Friday, April 27, 2012

First time going to salloon (31 month)

Today, mommy brought Richie to saloon downstairs since mommy also wanted to cut the fringe
Richie sat on my lap and he could sit still while the hairdresser auntie cut his hair, it's pretty fast compare with mommy's haha...
And lastly she used the tools to cut the below and side ways.
It took about 10 minutes the whole cutting process and Richie could sit still until the end

In the end, he said Richie bisa hahaha...he applauded himself
Bravo Boy !



funny expression

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3D painting

This was very simple project only using tape and painting and imagination

Second lesson, third visit in Berries

Yesterday was a bit improvement. Even though he's still crying but not the whole lesson.
And he talked a little bit during homework, the laoshi said.
Well, good job boy !
Mommy believes that you can overcome your separation anxiety soon.
So far he's not scared to go to school yet and even looking forward. He just doesn't want to separate with mommy hehe...

Next week is public holiday, so it's home based learning and mommy will learn together with Richie

Good job Boy !

Rosy Frame

This project was inspired from Okto Channel Wizz my friend or something...
It used vegie for stamping

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First lesson, Second visit to Berry's enrichment class

Yesterday was Richie's second visit to Berry's Enrichment class for mandarin.
Huaaa...he's crying the whole lesson till he took a nap at one of laoshi's arm haha..
I guess he saw me that I left him there therefore he felt so insecure.
Mommy should leave him when he was playing, will do that for next week

At first, mommy was also heart broken seeing him crying for the longest period.
But, other mommies and laoshi told mommy that it's very normal and kid needs to learn to settle down as well as mommy needs to learn to let go.
Therefore mommy decided to go to west mall and picked him up again.

When he saw mommy, his crying stopped and hugged mommy hehehe....
In the car, Richie wanted to eat bread 'cos he's very tired crying haha...and he still can say that he wants to play with laoshi ...haiyahhhh

Well, mommy gave him 10 chances, if it still failed then mommy will withdraw him from the programme and started again next year...
Hopefully soon he can settle down and enjoy the class

oh boy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

" Swatch "

This is another art craft project that using papers. Simple and fast

Giant Easter Egg

Still in the easter mode, mommy and Richie made giant easter egg from cardboard and art papers
Richie's helping mommy cutting the art color paper for decorating the giant easter egg
Then, together we paste it to the giant easter egg

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reciting words

Since he likes to copy whatever mommy and daddy say, mommy make use of his new habit with reciting activity.
Whenever mommy reads a book for him, mommy asks him to recite mommy's words.
It's quite fun for mommy to hear his cute voice haha...

Then at night, mommy makes a habit for him to pray and greet us with I love you, kiss kiss and say good night.
And mommy will lead the simple prayer and he recites mommy's words. Mommy keeps the prayer sentences simple and always the same, so he can memorize it easily.

This is the video how he recites the words from story book

Cut cut cut .....(2.5 years old)

Richie is learning to use scissors for cutting the papers...
Mommy bought him kiddy scissors that just fit nicely with his fingers.
He's so excited learning new things every day especially this cutting skills. When mommy praised him, he's getting more excited haha and cut the paper until small

Meanwhile, mommy is making Hi-5 sign using his little hand
And here we go our creation

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today art and craft project is Airplane.
This is Richie's favorite transportation and mommy made it for him from tissue cardboard roll
Richie painted the cardboard roll with blue paint and put some stickers on the airplane for decoration.
Mommy did the rest

First ever going to enrichment class

Yesterday, Richie attended Mandarin Enrichment class trial for the first time at Berries.
So far so good, only 2 incidents when he opened the door by himself and run outside the class looking for mommy hahaha....
It happened one hour after the class began. Total lesson was 1.5 hours

Eventhough it's first time for him to attend the class with strangers, he's pretty enjoying it, he could follow the laoshi instruction and responded well when the laoshi asked him to recite the words

Mommy decided to enroll him in Mandarin class this year instead next year because mommy saw he had some interest in mandarin when he played mommy's iphone.
He can show mommy xiang jiao (banana), ping guo  (apple), ying tao (cherry), e li (avocado), han bao bao (burger), shou shi (sushi), mi fan (rice), bing qi ling (ice cream)

It's a bit too late to enroll N1 'cod the weekend class has been full as well as most of the weekday class, therefore mommy put him in night class Tue 7.30pm

The trial class was so far so good, the laoshi was nice too
Hopefully next week class, he can settle down better and enjoy the whole lesson

Good job boy !

