Friday, June 7, 2013

School Holiday Season - Exploring the City (7 June 2013)

Mommy brought him to the City, it's where a lot of role plays suitable for young kids. They can be a shopper, cashier, nurse, doctor, teacher, chef, policeman, driver, fireman or just simply playing blocks and lego.
The price is a reasonable for whole day playing but must bring own socks otherwise they will charge S$5 each pair

Richie enjoys playing there especially the supermarket section

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School holiday season - Experience Angry Bird 2 June 2013

School holiday has started and there's Angry Bird events in Marina Square, so last Sunday we were there to see.
Richie seemed excited, he wanted to buy the angry bird games toys but turned out it's expensive and mommy knew that he will only play it once or twice then get bored.
Instead of buying the toys, mommy bought baby gift set "Angry Bird Theme" for his lil brother and got chance to play the angry bird games.

Here's some pics and video