Friday, July 27, 2012

What a wonderful 3 years journey of motherhood

Mommy writes this to express how wonderful 3 years journey of motherhood.
It's not kinda easy, it fulls of surprises every day.
It likes building your own home from the scratch and finally you can see the result eventhough it's still half way.
Motherhood journey fulls with ups and downs, frustrations, happiness, depression, laughter
But when I look back and see the big picture, I'm just grateful to experience this lifetime journey

I remember when Richie was born 3 years ago, he's so helpless, and very cranky on the first day we brought him home from hospital. We didn't know what to do, kinda frustration..
After that, I had less sleeping time, and needed to breastfeed him exclusively since he didn't want to use bottle
Fortunately, he's so easy with solid food.

After he passed his first year, it came another challenge, he's in exploring stage and teething period.
Those days were very tough, sometimes he ate a lot sometimes he went on strike
He touched here and there, didn't speak yet, he kinda frustrated when we didn't understand what he wanted and so did we
Futhermore, he was in building his immune stage, therefore almost every 2 or 3 months, he caught cold, running nose, cough...

When he reached 2 years old, things are getting easier.
By then he has already spoken, he knew how to ask and understand when we told him do and don't
He was getting weight faster since most of his teeth were up, so he ate a lot and had big appetite.
He was stronger and seldom got sick
He was a good boy whom we could talk to if he did something wrong
He was willingly to pee in the toilet in day and after that followed by night time. Mommy didn't force or really trained him every hour or so.

When he reach 2 and half years old ++, mommy enrolled him to chinese enrichment class.
He needed to overcome his separation anxiety, eventhough mommy realised it's too early for him to overcome separation anxiety. But after all, he passed.
He's enjoying his chinese class and could read some chinese characters well, sing chinese songs and spoke some vocabs in chinese.

And know 2 months shy from 3 years old, he wants to be independent.
He wants to do all things by himself and sometimes asks where is baby ? hahaha
Oh no, is he really ready for having another sibling ?

Mommy's so proud of him.
Mommy's efforts to nurture and groom him to be an outgoing boy with self confidence, logic and smart as well as generous are not wasted.
Mommy could see the result now eventhough it's still long way to go.
At least he listens to what mommy says and mommy becomes his confidante too.

Well, I never regret to become stay at home mom, eventhough I lost some incomes, I gain something that irreversible.
Richie's ready to go to school next year, and mommy's also ready to go back to work force.
Hopefully next year is great year for us to start our new journey

Second kid ??
Not yet, mommy's planning to go back to work first at least 2 years before going motherhood journey again.

For me, having a kid is not just ordering from catalogue, waiting for 9 months then subcontract it to other people.
Mommy prefers to nurture and groom him/her by myself so he/she has good character as for head start for his/her journey in this world

Well, mommy just wants to say thank you to God, Daddy and Richie for giving me this opportunity to become stay at home mommy and wife

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big boy = Independent boy ? (34 mos)

Mommy is surprised by Richie's behavior today, he wants to do everything by himself from brushing the teeth, showering, even having his lunch
He says to me "mama tunggu, Richie bisa " ( mommy pls wait, Richie can do it )
Mommy let him do it, but mommy will still help him brush the teeth and shower 'cos he's not able to clean it by himself.
And for feeding, he just does it few spoons then busy watching "Pingu" his favorite show and mommy will feed him and last 30mins hehe

At least, he shows some interests to do it all by himself, meaning he's ready to go to school and mommy's ready to go back to work force.

Well done boy !

Official Diaper free ?? (27 July 2012) 34 mos

This moment is waited by mommy when he's willingly doing "big business" in the toilet instead of in the diaper.
Yes, previously Richie is diaper free for "small business" like pee in the day and night and mommy also doesn't push him to poop in the toilet 'cos he will try to hold it as much as he can sigh....

This morning is unusual.
At first, he asks mommy to put diaper on 'cos he wants to poop
Then he wants to hold mommy's hand, so I told him can you please hold sofa instead, I'm still busy with cooking and kitchen...

Suddenly, he comes again and says that he wants to poop in the toilet
I ask him do you want to sit in the toilet bowl ? and he says yes...
So I use the toilet ring and put him sit on top of it. I never expect anything 'cos he may just want to distract me or being playful, as usual he ask for youtube about baby pooping in the toilet.

But since I'm in the middle of washing the dishes, I just ask him to wait until I'm finished.
Then I go back again to the toilet and he says I'm done ! The poop is there with big smile
When mommy look inside the toilet bowl, gotcha it's there

Mommy's so happy and says Good Job and he says to himself PINTAR (meaning smart) hahaha
So I told him next time if you want to poop, please use toilet ya, no more diaper.
Diaper is for baby, you are big boy already hehe and he's just smiling

Well done Boy !
Hopefully this will continue and mommy doesn't need to buy any diapers anymore

bedroom slippers

Richie's very own bedroom slippers from cardbox and paper

Pororo paper plate

Richie's favorite characters are pororo and crong crong, therefore mommy created pororo face from this paper plate

Sentosa Day Out

We went to Sentosa with our CG Elza, the main purpose is for maternity photoshoot of some moms in our CG but we also took advantage to snap some pictures during sunset with our camera.
It turned out great

Co-sleeping in his bedroom

Another improvement for Richie to sleep alone in his bedroom.
He's now willingly sleeping in his own bed but mommy must accompany him.
This is also blessing in disguise.
Richie was dry coughing for almost 2 weeks before our trip to Surabaya and we thought it's because of some kinds of virus or bacteria.The PD gave him antibiotic but the cough didn't stop immediately, it stopped after the third day he ate the antibiotics
So we thought that the antibiotics were not strong enough for him.

When we were in Surabaya, he was okay, no cough, running nose or any sickness
But when we came back to Singapore, the next night, he's starting to cough and running nose
Mommy gave him actified syrup and it didn't get any better especially at night
Therefore mommy asked him to move to his own room with fan only. And he could sleep peacefully without coughing, it went the same the next night.

We conclude that Richie was kinda allergic to some dusts that our aircon or our room may have.
From that moment, now when he's going to sleep at night, he will ask mommy to sleep in his own room and said to mommy " later Richie will be coughing again if sleep in papa's room" hehehe...such a good boy.

Now it's half way to train him to sleep alone, hopefully after we move to new house, he's willingly to sleep in his own room alone

Happy 4th Anniversary Mom and Dad


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to Nature, Summer Holiday 2012

This year summer holiday, we choose Surabaya, East Java as our destination. The main objective is family reunion but because of something, it becomes visiting relatives hehe..
Anyway, we enjoyed the holiday as refresher, especially Richie. He's free from any gadgets and meets nature face to face.
He experienced new things which he couldn't have it in Singapore.

He rode elephant, horses, he pet rabbit, dolphin, elephant and he played mommy's and daddy's childhood games at Pasar Malam
Food wise we didn't really enjoy cos a lot of spicy food there and we are not daring enough to try those street food so most of the time we eat home cooked.