Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunset Outing (29 Sep 2013)

Richie has new scooter, a birthday present from Opa Jerry
So we wanna try it at the park and this time round we went during sunset after attending sunset mass on Sunday

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Concert Practice at school

Last Monday when mommy and daddy came to school for Richie's bday celebration, mommy and daddy also peek at Richie's concert practice.
It's cute to see those little children practicing sing and dance for the concert. But they are very good.
They can memorize the song and dance which I believe they already practiced for few months

Here's some videos of it


Day 1 becomes supermom of two

There's a quote that mommy's jobscopes are
chef, teacher, maid, plumber, nanny, driver, nurse etc and it's true
Yesterday mommy was alone for the first time during the day without any helps to take care Tromson and Richie
Mommy woke up at 7am and prepared Richie to go to school. After Richie has gone, mommy took care of Tromson while doing that, mommy also cooked, made juice, cleaned the house, mop the floor, cleaned the toilet, ironed the laundry
Mommy liked robot, every minutes are precious especially when Tromson was asleep
But in the end mommy was satisfied with all the achievements until Richie came back from school, had lunch with him and finally put Tromson and Richie to sleep

And mommy had 45 minutes rest and had tea break
It's tough and tiring but that's the magic of mother. We could do multitasking and finished everything in a day and we could survive with 5 hours sleep or perhaps less than that every day

Monday, September 23, 2013

Richmond is turning 4 (23 Sep 2013)

Today is Richmond's special day which is his Birthday
It's just like yesterday, when mommy struggled for breastfeeding, sleepless night, had on and off solid feeding, disciplining him and made routine for him.
And there's a time during terrible two and time when mommy cried because of tiredness

Now, the questions WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW are always popped up almost every minutes. It never stops until he satisfied with the answers given.
He's more understanding and more curious, he learns more by asking questions which sometimes adult don't know how to answer anymore haha...

Anyway, after four years journey mommy and daddy are satisfied with the achievement in Richie's development milestones and we are proud of him !

Happy Birthday my Boy and hope you'll grow more wisely, smart, healthy and be a good boy !
Love you

We are celebrating his birthday in school and he's so excited
Here's some pictures and videos taken

Celebrating opa's 60th birthday (22 September 2013)

Opa's turning 60 on the day before Richie's birthday which is September 22nd.
We celebrated simply at Melting Pot, Holiday Inn Atrium
The birthday cake was special cos it's made from different small dessert cakes, hopefully it reflected the 60 years journey of life which is colorful
And wish opa a good health, long life and prosperity
GBU opa

Monday, September 16, 2013

Attending Various Birthday Parties

Now Richie has a lot of invitation for Birthday Parties and of course he enjoys the parties
Here's some pictures of the bday parties that we were invited

Aidan 1st Bday Party (5 April 2013)
Greg 1st Bday Party (3 July 2013)
Yoh 1st Bday Party (16 June 2013)

Matthew 1st bday party (13 July 2013)

Calista 1st Bday Party (9 Sep 2013)
Sam 1st Bday Party (7 Sep 2013)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Amaze mommy and daddy with his airplane creation

Almost 4 years old Richie amaze mommy and daddy with his airplane drawing creation.
His addiction with airplane stimulates his imagination to draw, cut and create this airplane
In addition to that, he has a story to tell in each creation.

Besides, there's a video how he has a story about his airplane lego

Richie's school holiday - Midterm Break (5 - 15 September 2013)

Richie has school break for 10 days and since we just have an additional member in our family, we just stay in Singapore during school break.
Mommy and daddy brought Richie to Botanical Garden during weekend.
To make up time loss with Richie since his little brother was born, mommy had 2 hours date with him.
Last Wednesday, mommy brought him to IMM and enjoyed McD Ice Cream Sundae together.
Then today, mommy brought him to JEM accompanying mommy shopping to buy pants at Uniqlo then bought him a cake
Then on Saturday, we went to Bukit Batok Nature Park

Well, it's such precious moment having quality time together after sometimes

Dating at IMM

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Colorful Life (Art pieces in school)

Mommy notices that Richie likes to color various color in his art pieces.
Usually kids only choose one or two color for one object, but Richie choose rainbow color for one object.
Such a cheerful art piece

Monday, September 2, 2013

Richie sings English and Chinese Songs

Almost 4 years old Richmond sings English and chinese songs learnt from School
So proud of you boy!