Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learn to ride bicycle

This is Richie's new and first bike and bought by Opa and Oma for his 2nd Birthday.
He really likes it 'cos he chooses the bike by himself.
Even though he hasn't been able to pedal and enjoys to be pushed instead hehe...

Teaching Richie to pray before and after sleeping

It has been almost 1 month, mommy taught Richie how to pray before and after sleeping since we had holiday @ Semarang.
Of course mommy lead the prayer sweet and short and taught him how to make a cross.
The funny part was he copied mommy's hand like mirror so he used the left hand and when he's lazy he would use both hands so for Holy spirit and amen he will used both left and right hand to put into his both shoulders together haha...

Even though he didn't understand yet about the meaning of it, I guess it's good to make it as habit for him.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lebaran 2011

Lebaran holiday this year we didn't go anywhere 'cos we just came back from Semarang, instead oma and opa from Jakarta visited us. So it's pretty crowded again at home hehe...
Well, Richie's behavior improved a little bit too meaning that he's not so spoilt compared with his 1 year old age.
And the good news is we will be having holiday in Middle East during Xmas time.

Supposedly we wanted to go to either Hongkong or Australia on October - November but daddy wanted to go out Singapore during Xmas time so the choice is Middle East Country (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
It's not so cold or hot during winter time and since oma and opa also haven't been there, we will be going there in big family group hehe..
It's gonna be fun, I guess

Mommy can't wait to go there and experience new things again...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 23th Month

Trial School @ Maria Regina

Well, one of mommy's friends wanted to move to Semarang and she asked mommy to look for international catholic school for her kids so mommy went to Maria Regina School for more information.
The school was really huge. The classrooms were very spacious compare with Singapore.
The location was in Papandayan quite nice view.
Richie liked it too, so mommy got two free trial.
We arrived a bit late and Richie was so nervous but after a while he can adjusted and he had so much fun there until he didn't want to go back home hahaha.
Mommy couldn't take pictures during class but during play time

Family outing @ Susan Spa Bandungan

On Sunday, we went to Gua Kerep for thanksgiving praying and then went to Susan Spa Bandungan.
The place was awesome for wedding and the view was very nice
Here's some pictures

Richie's activities during holiday in Semarang

Richie explored and learnt many things in Semarang. 'Cos oma and opa's house was more than five times bigger than Richie's house in Semarang, he couldn't finish exploring house in one day haha...
We had a pet named Donna and Richie liked it very much from the very first day. He liked to copy what Donna did.
Mommy found out that Richie liked piano too. Once he woke up from nap, he always wanted to play piano.
Oh and one more thing, he liked to ride magic car too hehe...

Well, enough said, here's some pictures

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ramadan holiday @ Semarang (05 - 20 Agt 2011)

This year, we chose the days before hari raya, 'cos it will be very quiet during hari raya.
We departed from T2 by Batavia Air.
While waiting for boarding, Richie enjoyed playing @Indoor Playroom with daddy.
When it's time to board, Richie was so excited to see airplane in real. He said airplane airplane many times.
He behaved well during flight except the landing time when his ears were pain and he screamed and cried until threw up.
Luckily, it's close to landing so the damage was not so much
Oma and opa picked us up and we went home straight from the airport
This was the fun begun

Happy 28th Birthday Daddy (050811)

We celebrated Daddy's birthday @ Semarang. And oma ordered pudding cake this time with big goldfish on top of the cake.
Richie was so excited when he saw the cake and candle and can't wait to blow the candle
Then at night, we had dinner @Koenokoeni celebrating his birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy and hubby

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Donating money

Today, Mommy brought Richie to library @ West Mall to return and borrow new books.
On way back to Bus interchange there's a young boy holding a can and mommy knew that it's flag day and when mommy and richie was about to pass him, turn out he's from NUS..this reminded mommy about old days school when mommy did the same thing stood for so many hours holding the can and hoped people dropped some coins inside the can.

Mommy then thought of teach Richie about donating too, so mommy gave him a coin and asked him to insert the coin into the can.
He's a bit blurr but still he did it and got the sticker hehe...when we passed another young boy holding a can, mommy gave him another coin again to insert into the can and he got another sticker too.

When we were at home, he didn't want to take off the stickers out from his shirt hehe...I guessed he was proud that he donated money and got stickers
Anyway, good job boy !

Mommy hoped you have generous heart and be a gentleman

Apple paper plate

This was the second time Richie painted paper plate. This time round was to make apple

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eating Strawberry

Richie's eating strawberry while waiting for main course and he seems enjoying all by himself

Dancing Hi-5 songs

Richie's dancing in front of TV try to follow Hi-5 video clip

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Holiday with Star Cruise Virgo 27 - 29 July 2011

This's the first time we brought Richie out of Singapore and Indonesia and it's first time we had holiday as a big family. This time round, we chose Star Cruise Virgo 3D2N to Kuala Lumpur.
We just wanted to try how's Richie response and turn out he was so excited and more excited than us and made us became very tired end of the day hehe...
Here's some pictures

At Main hall

Our balcony cabin

on the deck of cruise

The captains

Little captain

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mommy and daddy time

our big family

at balcony

going for excursion

At temple

Rural malaysian villages

KL tower