Monday, July 22, 2013

Chinese Garden Saturday outing (20 July 2013)

We brought Richie to Chinese Garden last Saturday while papa sent the car to workshop for servicing.
It may be the last time three of us go to garden before another baby is coming out soon.
We visited Turtle museum, and he enjoyed feeding the turtles and fishes. Then he and papa also played football and airplane toys.
We had so much fun there....

Monday, July 1, 2013

Why, How, Who, Where, Whom, What ??

Those are the questions he always ask either at home or outside or in the car.
And we need to asnwer that questions until he's satisfied and said OoOo...
Otherwise he will bombard us with those questions and sometimes he repeats again to know whether we sincerely give him the answer hahaha...
I guess it's part of brain development to start analyzing and critizesing what's going on around him

School Holiday Season - Adventure Cove (27 June 2013)

4 days before school starts and the haze not so bad, we brought Richie to Adventure Cove at Sentosa
It opens from 10am and we arrived there around 11am, so it's just nice.
Richie and papa played Adventure River and sliding since other attractions have height limit.
We spent there around 2 hours until about 1pm then we went for lunch at Din Tai Fung.

Richie enjoyed so much especially the slide, we may come again but not so soon