Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 2.5 years old

- toilet training has positive progress except "big business" and night time
- eating and drinking are very good
- speaking and spelling are progressing very well
- Weight : 14.5 kg
- social skills is developing positively and can play independently without mommy
- can play with other kids, and sharing skill is still progressing

Welldone Boy !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learning spelling and reading

Richie loves reading a book before afternoon nap. Usually he chooses the book by himself and asks mommy to read it for him.
This afternoon, he chooses Dibo's first words book and mommy asks him to spell the words

After that, he chooses another book which is lunchbox book and he pretends to eat and drink with the pop up book hehe

Sunflower Plate

Since Richie was a bit boring doing painting, so today's art and craft is cutting and pasting
At first he's excited to use scissors, but after he finds difficulty to hold and cut at the same time, he gives up haha.. so end up mommy did all the cutting and Richie helps do the pasting

The materials

learn cutting

learn pasting with glue

putting stickers

voila ! Sunflower

Bubble Wrap painting

This activity was inspired from Mr. Maker.
But too bad, Richie was so worry getting the hand dirty. He only stamped the sun and grass, the rest was made by mommy

the materials

Timmy Time

Sponge painting and abstract painting

Since we still have sponge left over, mommy made use of it for sponge painting.
And here it is

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sponge Cakes

This weekend, only mommy and Richie are around and initially mommy plans to bring Richie for swimming unfortunately mommy has  stomach cramp so changes plan.

After watching Mister Maker in CBeebies, mommy searches more info and find some simple art and craft for Richie, therefore today we made Sponge Cake

The materials are cheap and simple to make as well. Richie helps mommy painting some and glue the cakes.
And mommy is making the rest of it hehe...

The materials : Sponges, poster painting, craft glue, paper knife, tissue paper

Cut the sponge into triangle

Paint the edge of the sponge to create buttercream effect

Voila ! Strawberry sponge cake

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drinking milk by cup

This is very rare occasion when Richie asked to drink from the cup directly without spoon.
He managed to drink half of it about 120cc and the rest still spoonfed
But it's good attempt from him
Well done !

Pretend to be a big brother

When we went out during weekend at Vivocity, mommy brought Richie to Toys 'r us because daddy wanted to go shopping.
After he tried different toys, from riding bike, horse, cars, blocks, laptop. His eyes were looking at doll stroller. And he became so excited to play with new things. He pushed the doll stroller everywhere and mommy put the baby doll there too.
Since the store has so much accessories for the dolls, he got more excited

He pretended to bath the baby, feed the baby and walked the baby in stroller and sometimes he talked to the baby doll cute
Here's some pics and video. Hopefully when he has a little brother or little sister, he's ready to be a big brother

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Minute to win (29 months)

Mommy and Richie played playdough today and mommy asked Richie to clean up before having lunch
And instead of cleaning up, he built a tower from playdough containers haihhh...

Water play at IMM

Yesterday, mommy brought Richie to IMM for water play.
Even though he's so excited but he's more enthusiastic to play at Lot 1 CCK

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 30th Anniversary Opa Jerry and Oma Ani

Last Tuesday, we celebrated opa Jerry and Oma Ani wedding anniversary at Lawry's Prime Ribs
Richie ordered kid set menu : Mushroom soup, Hotdog and chips and strawberry ice cream
He managed to finish the mushroom soup and 3/4 portion of hotdog and chips and some spoonful ice cream.
The portion was huge for 12 years old kid though, he had such great appetite hehe...

For us, the meal was so so, I still prefered Angus Steak though. We came because we had voucher promotion 1 for 1 main course.

Anyway, Happy 30th Anniversary Opa and Oma

Let's get wet and wild (29 months)

Yesterday mommy brought Richie to Lot1 playground for some fun.
At first, he was reluctant to get wet when playing water but mommy encouraged him to get wet by shooting him with water gun. After that, he got wilder than mommy hahaha...
We had so much fun yesterday and will do it again soon