Monday, June 25, 2012

Sheepy Bank

After "holiday" from craft activity, here we are, we do a craft project today which is Sheepy Bank.
It's supposed to be like piggy bank, when mommy asked him whether he wants to make sheep or pig, he chooses to make sheep, too much watching shaun the sheep and timmy time hahaha

Going to Pasar Malam

Yesterday, mommy brought him to Pasar Malam. He's so excited to play balls games and also car ride.
And here he is in car ride, he chooses his own car, passes the ticket to uncle, riding his car and so excited

Climbing up the rope

He has so much energy to spend, therefore mommy teaches him how to climb the ropes at playground.
And here he is, his hands are so strong

" Pai pai shou"

Richie's singing " Pai Pai Shou " his favorite song in chinese class, not sure about the original and correct title haha

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pushing the limits

This two weeks Richie has been pushing the limits, our patience to be exact.
Whenever mommy told him not to do, he will do, if mommy asks him to do something, he won't do it.
It really drives mommy crazy. Mommy's not sure why he's behaving like that suddenly from being good boy.
Hopefully it's just phasing stage...

But so far he likes to go to class, the weekly chinese class, he's looking forward to meeting his laoshi.
The good feedback from laoshi, he's actively participating now, even when he's back home, he could sing the song, not sure its title though hehe...