Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Angry Bird Fanatics ??

Last week, we bought the cable car package from groupon, and Richie was so excited to ride Angry bird cable car complete with the mask, cupcake and the shirt

Learn to write (35 months)

Richie has interest in writing, therefore mommy bought him few activity books of prewriting
He seems enjoy it and looking forward this activity every day.
Mommy limits him to do it in half an hour only each day to make him not to loose interest and boring.
Mommy bought him stamps too (good, very good and excellent ) as rewards once he finishes the task
He's so happy and mommy's happy too seeing him eager to learn on his own pace and interest

Here some pictures and videos of him


Richie 1st Race at Baby Junior Race (26 Aug 2012)

35 months Richie joined the race for first time, mommy enrolled him just for having fun especially he likes to run and jump.
The participants are so overwhelmed, Richie just woke up from afternoon nap before the race and daddy shew him how to play.
It's a teamwork race, where daddy and Richie hold balls together in each hands and run side by side to the finishing line.

Surprisingly, a lot of parents took the race very seriously, they carried, bragged their kids hands just to finish the race and won a hamper.
Can't believe it, the race that supposed to be fun games becomes serious and so competitive...
No wonder, a lot of kids also stress out in education segment hehe...
Well from this little thing, we knew how kiasu singaporean born parents

Here, a video clip and pictures of daddy and Richie

Monday, August 13, 2012

happy 29th birthday Daddy

Beautiful Bali Island (6 - 11 Aug 2012)

This was second part of our summer holiday, we actually didn't really plan it but it happened because daddy was business trip and there's national day holiday in Singapore. Therefore we just impromptu decided and booked the tickets few days before our departure.

We used redeemed tickets from SQ and since it's last minute booking, we only put in the waiting list
And it was confirmed only 3 days before our departure for one way only, our return ticket was still on waiting list. The flight was fully booked until lebaran holiday.
At first we were a bit worry if we stranded in Bali but we just have faith that everything's gonna be okay especially we travel with SQ

Then the day comes, mommy and Richie flew with SQ to Bali while daddy flew with Silk Air to Lombok
Eventhough it's a bit delay 'cos there were a couple who almost missed the flight, luckily SQ was kind enough to turn back to the gate, it was smooth journey to Bali.

We met daddy again on Wednesday and spent the holiday like tourists, we went to the beautiful places with Richie, and he enjoyed so much during our trip to Bali
He liked the food, the scenery, the places.

Finally after calling SQ every day, we got the flight on Saturday morning, which was great so we spent more time in Bali and didn't waste the mileage tickets too.
After all, it's one of the best holidays this year, cos we got "free" tickets, free accomodation and enjoying the beauty of nature