Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrating Daddy's Big 30 Birthday

Daddy's 30th birthday is very special. We celebrated it in the hospital with oma Ani, opa Jerry, oma Happy and opa Chwan.
Richie was so happy with a lot of people around.
Here's some picture of Daddy's birthday celebration

Back at home....

So far so good back at home, he seems not jealous yet with his lil' brother eventhough mommy spends most of the time attending his lil' brother.
Sometimes, when his brother's crying, he's more panicking than mommy haha...

He will call mommy and tell mommy that Tromson's crying.
He likes to touch Tromson and kiss him especially in the morning

Love both of them much

Richie welcomes Baby Tromson (Aug 3rd, 2013)

Richie was so excited to see baby Tromson, thefore on the day Tromson was born, he visited with oma and opa.
He's so happy to see his little brother and he exchanged gift with his lil brother.

He also kissed his baby brother and loved him so much.
Hopefully both of them grow together in brotherhood love and protect each other