Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playtime after lunch

After he comes back from school, he always asks and looks for Tromson and after he finishes lunch, Tromson also just wokes up, I guess both of them know each other better
And here's some pictures and video how they play and entertain each other

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wondering around the city (15 Oct 2013)

Last Tuesday was public holiday, since oma and opa were here, we decided to go to Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed Singapore River Cruise.
We stopped at Merlion for awhile and took picture with it.
It's one of famous tourist landmarks in Singapore like Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.
We enjoyed it so much as so Richie

He brought his scooter around

We spent almost the whole day in Marina and surrounding
Here's some pictures we took

My breastfed boy

Richie used to drink mommy's breastmilk till 14 months old. After weaning off, mommy has difficult times feeding him milk till now.
Recently, after encouraged by other mommies, mommy let him try excess breastmilk after feeding his lil brother. Voila, he loves it and asks for more mommy is happy to pump more for Richie

Playdate with Tromson day and night

Richie loves Tromson and likes to entertain him,here's some lovely pictures of them



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Co Sleep Weaning Start in progress (4 years 2 weeks old)

Blessing in disguise I would say, after Richie's ill, mommy asks him to sleep on his own bedroom during the day. Usually he sleeps at mommy's bed with tromson for afternoon nap to make it easier for mommy watch over both.

Then, two days ago, he agreed and mommy told him, mommy will accompany him to sleep but once he sleeps, mommy will attend Tromson. Don't cry looking for mommy when you wake up, cos you're big boy already.
And it works..

Yesterday, feel that he's big boy, he told mommy that he want to sleep by himself and not to be accompanied.
Well, at first, he's difficult to sleep, may be he still has a lot of energy, until mommy "force" him to sleep cos he will have Chinese tuition at night.
Then, he slept by himself and woke up without crying...of course mommy praised him

Hopefully after he recovered, mommy can train him for night time as well.
So far, daddy still accompanies him during night time cos he's still coughing and afraid that he throws up at night.

Good Job ! and keep it up !

Monday, October 7, 2013

Playing new scooter

Richie has been an expert using his new scooter.
Mommy, Richie and Tromson played in the playground in the afternoon and while mommy pushes Tromson's stroller, Richie plays with his new scooter

Two fall ill

As usual Richie catches cold from school again and this time round he spreads the virus to the whole family.
At first, daddy and mommy catch the cold then Tromson also almost catch the cold.
Mommy tries to separate Richie from Tromson but sometimes it's just impossible to watch over both of them 24/7
Richie sleeps on his own room day and night but sometimes they play together

Well, he's now in bad coughing stage hopefully he recovers soon
Get well soon dear!

In the meantime, these are some pictures Richie plays a doctor and Tromson as a patient while both of them down with cold

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Concert Practice at home

These are some videos of Richie practicing songs for the concert at home

Concert and Graduation 2013

Yesterday, Richie attended Concert and Graduation at school. He sang and performed dancing during the concert.
He has been practicing very hard every day and night at school and at home
Here's some videos and pictures

Happy children's day

Richie has party at school which is Children's Day last Wednesday.
He's so excited and brought some presents given by his teachers which are stationery sets