Sunday, January 29, 2012

Introducing himself (2 years 4 months)

Mommy trains Richie a basic conversation about himself. So when people asking about what's your name, age, home, he can answer accordingly

So this is the video about his name, his age, his home, his parents name, his favorite fruit and his favorite food
Enjoy !

Crazy about puzzles

Nowadays, puzzle is his favorite toys and it's good to keep him sit still while we are out. Besides, it has many advantages which can be found in this link

So Richie's puzzle skill has improved too, he has done 2 - 7 pieces jigsaw puzzle and mommy gave him new challenges 12 pieces jigsaw puzzle.
He's so excited and wants to do everything by himself but of course if he can't, he will get frustrated and start throwing the pieces....haiyahhh...

Mommy still helps him  a little if he's stuck, when he manages to put the pieces together he's so happy and said good job with his thumb up sign hehehe...

These are the jigsaw puzzles collections, and it's all about transportation vehicles

2 - 7 pieces jigsaw puzzles

12 pieces jigsaw puzzles

Toilet Training Chart ( 2 years 4 months)

To encourage Richie for toilet training, mommy decided to create reward system which is toilet training chart stickers. It was starting recently about 1 week ago

the sticker book and the stickers as reward system

The rules of the games :
1. Once he tell mommy that he's gonna pee, and successfully pee in the toilet, mommy will give him 1 sticker which he chooses by himself and puts into the sticker book.
2. If he manages to pull down the pants by himself before pee and successfully pee in the toilet, mommy will give him 2 stickers.
3. And if he manages to pass motion in the toilet bowl not in the pampers, mommy will give him 3 stickers.

After he completes all the stickers, mommy will let him choose the toys he wants to buy

So far, everything is going according to the plan even though he only manages do the first one.
Well, at least no accident yet hehe...and he's so happy after successfully pee in the toilet 'cos he can choose and paste the sticker.

Well done Boy, keep it up !

Basketball training with daddy

While waiting mommy and oma shopping, daddy brought Richie to Timezone at Jurong Point for the first time and Richie was excited to play basketball. At first, he was reluctant 'cos he never saw it before but after the balls rolling down and ready to be thrown to the basket, he's so excited to throw the balls and competed with daddy
Here's the video of their fun

Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Day of Chinese New Year (240112)

This day, our family went back to Jakarta so we could occupy the room and enjoyed the facilities there.
We went swimming at infinity pool, the weather was nice and warm. After that we wanted to go to River Hong Bao but it was to crowded so we canceled it off and back to the shoppes and did window shopping.

We had so much fun and great time to start the dragon year, hopefully this year brings us more prosperity, good health, and abundance in many aspects of life
Thanks God for Your blessings to our family

Chinese New Year First Day (230112)

First Day of Chinese New Year was so quiet in Singapore. Most of shops and restaurats were closed and the only mall that opened was Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes.
So this first day, we spent the day at MBS. Our family dress code was red t-shirt.

We went to Titanic Exhibition as well. It was awesome, we managed to see the artifacts, the first and third class cabin as well as the history behind titanic.

Our full force team

Titanic guests at grand staircase

Our little family

Just before boarding the titanic

Our boarding passes

The origami lifeboat, this is lifeboat no.6 where it came back to find the survivors but found none

Chinese New Year's Eve (220112)

This year we celebrated CNY at Singapore again since our family from daddy's side was coming from Jakarta.
We booked a table of 8 at Mayim Restaurant. It's kinda last minute too and fortunately there's still one table left
We had our reunion dinner at 5.45pm (first shift)
We were so excited to do yusheng....and the food was nice too, we got to taste abalone, shark fin soup, etc.

Then after dinner, we went to MBS hotel since Richie's granduncle booked for 3 nights. But we, as our little family only stayed there on the last night.

Reunion Dinner

Lo Hei

The feast

Our litte family at MBS

After reunion dinner, full and happy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

toilet training in progress (2 years 3 mos)

AFter re-train Richie again from the beginning since we were back from our holiday, finally today mommy saw some results happy...
This morning, Richie let mommy know before he peed. He knocked bathroom's door while mommy took a shower and said e ek e ek... I thought oh no...another accident again.
So mommy quickly opened the door and Richie was in front of the door said e ek e ek..

