Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mommies' playdates

After so long we didn't meet face to face with other mommies in playdate group. Yesterday, we finally met up....yyay...
We met up at Ikea Alexandra, 'cos it's child friendly shop and restaurant.
we had lunch together with kiddos, Richie finished almost the whole 15 meatballs...and left mommy with 3 meatballs..
Catching up with them by chating and gossiping about many things from our pregnant friends till about kiddos was very fun.

Then, Richie, Iggy and Alviss were left in Smaland for an hour while we were walking around the showroom. They were enjoying themselves too.
After we picked them up, we went down to buy ice cream and went back home

Here's some pictures of us

kiddos enjoying ice cream

Kiddos minus Iggy who's sleeping

Moms and kids taken by Richie

Monday, October 22, 2012

playing puzzle

Richie's playing alphabet puzzle in the form of sea horse, a birthday gift from tante Fanie

Richie's chinese skill progress

After attending chinese class for about 6 months plus.
Richie managed to recognize and read 56 chinese characters and sang 3 mandarin songs ( so far I've heard at home)

Here's the video

Swimming trial lesson with Aqua Duck

Last Sunday, mommy enrolled Richie to swimming trial lesson with Aqua Duck @ Turf City.
It's free trial and Richie was so excited and looking forward for the lesson.

On Sunday afternoon, it's heavy rain so mommy though it may be canceled but alas around 2.30pm the rain stopped and it's just nice. The weather was not so hot and cooling.
The pool was heated pool so it's not cool and just nice

Richie was so excited to swim and couldn't wait.
Daddy accompanied him to swim with other 3 girls and their parents too.

Richie was very brave, eventhough he drank some waters, he didn't give up and wanted to do the tasks like bubbling in the water or submerge the face into water.
He had so much fun and enjoyed the lesson. The coach was apparently Indonesian chinese guy too. He's pretty patience with the kids and can live up the situation with songs and toys.

Richie didn't want to get off from the pool after the 30mins lesson ended and he looked forward for the next lesson. Here some videos that mommy took during the lessons

Richie "the mouse" with big grin before class

when the class just started, listen to the coach

After class, he didn't want to get out from the pool

Friday, October 19, 2012

coloring and tangram

Mommy bought this magic color book from bookshop, it's pretty cheap around S$3.90
It's mess and fuss free coloring book, only need to use brush and water and the color will appear

And since Richie likes to create something, mommy gives him tangram where he can makes everything he likes using this tangram

creating robot

Activities while mommy's doing household chores

Richie is big boy ! this is what he likes to say when he can play on his own, cleans up his toys and creates something using mega blocks

While mommy's doing household chores and cooking meals, he plays on his own.
Starting a day with excercising using WII sport, after he's bored he then plays mega blocks.
He likes to create transportation like train, airplane, digger. Sometimes he creates house, tunnel, high tower which I don't see similarity though but I'm proud of him, 'cos he's full of imagination, sometimes he talks to himself like creating story

After that, he will show me his creation hehe of course I says good job !

After I'm done with my chores, I'll ask Richie to clean up his toys, he does it voluntarily too, sometimes before I ask him, he already cleaned up.  When I says to him, well done ! he will praise himself " Richie's big boy ", like Pingu ( Pingu is the show in youtube staring penguin with all acts and one of the episodes is Pingu cleans up the toys too ) hehe

He's such a big boy and becoming more responsible on his own property !
Mommy's so proud of you !

he said it's digger

Richie building twin towers

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cutting hair at EC house

Richie's hair has been growing very well until it's thick and difficult to comb. So yesterday when we went to Clementi mall, mommy saw EC house has kid's cutting hair service with toy ride and barney movie.
Mommy asked him whether he wants to ride a car, and he says yes
So here he is

Richie the sailor man

This is the beginning journey of 3 years old boy...
who eagers to be independent boy, likes to copy what adults do and say and doesn't want to be treated like baby