Monday, July 25, 2011

Attending Willy and Lisa's Wedding 23-07-11

July is full of party and fun, last Saturday we attended Willy and Lisa's Wedding @ Miramar Hotel
So far Richie behaved well during lunch banquet except when he started to feel sleepy and became cranky.

Happy 22 months old

Friday, July 22, 2011

Playing pretend - doctor kits

This is not waste investment buying playing pretend toy hehe..
Richie's so familiar with doctor kits so whenever mommy bring him to see doctor, he's not scare.
This happened last week when mommy brought him to doctor for flu jab.
When he saw needle, he knew it so he hugged mommy and just surrender (pasrah mode)

When the doctor insert the jab, he didn't retaliate, of course he cried but only few seconds. After that he's just as normal as before.
After giving him the jab, the doctor ever said he must hate me now hehe but on the contrary he wasn't
He still in the mood of waving and saying bye bye to the doctor before we went out

At home, when he played again with doctor kits, and he found the syringe, he put it into his buttock and pretend that he gets the jab haha

How do you define SMART kids

Some new mothers said that "My baby is very smart, he/she can hold his head just few days after birth" or "My baby is 2 months old and he/she can roll over"
Some not so new mothers with their 2 year old kids said " My girl is very smart, she can talk in sentences" or My 2 years boy can read mama and papa when I write in the paper"
Some mothers with their 6 years old kids said " My girl is very smart, she can do Primary 1 math even before entering the primary" or " My boy is very smart, he can memorize all countries flags"

Are those mothers wrong to say that their kids smart ??
Well, they are not wrong but they are just partial smart.
Why ?? Let break it down, what SMART kid is

S - Social Smart
Meaning, that your kids are smart enough to handle social life and problem with peers and friends.
How they can get along with friends, how they can solve the problem when they are bullied and how they behave socially.
This is very important, because young kids are very unstable and can be shaped depends on the social circle.
If you as parents neglect this, it will affect them when they grow up.

How do you help them to be social smart ?
When your kids are very young less than 3 years old, you need to interfere their social life. Parents need to explain what should and shouldn't.
When your kids are more than 3 years old, when they have problem with peers, watch them first how they solve the problems, this is also your chance to see whether your kids understand what you taught them before. If they still can't solve the problems, do interfere again. First 5 years of life is very important for parents to interfere kid's social life.

M - Money Smart
Some parents said that they only give money to their kids like once a week or every day but they limit the money.
It's not wrong but parents must teach them also the value of money, what money is all about? How do you do with money? Spend, Save and Invest.

How do you help them to be money smart?
As young as 18 months old, you can teach them about money of course in simple way through play and games.
For eg, insert the coins into coin bank. When they ask for kiddy ride, give them coins but limit them to 3 plays maximum and explain to them that you can play again tomorrow otherwise when you finish all the money you can't play anymore.
When they have more understanding ability, teach them buying and selling and how we get money from

A - Attitude Smart
This is very important aspect that some parents neglect. Attitude is way important than brain.
When they fail in the exam, how they can get back on their feet and move on or when they can't complete the task or in the undesirable situation, how they handle this.
In the real world, when your kid got interviewed, some interviewer will never ask how old are you when you can read  or write for the first time ? They rather ask have you ever handled crisis?

How do you help them to be attitude smart?
As young as 1 year old, when they start walking. When they fall down, don't quickly help them, let them stand again by themselves. When the kids cry, don't quickly ran into them but let them settle down by themselves.
Those are just examples how to build good mental to the young ones.
When they are older, of course you can modify the method.

R - Religion Smart
Religion is very important in your kids life. Even though young kids don't understand much about faith because they are more objective person rather than abstract. Parents still need give them good value and moral to their life.

How do you help them to be Religion Smart?
Explain to them not to lie or steal other's belongings when they are young. Don't need to explain so much about God yet 'cos they won't understand anyway.
Give them value what's right and what's wrong is more important than knowledge about God.
When your kids get older and gain more understanding in the abstract world, you can slowly input knowledge about God

T - Thinking Smart
This is the last aspect that parents push so much to their kids.
Yes, brain is very important and the first 5 years of kid's life is where the brain cells develop very fast.
But as previous said it's just one aspect of the kid's life. No matter how smart your kids if they don't have value in their life, they will grow with emptiness.

How do you help them thinking smart?
Give them chance to solve the problems in reality.
For eg, when the family members want to go different places for holiday, let the kids try to solve the problems with their own analysis.
Enrichment and tuition can help too but don't give them too much from what they can take. Because it also limit their creative thinking.

Last but not least, Remember parents
It doesn't matter whether your kids can talk, read, write early or late. As long as they grow normal, they will pass those stages.
Don't make your kids become your objects of unfulfilled dreams, meaning that when the parents were not top students before, they have tendency to make their kids top class.
Let them grow naturally happy and smart as a whole not only the brain.

Have fun raising S.M.A.R.T kids

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Expressions Faces

Mommy borrowed a book from library, titled Face
It shows many expressions from happy, angry, sad, tired, brave, scared, cheeky, and ill
While mommy read it to Richie, mommy also makes some expressions to make the book alive
Here's the video, Richie's still shy to show it in the camera hehe

Talking to himself on the phone

Recently, Richie likes to play with telephone and torch hehe..
He likes to talk to himself on the phone of course it's baby's talk sometimes he giggles by himself too.
And when he found the torch, he will pretend to sing even though only humming and some baby talks too
Here's the video of talking to himself on the phone

If you promise, don't break it

This is the lesson learn for mommy and daddy as parents
If we make promise, make sure we fuilfill it especially to our children

Three days ago, in the afternoon Richie was playing with mommy as usual, and he wanted to play Thomas and train. We had two sets, one was the simple one with blue track and another one was Thomas big loader,it's quite complex
Richie wanted to play the latter, but since it needs time and brain to assemble, mommy told Richie to wait daddy to come in the evening and let daddy assemble for him.

