Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Stop : Plaisir and Surrounding

While daddy was out, we spent our time relaxing at oma's house and explore the surrounding. We went to Commercial centre where they were Ikea, Toy's R us, Auchan (like Giant supermarket) and we went to Chateau du Plaisir and its forest where King of France went for hunting last time.

Third Stop : Versailles Garden

The next stop was Versailles Garden, we wanted to bring Richie to see the Antoinette farmyard, unfortunately we took the wrong gate which closed and we rushed for the time so we only managed to see the garden, some sheeps by riding buggy again.

hamlet at versailles

Petit Trianon

Riding buggy

Versailles Grand Canal

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Second Stop : Exploring Paris

Even though we have explored Paris landmarks before, we'd love to visit again like Notredame, Eiffel Tower,  Arc De Triomphe, etc
Started with La Defense, we haven't been there before and since our train passed by, we decided to take a look and voila, there's christmas market waiting for us too.

Then, the next day, we visited Notredame, eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and Champ Elysee.
Grande Arc, La Defense

Christmas Market at La Defense

Galleries Lafayette


Eiffel at night

Arc De Triomphe

Monday, December 12, 2011

First stop : Disneyland Paris

Our first journey was Disneyland Paris, we booked 3D2N at Santa Fe Hotel, Disneyland Paris.
The hotel and rooms were Mexico Style and we had 3 days ticket to both park : Disney park and walt disney studio.
On the first day of our arrival, we were very tired so once we checked in we went to sleep to recharge energy for the next day.
On the second day, it was drizzling and we still went ahead with our plan to explore Disney Park.
The Park was huge and we couldn't finish within a day though. We had fun there even though it's cold because of the rain 

On the last day of our visit, we went to Walt Disney Studio and spent half day there, the park was little smaller than Disney Park and the weather was nice too eventhough it's drizzling for about an hour.
Richie had great time there and he enjoyed most meeting Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto and he's so brave taking picture alone with those characters.

santa fe hotel

welcome to santa fe hotel

Winter Wonderland in Paris (2 - 12 December 2011)

We went to Paris early christmas this year. It was wonderful and fun holiday.
It was all starting on 1st December when we flied midnite to Paris.
Richie was asleep on the way to the airport and woke up just before boarding.
He had 6 hours sleep out 14 hours journey and he's not cranky at all, he munched when he had nothing to do in the plane hehe...
And when we landed, he slept again for 1.5 hours until we were waiting for our baggage

We stayed at mommy's aunt place in suburb Paris and we took more than 2 hours journey with train and carried our heavy baggage, fortunately there were many nice people in Paris helped us without our asking. They really cared about mom and kid particularly.

To be continued