Night Time Toilet Training (2.5 years)

For one week, mommy has trained him toilet training at night and so far successful rate was 100%
Richie can wake up by himself in the middle of the night and wake mommy up too to help him going to pee in the toilet. Mommy still put diapers on him, but it turns out dry every morning
there's nothing mommy can say than Very Well Done boy !

It all began when he was peeing in his diapers so much until it wet the bed few nights before.
And mommy will ask him to move to other room, therefore he finds it so troublesome hahaha...
To prevent spill over again, mommy didn't give him milk before sleep few nights after that and asked him to pee before going to sleep and pee in the toilet instead.
It worked well.

Then, mommy started to try giving him milk before sleep and asked him to pee before sleep and also in the toilet if he wanted to pee in the middle of the night and surprisingly he did it

Mommy will still put on diapers at night for about one month until his diapers really dry for one month then mommy will start taking off diapers at night.

Next one will be toilet training outside house when we go out

Well done Boy ! Mommy's so proud of you

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Mommy

Mommy's turning 30 yesterday on April 9, 2012. We had simple celebration at Ambush Restaurant
This time round mommy wanted to celebrate it simply with lil' family.
The best gift is having my lovely husband who always be there for me and also my cute lil boy who becomes my best buddy in a day to accompany me

I give thanks to God for His blessings and protection throughout my 20's with ups and downs
And here I am ready to begin new journey in my 30's
I let God to continue guide me to be humble, wise and faithful woman in any situations.

Thank you God !

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter cum Anniversary cum Early Birthday Celebration

On Sunday, we celebrated easter, civil marriage 4th anniversary and mommy's early birthday celebration at Bakerzin

Happy easter !

Last Saturday, we had easter luncheon together with daddy's best friends. We had great time catching up with each other at Ikkousha Ramen

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Terrific Two

This is just mommy's reflection after taking care Richie for 2.5 years
Mommy is now able to enjoy what is called the most rewarding occupation in this world

I remembered the first 3 months after Richie was born, it was the toughest time when mommy and daddy needed to adapt with new life and yet Richie hasn't able to respond with us
After that stage passed, we were in golden time with him. He's not fussy eater, he's able to socialize and smile and laugh all the time make our life so colorful.

Then, life started to turn upside down again after his first birthday. Because of his teething, mommy had difficult time feeding him. Sometimes it got to my nerve and lost my patience.
Besides, his exploring stage added our frustration to control him.

But still, mommy needed to discipline him, gave him a limit what should and shouldn't do.
Make positive habits like drinking milk after sleep and before night sleep, brushing teeth in the morning and night, playing by himself while mommy does the house chores etc.
It needed perseverance to make it become routine for him.

The bright side is, it's easy for mommy to discipline him since only two of us most of the time were at home.
He couldn't turn to other people if mommy scolded him and when his grandparents came, he will 80% behave like when only two of us were at home.
Of course sometimes he becomes spoilt when there are his grandparents but as long as it's not too much, mommy just closed one eye

Now, this is the day that mommy's waiting for
When he turned 2 years old, he's not so terrible like what others said terrible two begin
He becomes a helpful fellow with his curiosity to learn and learn
When mommy and daddy still sleep and he already woke up, he won't disturb us and play by himself while waiting for us to wake up
When mommy does the house chores, he knows what to do and entertains himself
He knows when to drink milk, brushes his teeth voluntarily
He eats very well and eats everything everywhere

Well, there are more positive things about him and mommy's very proud of him
Mommy and daddy love him more and more everyday with his strengths and weaknesses

Well done my boy !

Yellow Truck

Since Richie likes vehicles so much than others, today mommy and Richie creates a truck from boxes
Richie is now looking forward to do painting...and he's not scared to get dirty.
Such a positive improvement for him...
He paints the boxes of course with mommy's help. Mommy wants to show and teach him how to do something perfectly and seriously and not just anyhow making it.

Mommy helps him doing cutting and pasting and making the wheels.
He's so excited to see the final result and wants to bring the truck beside him for afternoon nap

Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Decker Bus

Another art and craft project for this week, Double Decker Bus
The inspiration is from Mr. Maker

Attending Young Married couple cell group

Since Richie is now 2.5 years old and well behaved, mommy and daddy decided to attend young married couple cell group with KTM.
At first, Richie was shy because he never meet other couples but after second visit, he's quite comfortable with the people there especially the other kids. He's the oldest among other kids.

Happy 82 years old Oma Cho

Last Sunday, 25 March 2012 we celebrated oma cho's 82th birthday at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, IMM.
The food was very good and Richie liked the fish maw soup and steamed fish most
Happy birthday oma cho, may God bless you with good health and long life