Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great Progress in toilet training

25 months Richie has been doing great in toilet training. His sense and urge to pee and poo have developed well.
Now before going to do "business" he will tell mommy first eventhough he's saying both in the same word " eek ".
So no diapers on the day, only night time.
The only thing that he still doesn't want to do is poo in the toilet pad. aiyahhh..
But it's okay, the day will come soon when mommy doesn't need to buy any diapers.

Mommy bought him Thomas Briefs instead of training pants 'cos it's cheaper and got his favorite characters.
Well done Boy !

Monday, October 24, 2011

One Puzzle Many Benefits

Richie is in his 25th month and he recognizes color and some opposites like big and small, fast and slow, hard and soft
Now puzzle is his favorite play, especially mommy also sells this wooden puzzle set. He loves it especially train and airplane

Happy 25th Month

Third visit to USS

Last friday, we had family outing @ Universal Studio Singapore. It was the third time for Richie visiting USS. But the last one was the best. It's not crowded, we can enjoy almost all the rides only half day and the weather was not so hot too even though it's raining heavily after lunch but we managed to enjoy most of the rides so it's worth spent. And its theme was Halloween Horror Nights, they had props in the New York Street.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday outing @ West Coast Park

Last Saturday, we had outing again with Ardi's family @ West Coast Park.
As usual, Richie was so reluctant to play in the sand. This time round, we rented pedal go-kart.
It's pretty expensive though, S$36 for half an hour only. Well, for experience and good excersise.
Richie was excited too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Richie is Acrobatic Junior.
Last time he could do roll over head, now he can headstand...not sure what he will do next

His favorite activities

There are two favorite activites : playing keyboard and photograph.
Perhaps it's from mom's genes.
Every morning, mommy always hears him playing keyboard even though only 3 minutes and he just anyhow plays and when mommy steps up to teach him some notes. He immediately turn off the keyboard and doesn't want mommy touch it..
Oh boy !!

And every time he meets Om Reynard, he will say photo photo.  He either wants to be photographed or he wants to take picture
Anyway, he has photogenic smile too hehe

Drawing with crayon

Mommy has tried color pencil, twisted crayola, marker but all of them never attrack Richie to draw. So when the last resort is given which is crayon...Richie likes it, he can hold the crayon well and he's willing to draw it too.
Mommy's so happy...!

This is his first artwork

Playing puzzle shape on rainy day

Well, since nowadays rain is part of our daily life and makes richie seldom going to playground.
Mommy gives him puzzle shape from mommy's shop
And he can finish it well

Alphabet A,B,C

Richie officially knows the alphabet
When mommy plays Betty's apple tree with Richie this morning, mommy asks him to pick the apple alphabet and he does it right 100%

Well done Boy ! Unfortunately, mommy couldn't make a video of it

Monday, October 3, 2011

Eyes, nose, mouth, .....

As for body parts, Richie can point eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, cheek, chin, hair, head, hand, finger, shoulder, elbow, belly button, wrist, knee, toe, tummy, tit tit (penis)

Well done boy !

Red, orange, green, ...and square, circle, triangle....

Richie is 2 years 1 week old and he can recognize some colors which are red, orange, green, blue, pink, white, black, beige.

As for shapes, he can recognize square, circle, triangle, star, heart, rectangle, crescent, diamond/kite

He learns from mommy's handmade preschool kit and youtube.

Well done boy !

Family Time @ West Coast Park (2 Oct 11)

Yesterday we went to West Coast Park for family time as we haven't been gone to any parks this 6 months.
Instead of botanical garden, we chose West Coast Park. 'Cos it's pretty near with our house and it's something new. Well, it turned out that West Coast Park was more fun than Botanical Garden.

They have adventure playgrounds for young kids like flying fox etc, outdoor fitness centre for aged ones, camping site, and of course we could see boats either big or small ones.
A lot of family there also and Richie had so much fun there with his bike.
Next time we will go there again instead of Botanical garden.