Monday, January 14, 2013

Recent Photo passport 3yrs 3mos

The school ask for recent photo passport for Birthday chart
Mommy brought Richie to the nearby studio shop and he without fail smiles widely in front of the camera

Friday, January 4, 2013

3rd day of school (4 Jan 2013)

On the third day, mommy didn't accompany him anymore to school. I already told him that he goes to school alone with school bus and I'll wait for him downstair.
Don't cry, cos big boy never cry and eat your bread in the bus cos the bus picked him up quite early

As usual, he's so excited in the morning and woke up with fresh spirit.
Mommy gave him UHT milk and bread in the lunch box.
At 7.15, the school bus came and I told aunty to help him with the bread.

Around 1.10pm mommy and daddy waited for him downstairs and he fell a sleep in aunty's arm hahaha....I guess he's so tired
When I asked aunty whether he's crying, aunty said not crying...

He then woke up and when I asked whether he wanted to eat or sleep, he chose to eat as usual..

He then told me that there are kids who's still crying in the class, and the school gave him yakult and bread today...

Not bad, he can tell me what's happening in school today.

Well done my boy !

2nd day of school (3 Jan 2013)

On second day, mommy decided to accompany Richie to school 'cos mommy needed to pick him up also since the school bus didn't provide the return way for the second day.
Mommy wanted to see Richie's responds and how the teacher dealt with him therefore mommy just waited outside and observed him.

At first he was crying when he couldn't see mommy and the teacher and sister Joane tried to calm him down.
But I knew my boy, he had so much excuses and tricks so he told sister he wanted to go to toilet 'cos the toilet was outside the hall and looked for me.
At first, I was surprised how come sister Joane let him go outside then sister Joane whispered to me that he wanted to go to I hide behind the wall...

When the morning singing and dancing began, he's still crying...but this time round was not as bad as chinese class.
Then coming to 9 am, they lined up to go to dining room for having breakfast together.
I saw that he's not crying anymore and during meal time, he was okay and could finish the bread and drink.

After the meal was singing and dancing session, he's so happy and enjoying himself
Then he could follow the teacher afterwards.

So far so good, when I picked him up and asked him do you like school ? he still said yes with big smile

OH my boy proud of you

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Richie first day of school (020113)

He's so excited to go to school today.
He slept early around 10pm last night and mommy already told him to wake up early.
Around 6.40 am, mommy woke him up, at first he slept so soundly and didn't want to wake up but when daddy's alarm buzzing he's a bit awake and told him that school bus's waiting downstairs.

He suddenly woke up and couldn't wait to go down hehehe...
After brushing teeth and drinking milk, mommy and him went down and the bus was there
It's long journey around 1 hour to arrive at school cos we needed to pick up some kids around toh yi area.

We reached school around 8.10 and were welcomed by the teachers there.
Richie enjoyed the school, he danced and followed the teachers.

But the minus point was sometimes he ignored the teachers cos he didn't really understand what the teachers talking about sigh...He prefered calming down his crying friend or observed his angmoh friend and the classroom hehehe...

Well, hopefully he picks up the english soon.


Last day of the year 2012

We celebrated the last day of the year at Sentosa
We rode Cable car in the afternoon, since it's raining almost the whole day, we just went there for a while and take a picture with parrots hehehe...
Richie loves animals and he's not afraid carrying the parrot

Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013

Christmas day celebration (251212)

This year we celebrated Christmas at our home sweet home, we invited our family and relative and had gift exchange as well as pizza feast


The night before Christmas

We told the tales of Christmas and Santa Claus to Richie, we told them that he should eat 24 chocolates everyday before Christmas
And on the Christmas eve, we helped him prepare a cup of milk, biscuits and grass for Santa and his reindeer.
The next morning, he checked up the empty bowl and cup and found the presents instead.
He's so happy and at least he believed in Santa for now hehehe...