Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year Holiday in lembang (09-12-Feb 2013)

This year we spent Chinese New Year in Lembang, 'cos we want  to have short holiday as well.
Richie has so much fun, he rode a horse, feed so many pets, picked strawberry and many more

Friday, February 8, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Family outing to Jurong Bird Park (020213)

Mommy bought JBP tickets at discounted price from Groupon since Richie loves animals and birds
We visited JBP last Saturday and spent half day there with lots of fun

Chinese lesson for N2

The chinese lesson is getting harder for N2 class, he's required to be able to read short sentence and write basic strokes...oh no...
Thanks God there's apps in iphone to help mommy to translate in hanyu pinyin
This is the video how he reads short sentence in chinese

Social skills developed (3 yrs ++ )

I have read some articles as well as attended seminar about parenting that social skills are developed naturally when kid's age around 3 years old. Of course if parents want to push the kid to have social skill faster it could be done, by sending them in school earlier but so what ???

So I let him grow and develop the skill naturally and it's beautiful to see the nature takes course
When I or his daddy bring him to playground, he will prefer to play with other kids, and like in this occasion when he brought his bike into playground, he made friend with older kids and in response the older kid help him to learn bike. And for few minutes only, he could ride bike on his own..The power of peer learning !

New hair cut