Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is 2nd time Richie becomes "model" hehe..
The first one is when he was 6 months old. This time round, mommy and daddy don't need to work so hard to make him pose and smile. He knows what to do in front of camera.
He likes to pose naturally...
we choose white and jeans as a theme and the playground as the location

Birthday Lunch

We had birthday luncheon @Teppanyaki Yakoyakobi our favorite restaurant.
It was attended by Richie's godparents, mommy's cousin, daddy's cousin, daddy's brother
This time round, our family's dresscode was black - white - red.

Richie's 2nd Birthday Party Bash

We celebrated Richie's birthday twice, once was on the actual birthday, another one was the day after.
The first one we invited his playdates friends, neighbours and of course proudly housewifes.
Strangely, most are boys hehe..
Richie was so excited since morning preparation and managed to have 1.5 hour afternoon sleep.
And he was expecting the cake ceremony.

He's so ready to do cake ceremony when mommy asked him to stand behind the cake, blow the candle and cut the cake after 2 weeks of practice.
Unfortunately, after 1 hour, Richie was so exhausted and he wanted to have fresh air, so oma brought him down to playground while the guests were still in the house.

By 6pm, the guests went back home 'cos their daddy will be arriving home soon.
And we took the picture with the presents and cake and cleaned up the mess
It was tiring and fun..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From Zero to Hero : Richie's 2 years journey

Sounds exaggrating huh...
But it's true for mommy and daddy when we see how Richie has grown up and make great improvements in many aspects.

We remembered when he was 1 year old :

he's only able to stand with support, now he could run, jump, climbing up and down 2 storey stairs and climbing up and slide down the 2 storey slide all by himself
he only spoke few words and many baby talks, now he can speak bilingual without confused (when people don't understand his bahasa, he will switch to english directly haha )
he only knew circle, now he knows more shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, star, heart, square, crescent), numbers 1 - 10 (he learns in few days only), some alphabets and colors (red, orange, blue, white)

he's very fussy with milk and mommy needed to change the brand of milk every month, now he could accept milk even though it's spoonfed
he only ate soupy food, now he could eat whatever mommy cooks and gives
he only had 4 teeth, now he had 12 teeth and counting

he's such an obedient boy, now he could choose what he likes or dislikes, yell and obey, and sometimes tries to outsmart us
he's still on diaper the whole day, now only half day, sleeping time is still on diaper
he's a social person, now he's so clingy and attached with mommy (luckily mommy and daddy have gone for holiday break hehe )
he didn't bother if his friend took his toys, now he became self centered person and sometimes bullied his friends, oh my ...

Well, there are many more improvements that we couldn't remember, but one thing we know for sure he has colored our life with laugh and tears, joy and frustration
Keep on coloring my little hero, happy 2nd Birthday to you and welcome to preschooler life !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teething againnn

It's just few days before Richie's birthday but he's down with fever and teething problems.
His appetite was down again for few days when it started to pick up, he got so much saliva on his throat and liked to cough
oh well well...

Hopefully after the tooth has emerged, his appetite was back to normal again

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Growing up appetite

Richie has been in good mood for meals.
His appetite is growing strong. He can eat mommy's portion of rice + fruits for lunch and dinner.
In addition he still drinks 600 ml milk a day
Hopefully he grows taller and fatter faster hehe..
Well done boy !

Number 1,2,3 - 10

Amazingly Richie has known the numbers and counting at least from 1 - 10 without mommy really teaches him.
He just heard from the song in youtube about counting fish and his brain absorbs it very well.
Without mommy asking too, he can say the number correctly when we passed by the HDB block with numbers.
Well done Son !

Monday, September 5, 2011

Swimming @ MBS

Last Friday, we brought Richie to swim @ MBS since daddy's friend came here and stayed there.
It's so crowded with Indonesians and was the swimming pool.
Luckily we just played with water only and it was sunset time so the view was very beautiful.
After that we had dinner together @ MR. Curry, Marina Square. Richie and Rexton were very hungry then after swimming.
Good to see Rexton again and meet Vicky. We'll see you again soon