Then, as usual we met daddy in the playground in the evening. As Richie just finished the bath, he quickly ran into his toy's box and pointed the train's box. He asked daddy to assemble the Thomas Big Loader trains.
Mommy was pretty surprised 'cos he still remembered and daddy had no choice. After changing clothes, he helped Richie assemble the trains and Richie was so happy haha...

Well, from here, it's lesson learnt that it's very important as parents
1. not to make any promises especially those that can't be fulfilled
2. if make promises, then make sure it's fulfilled
3. make promises that it benefits for both parties, for eg if you finish your food, we will drink juice or if you sleep now then we can play again later.
4. don't make promise that becomes indulgence or bribes, for eg if you finish your food, I will buy you new toys or if you sleep now, I will buy you ....
5. It's useful to discipline the kids, for eg If you still want to play and don't want to sleep, I will leave the room (provided that your kids don't want to be left alone in the room). Make sure if they don't follow your instruction, you do it even though only 3 minutes.

Trust is very important between both parents and kids and it starts from little things.
The more the kids trust the parents, the more they respect their parents.
And it makes a good habit for them too especially in the long run.
They learn that if you make promise, don't break it

Richie's thomas and train

Thomas Big Loader

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hammering Activity

Mommy bought this toys from IKEA, 'cos it's cheap since mommy's stocks are not available.
Richie practices his fine motor skill and accuracy by hitting the objects precisely.
Sometimes he's not patience enough and push using his fingers hehe

Duck Paper plate

This is another painting activity using paper plate as a based
Richie did some of painting and mommy finished the rest with eyes and the beak too

Materials : water color, disposable paper plates, construction paper and marker (optional)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing Pretend - BBQ and cut the cake

Mommy bought two toys recently for Richie in purpose of letting him practice his fine motor skills using tweezers and knife.
First one was BBQ games. The stove is so cute, it can make popping sound and the meat can flip by itself when it's cooked.
Second one was Birthday cake, another purpose is for Richie practicing the cake ceremony from blowing the candle and cutting the cake. But it seems that he likes cutting the cake more than blowing the candle hehe

Visiting Baby Alicia

Yesterday, we visited Baby Alicia who just born on July 12.
Her weight and length when she was born are the same with Richie's. So tiny and small. Can't believe it that mommy and daddy survived that period hehe...

Attending MJ 1st Bday Party

And last Saturday, 16 July we attended Marieve Juliet's 1st Birthday Party.
Richie was just woke up so he's a bit blur blur and cranky.
And he's so afraid with MJ because of her wearing ballerina dress haha...she got tutu as protection so Richie couldn't come closer
Anyway, Happy Birthday MJ !

Attending Max and Clarissa' Wedding 9 July 2011

Last Saturday 9 July, we had attending Max and Clarissa's Wedding and our family themed dress was brown, except daddy. Mommy wore brown and Richie wore batik
Richie met some of his friends. Here's some pictures

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stamping Activity

Recently, Richie has been on holiday for art and craft 'cos we had guests from Indo
So yesterday, mommy started art and craft again.
This time round was stamping activity.

Materials :
Carrots shaped into triangle, circle, square and star
Water color

Playing at Toys' R us

Last weekend, daddy wanted to buy pants, therefore mommy brought Richie to Toys R us while daddy had "me" time
Richie liked it so much 'cos there were many toys to play without buying hehe...
And when he saw a jiejie played hulahoop, he also wanted to play but he didn't know how to move his hip yet.
So what he did, he moved hulahoop with his hands hehe

I love you, you love me

Ride a truck

Baby Gym at home

Richie's body kinda elastic, he can roll over head now easily which mommy still couldn't do it perfectly until now
Here's a video

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mommy's boy

This few days, Richie became so attached with mommy.
Even when mommy took a shower at night while daddy's at home, he looked for mommy and cried loudly
And he wanted mommy to carry him instead of daddy
Perhaps his separation anxiety has already started...

Luckily he has no siblings yet, otherwise mommy will get headache hehe

Friday, July 8, 2011

Anniversary Dating

Before mommy's aunt and cousins went back to Indonesia, mommy and daddy went out yesterday to have proper dinner celebrating our 3rd Anniversary when only just two of us without Richie.
We went to Esplanade, our first date place and we had dinner @ Al Dente Trattoria where we celebrate our 1st Anniversary during our courtship
Before we went back home, we just sat next to river and enjoyed scenery as well as revisiting the memory during our courtship

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Today is mommy and daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary.
Too bad, daddy needs to go to business trip to Lombok until Thursday.
But we managed to have dinner on our Anniversary Eve @ Ichiban Boshi.
We will celebrate again on Thursday once daddy's back

Here's a video of our 3 years journey together

Mommy and Richie's outing @ Universal Studio Singapore 04 July 2011

Yesterday, mommy and Richie went to Universal Studio Singapore with mommy's aunt and cousins.
It was the first time we went outing without daddy.
Everything was going well, mommy enjoyed some rides as well as Richie, so the free tickets were not wasted
We went there from 930am - 5pm
It's quite long day and Richie managed to sleep about 1.5 hours

Friday, July 1, 2011

Drinking milk more

Recently, Richie prefers to drink milk than eating meals.
He only takes few spoon of meals and refuses them especially home cooked ones, but when mommy offers him milk, he can drink one glass of it within 10 minutes. Of course, mommy still need to feed him the milk with spoon.
So now he can drink the milk until 800cc a day compare with before.
No wonder, he still looks chubby even though he's not eating much.

Unless, mommy brings him to eat out, he will eat more meals

haiyaaaa....! you can choose what you want now