Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soccer Preview with coach Leo

Last Sunday, as part of school holiday, we enrolled Richie to soccer preview event with Coach Leo.
He enjoyed it so much and looking forward to play soccer again.
Here's some pictures and videos

warm up

exercise put the plates on cone
play with cone
head bouncing


group pic

listen to the instruction


parents and kids bonding time


Xmas at orchard central

Last weekend we went to Orchard Central, cos one of their xmas deco reminds us of Stockholm, therefore we would like to take a look.
Here's some pictures

Friday, November 22, 2013

Learn shading and blending

This is another xmas which is making Merry Xmas letters
Mommy teaches him to do shading and blending color as well. At first, mommy gives an example of letter M with red orange yellow blending.
Then another three letters, E R R, mommy guides him and he colors everything by himself.

And the rest of letters, Y X M A S, he chooses his own shading.
Btw, Richie cuts all the letters too, and mommy just help to hang in with wooden peg and string into our window grill

Good Job Richie !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Xmas is coming to town : First xmas deco at star vista

Yeay,..Xmas is coming to town and soon then expected
We managed to snap the first xmas deco at Star Vista Buonavista

xmas winter project 2013

this the whole xmas project in one place.
The tray I use shoe box lid and cover it with lots of cotton balls as snow effect.
The igloo, I'm using disposable bowl and draw the bricks on it
And we put everything we make within one place and will put it under the big xmas tree

xmas tree

The fourth project is xmas tree. The result is actually different from the original plan but still it's xmas tree hehe....
The materials :
- foam paper
- cute stickers
- glue
Mommy drew the triangle pattern and Richie cut it as well as paste it one unto another. Then he pasted the stickers as the decoration

Santa head ornament

The third xmas project is Santa Head ornament
Again, the materials used are very simple, affordable
The materials :
- disposable plate
- cotton balls
- string
- glue
- stickers
- foam paper
Richie did paste the cotton balls to the plates, as well as cutting the hat pattern drawn by mommy.
Then he paste the stickers for eyes
It turns out cute ornament


The second xmas project is making pingu, pingu is one of his favourite show in youtube.
Mommy used simple, affordable and recycled materials
The materials :
- used scotts vitamin bottle
- foam paper
- stickers
- paint
Richie painted the bottle with black color, and pasted the stickers for eyes.
Mommy helped him making the yellow feet and beak as well as the wings and ta da...he loves it

Snowman project

This is the first xmas project for Richie, the materials are simple, affordable and environment friendly.
The materials :
- used yakult bottle
- bottle cap
- foam paper
- stickers
- cotton balls
- paint
Richie did the painting of the yakult bottle and the cap as well as paste the stickers for eyes and buttons. He also decorate the scarf with marker pen.
Mommy helped him to create the pattern of hat extension, and paste it to the hat

Christmas cum school holiday 2013

This year, Richie has long school holiday which is almost 2 months, and since we have no plan to go overseas and grandparents haven't had any plan to come over yet, mommy needs to crack the brain to occupy Richie's daily activities. And here are some plans

Art and Craft Activity : Christmas ornaments
Short Basic Music lesson : about instruments, tempo, rhythm and simple do re mi
Cooking and Baking : Fruit kebabs and cupcake

After papa takes leave mid December, then Richie will have more outdoor activities

Happy holiday Richie !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Minions Fever

Richmond and Tromson with the first same t-shirt, given by Oma tine, they look so cute

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Preview of New School at Maris Stella Kindergarden

Next year, Richie will go to new school, Maris Stella Kindergarden and he will be at K1
Last Saturday, mommy and Richie went to Maris Stella for orientation and registration.
It's catholic school as well and located at Holland Road.

It has outdoor playground and the classes are without air con
Hopefully Richie can adapt soon with new school

Here's some pictures of his new school

Stage for school performance

outdoor playground

K1 classes

another K1 classroom