Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventure to Legoland 13 April 2013

It was hot sunny day but it didn't dampen our spirit to enjoy the Legoland. We didn't manage to try all sections though

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Last Swimming lesson (31-3-13)

Last Sunday was last swimming lesson for Richie, eventhough he's very keen to swim but he didn't have much improvement yet and besides he's now building his immune system therefore we often skip the lessons because of his sickness.

We will enroll him again once he hit 4 yrs old, perhaps he's most ready and learn pretty fast

Role play as chef

In school, he has chinese lesson about being little chef and he made handmade chef hat.
Therefore mommy bought him this fruit wooden toys to play with

Sibling arrival syndrome

Past few weeks, Richie has sibling arrival syndrome. He refused to go to school or tuition alone and always looked for mommy.
In school bus or in class he will cry with no reason looking for mommy.
At home, he will look for our attention by throwing tantrum or do something to annoy us...haizzz

Until during mid semester holiday, mommy brought him to Semarang for one week holiday.
There, he had enough attention from oma, opa and aunty so his mood has been very good
Then, when we went back to Singapore, he has some improvement in his mood.

He's cheerful and happy again during school and tuition...Praise God.

Hopefully he's stay cheerful and happy always even his didi arrives in August, otherwise mommy will get headache....:S