Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 e-card

Xmas Day and Xmas Party (25 December 2013)

This year as usual Richie has eaten 24 Advent days chocolate deligently everyday from December 1 - December 24.
Then on December 24, he and daddy prepared a cup of milk, cookie and grass for santa and reindeer. He wished for ice cream make this year.
On December 25 morning, he's so excited and first to to wake up in the morning to find that there're presents under the tree.
He woke mommy up and couldn't wait to open his presents and ta da...he got his wishes ice cream maker, and he had mini tayo buses as well as minion school bag

In the afternoon, we went to xmas party with CG elza at aunty Gita's home. It was fun and we enjoyed celebrating together with other family and kiddos

In the evening, we had xmas dinner at Ambush, our favorite restaurant

Let it Snow let it snow at Tanglin Mall (20 December 2013)

Meet and Greet Minion at Suntec (19 December 2013)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Xmas holiday at USS (17 December 2013)

Mommy bought the tickets from neighbour which is only S$37/adult ticket which like one for one and Richie is free.
We arrived around 10am and it's not so crowded and almost no queue for most attractions.
Richie and papa went to lost world and took some rides. We enjoyed much here and took most of the rides that Richie can take
We stayed there till 7.30pm
It's worth to buy and visit

Xmas and school holiday activity at River safari (16 December 2013)

This is the first time we visited River Safari, unfortunately Richie didn't like so much cos most of animals are fishes

Merry Christmas e-card from Davinchison 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 e-card from Rich-Son

This year, Richie wears Elf Costume and Tromson wears Snowman costume

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Survival week without papa ( 1 - 6 December 2013)

On Sunday evening, papa flew off to Korea for business trip and there you go, three of us are confined at home.
It was the first time Richie co-sleep again with mommy and Tromson in the master bedroom.
First night was not so smooth, Richie kept waking up while his lil brother asked for milk.
Second night was better, all of us can sleep well
Hopefully we can survive till Friday and of course having fun together haha...

Laugh and Love Brotherhood

Richie has been doing a great job as big brother.
He's so protective and sometimes over protective to his lil brother.
He loves him so much I guess, even when he accidentally hurt his brother, he will feel very bad to himself, therefore mommy seldom scold him cos he knows his mistakes already. Mommy just need to remind him repeatedly
Love them both to the max ! and well done Richie !

Xmas at home

Yesterday, we assembled xmas tree and Richie helped mommy to decorate with ornaments and presents under the tree
Here's some pictures

Xmas at Changi airport