When mommy put down the training pants, he suddenly went inside and peed there and asked to get the shower spray to clean the pee
Wahh..mommy's so happy and told him Good Job..and he smiled widely too

Then after 1 hour, he also told mommy again while in the kitchen e ek e ek and mommy quickly brought him to the toilet and peed there again.

Today is successful day of toilet training with accident-free

Mommy wants to encourage him more by using rewards stickers...Gonna buy it later so he will have a sense of achievement too

Well done Boy !

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is about teaching and guiding NOT punishing.

Previously, mommy has been having hard time when Richie's throwing tantrum and those kind of terrible two problems. Even mommy has lost patience and temper and still Richie didn't understand when mommy scolded him. Mommy's really sad and frustration too how to handle two years old toddler...and to make him understand what should and shouldn't do.

Then, when mommy went to library to borrow some books for Richie, mommy tumbled upon this book Positive Discipline for first three years.
This is like angel sent from above which opened mommy's eyes and mind.

After reading it, mommy understood that discipline is not about punishing, scolding, threatening, warning etc, it's about teaching and guiding.
First I must understand his developmental stage and his behavior to discipline him appropriately with his age.

Now, our relationship is much more better, he seldom throws tantrum and even he does it, mommy will tease and tickling him to calm him down and to make the situation become positive again.

I will share more about it in this link

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sense of Autonomy

Richie has been developing his sense of autonomy which he wants do everything by himself like adults do.
In the morning when mommy clean the house, he will copy mommy by using the wipe clean to catch the dusts in the floor. So mommy let him do it....
Then, when he takes shower, he will ask mommy liquid soap and put it into his body. When he finishes pee in the toilet, he will ask me the shower spray to clean his pee.
He also wants to clean his teeth by himself too.

During meal times, he will insist to self feed without mommy's help. And even he wants to make juice by himself by asking the knife to cut the fruits hahaha...

I realize how big my boy now and soon he will do everything independently...

Of course, sometimes his helping gesture doesn't really help mommy but make more trouble haha. But, mommy realize that it's his stage to gain sense of autonomy and self discovery about who he is and what he can do

Oh boy, even though you make mad sometimes but you look cute and adorable when you want to do it like adults

Yes, I did it ( 2 years 3 mos)

Mommy found it amazing, cos today mommy gives him his old 4pcs, 5pcs, and 6pcs puzzle and he did it all by himself, little help from mommy.
His brain is somehow ready for doing problem solving, mommy's so happy when he did it and he has very much interest in puzzle these few days.
Perhaps he also saw mommy solving 100pcs and 300pcs jigsaw puzzle therefore he has interest in it.

Anyway, Well done boy ! mommy is so proud of you

ABC and numbers puzzle (2 years 3 mos)

This is another favorite toys, ABC and numbers puzzle.
He learns lower caption alphabet and numbers too...

Little Artist (2 years 3 mos)

This is one of Richie's favorite activity, coloring....
He always asks mommy to give him crayons and picture to color. Even though he's not able to color neatly, but he puts some efforts to color it inside the line...

coloring papaya

Interested in singing (2 years 3 mos)

Richie is now interested in singing even though what he likes is limited to 4 songs.
If you happy you clap your hand, the wheel on the bus, twinkle little star and ABC song
And even though he hasn't able to sing the full song yet, but he puts effort to follow mommy when mommy sings it for him hehe...

Here's some videos of his

Thursday, January 5, 2012

toilet training start over again

After we went for almost 1 month in December, mommy need to start toilet training all over again.
Mommy put him on training pant again and must timing him every one and half hour to the toilet to pee..
Haiyahhh...but good thing is he knows when he accidentally pee he will start screaming...mama eek hehe..
anyway today is the second day and he can pee in the toilet...

Good job boy and way to go !

Richie starts talking non-stop

Long time never update about Richie's development 'cos we are so busy travelling hehe...
Anyway, Richie has been doing great last year and his talking also improves even though he hasn't able to make story yet. But he starts to talk non-stop and repeat again and again hehe...
Sometimes we find it so cute how he wants to express himself with his limited words.

