I love to move it move it from Madagaskar soundtrack and he sayang - sayang his rubber chicken, gift from daddy when he's back from China

Sing and Dance with Barney

From 3 - 11 June, there's sing and dance with barney @ Marina Square. So before daddy left to China, we brought Richie to Marina Square.
He's quite sleepy actually but he insisted to open his eyes and watched 15 mins Barney show hehe
And since we didn't have a chance to take close up picture with Barney and friends, Oma Tine bought him Barney plush toys and we took picture near the stage hehe

Eating yoghurt by himself

Mommy wants to test him whether he can self feed by himself, so mommy gives him a try by eating yoghurt.
And he can do it properly of course with a little bit mess here and there but Richie can hold the spoon properly and can put it into the mouth well too.

Well done boy !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Bag

Oma came 2 days ago and bought the trolley bag for Richie..and guess what...
Richie liked it so much, he always hold and pull the bag wherever he goes including sleeping time
And here is some pics taken when we brought him to Ion Orchard

Bean Star

This is the first trial for mommy and Richie making mosaic beans...but end up, mommy doing it alone 'cos Richie has no patience yet to do it hmmm
never mind...we try again next time

Funky Camera

The third project using tissue roll is funky camera. And mommy also makes use of used wrapping paper therefore most of the projects have the same color
This one is a bit tricky and takes sometimes, 'cos mommy needs to cut a hole in the cereal box for the lens

Binocular Telescope

Since mommy has many tissue roll cardboard, mommy thought of making something out of them.
Then...voila...the second project using tissue roll cardboard is Binocular Telescope
It's pretty simple and Richie also learns yellow color, 'cos mommy use yellow transparancy for lens instead of the normal one.