Monday, May 27, 2013

Scribble his own name (3 years 8 mos)

This caught my surprise that he could scribble his own name, my name and daddy's name
I never taught him to write after he's going to school but he indeed loves the school and has some improvements

Richie loves his didi

So far this what I could say that Richie loves his didi, everytime he comes back from school he can't wait to kiss and hug my tummy while we are waiting in the lift hehe...
And during afternoon nap time, he will say I want to hug baby before he sleeps. Also at night, while I'm relaxing in my bed, he will come to me, open my pijama and want to play with baby.

He will hug and kiss my tummy again before sleeping...ahh so sweet...
I wonder whether he will continue like that after his didi is born. Hopefully there's no jealousy or sibling rivalry between them.
Every day I pray that Richie becomes a loving gege who always loves and protects his didi.

Love them both !

One Fine Sunday at Garden By The Bay (26 May 2013)

We decided to go to Garden by the Bay yesterday to have some fresh air as well as take nice pictures of the supertree and the landscape.

Richie was super excited, he brought his bike and rode there but unfortunately it's getting warm around 10am he gave up hahaha...we may go there in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. It must be nice.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teachers - Parents meeting

Yesterday, mommy and daddy attended teacher-parents meeting to know Richie's progress report in school.
So far so good, eventhough he's not the first in class who knows everything but there's a big lapse improvement.

- His english improves a lot, he picks up very fast and speaks at home or school with english
- He now can tell story to the teacher about what happens or his experiences at home
- He can scribble his own name
- He can do simple counting not only the numbers
- He has improvement in coloring
- His motorik develops well
- His chinese improves eventhough he still couldn't speak yet, but he can follow the instructions in chinese, read the chinese book story and sing and dance in chinese nursery songs

After all, he's improving and developing well for 4 years milestone and mommy and daddy so proud of you

Welldone Boy !

Visiting Navy Open House (17 May 2013)

Last Saturday, there's Navy Open house every 3 years and since we have no plan for weekend, we decided to come and have a look while mommy still can walk around
We arrived at Singapore Expo around 10am and it's a long queue stretching from Hall 3 - 6, we decided to join the queue for almost 1.5 hour and we reached the changi Naval Base around 11.30am

Luckily, the weather was nice, it's cloudy and windy so once we reached there we quickly looked for place to eat to avoid the crowds and we had lunch at the outdoor grandstand while looking at the warships in the berth.
After that, we joined the queue to go inside one of the warships and it took another 1 hour for the queue.
Richie was so excited to be able to board inside the warship, up and down the stairs, exploring the controller room and the cabins.

We wanted to take the sea cruise ride but unfortunately it's balloting so we couldn't get a chance.
anyway, before we headed home, we took a chance to take a picture with seahawk helicopter, one of Richie's favorite too.
We went back home around 2.30pm and Richie was fast a sleep in the shuttle bus until we reached home

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tulip Mania @ Garden By the Bay

We went to Garden by the Bay for the first time last monday, cos they have tulip exhibition and thought mommy also wants to have a fresh air while mommy can.
We visited the flower dome in the evening, it's not so good to take picture during night time especially with handphone only, nonetheless we enjoyed it
Then we had dinner at Supertree dining Hill Street coffeeshop, surprisingly the local food are nice there with reasonable price tag

Happy Mother's Day 2013

This is the first time Richie created something for mommy and gave mommy a priceless gift for Mother's day
Handmade flower