And before going to sleep, he always asking everyone, opa jerry mana ? oma ani mana? opa bambang mana? oma tine mana? om nad mana? ik di mana ? papa mana ? mama mana ? hahaha 
everytime I reply him, he will ask  the same questions again and again 

Well, mommy just hope that this new year, he will become better boy and more improvement in his milestones.
Great job boy !

Welcoming year 2012

Welcoming year 2012 with dinner @ Angus House. We chatted about how we journey each year together.
It was nice restaurant and nice food too. Too bad, we only spent less than one hour there 'cos we got call from Richie's grandpa that they couldn't handle Richie in MBS haha

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good bye year 2011

As we said good bye to year 2011, mommy also would like to say thank you Lord for Your blessings to our family.
Thank you for taking care of our family, our health, our daily activities and even opportunity to see the world.
Year 2011 was travelling fiesta which we could see other cultures and people's life to make us feel more grateful and contented for what we already had.

When we traveled to Europe during winter, we could see that how precious the sun is for them. And we have it here abundantly.
When we traveled to Middle east, we could see how precious the rain is for them, and we have it here almost every day.
These are just small examples of what we learn to be contented for what we have now.

They are many other lesson learnt during our trips that we take it as life lessons
As we ended the journey of year 2011, we couldn't describe how fortunate we are

Thanks be to God

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Day : Mall of Emirates

To kill the last day, we spent 4 hours at Mall of Emirates. We wanted to go for ski but Richie was not allowed since he's below 3 years old.
So we just did window shopping.
Overall, Dubai and Abu Dhabi were advanced cities beyond our expectation. They were more advanced than Singapore in terms of technology and modern building construction and architecture.
We were glad to see the past, present and future of their cities.

Oh ya the people there are very warm but what I mean with the people here is not local people, it's foreigners who worked there. Btw, local people is just 10% from populations, the rest is foreigners which from India, Pakistan and Phillipine.
Well, we 'd love to come back again in year 2030 where the Saadiyat Island is completely built

Fourth Day : Adventures Tour (helicopter and desert safari)

This was the most exciting day when we had a chance to see Dubai from above and also "roller coaster" @ Sand Dune where our car was almost toppled...What a lifetime and unforgettable experience!

Third Day : Abu Dhabi city tour

We went to Abu Dhabi the next day and took 1 hour ++ journey by bus. Abu Dhabi city is much more smaller than Dubai even though Abu Dhabi district was the biggest among all emirates.
First stop was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, it's one of the biggest mosque at Middle East and can fit 40,000 pax. The architecture was the mixture of India, Turkey, Morroco and Arab Style.

The dome shape was adopted from India, the placing of domes was adopted from Turkey, the interior inside the dome was adopted from Morocco and four manarats was Arabic Style.
The ladies must cover their cloth with black robe and scarf. Husband and wife should not hold hand, hug or kiss.

After that, the next stop was Emirate Heritage Place and we passed by Sheikh Khalifa's palace too.
At Emirate Heritage Place we saw the past and present of Abu Dhabi.

The last stop was Saadiyat Island project, this island was under construction so we went to "show island" where the plan was. The island will be filled with luxurius villas, louvre museum, guggenheim museum, etc and it will be ready by 2030

Second Day : Dubai City Tour (on Christmas Day)

Our tour started at 1030 am and we had enough rest at night so we felt very fresh and excited to explore Dubai City. While waiting for our tour, we went to take snap at infinity pool @ our hotel. It's very nice overlooking dubai city though it's not as high as MBS

Then, we went to Dubai creek, dubai museum to see local fisherman house, gold and spice souk, taking water taxi to cross Dubai Creek, and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and Dubai Mall.

Christmas Holiday (24 - 29 Dec 2011) at Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We chose Dubai and Abu Dhabi for christmas holiday 'cos all of us haven't seen the cities and the weather was nice to visit them during winter.
We boarded at Changi on afternoon flight and took 7 hours. Richie was a sleep about 3 hours and spent the rest of hours with playing and eating.

We arrived there around 5pm and went straight to hotel for check in...The city was small, it took 20 minutes from airport to city center. We stayed at Millenium hotels, just open 1 week before our arrival
In the night, we had dinner @ Dhow cruise. The dinner started quite late and we all were very hungry, sleepy and tired so we didn't enjoy much on the cruise.