Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas !!
May peace, joy, hope, faith be with us always especially for this jolly season as well as the upcoming year

Xmas Celebration 2014

This year, we celebrate Xmas with our big family.
Opa Jerry, Oma Ani, Oma Co, Om Evan, Om Reynard, Tante Irene and Iik Intan and of course our little family.

We had photo session and everybody had gifts from Santa Mommy
Then we had lunch together at Thai Express before heading to St Bernadette Church for Xmas Mass

Xmas Tradition for Richie

This year, we still have xmas tradition especially for Richie.
He will eat one sweet everyday from 1 - 24 December. Then, on xmas eve, Richie will prepare grass for reindeers, cookies and milk for Santa and write his wish list and insert inside the socks

Then the next day, he will find the presents that he wrote on the list






Playdate at Kidstop (23 Dec 2014)

2 days before xmas, we had playdate with our CG mates and we visited Kidstop.
There, Richie played together with Kaitlyn, Max, Sam, Aileen, Raf and Jah the twin
And they had so much fun together there

Well, there's not so much picture though

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pororo Show @ Marina SQ (13 Dec 2014)

It was unplanned activity over the weekend. We wanted to have lunch kolo mee only but after lunch, Tromson was fall a sleep and while waiting for his nap. They have pororo show so we joined in and Richie enjoyed it very much


Friday, December 12, 2014

Selfie with mom and Trom

Weekly Family Praise and Worship

We always have this custom every Sunday, praise and worship as a family.
And this is one of precious moments when everybody is singing and dancing while papa playing the guitar. This time round, Richie also wants to play guitar and sing. And here's some of pictures and videos


Old Fashioned Way Greeting card

Mommy printed this old fashioned way of greeting card with the picture of Richie, Tromson and us.
Mommy got it S$20 for 20 cards and distributed them to Richie's and mommy daddy's  close friends
Sometimes old fashioned way is more personalized

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jingle bells short performance

Richie was very excited playing this jingle bells score on keyboard
He knows the lyric and now he can play it too.
It takes a day for him to practice this song

Well done boy !

Snowman Centerpiece (Year end school holiday 2014)

Yesterday was rainy day so we stayed at home and making this snowman centrepiece from recycled materials

Materials :
Used yoghurt tubs
bottle lids

Monday, December 1, 2014

Desaru holiday (29 - 30 Nov 2014)

This is our first road trip to Malaysia.
We went to Desaru, it's a kampong resort at Johor Bahru, papa drove the car for around 1 hour excluding the custom immigration queue.
We departed from home around 8.30am and arrived at custom around 9am. The queue was super long, luckily there's uncle Alex who's been queue and he helped us to cut the queue.

We arrived at uncle Mario's house around 10am and had quick lunch at coffee shop at JB before going to Desaru.
Once we arrived there, we checked in and went to fruit farm.
It's supposed take us around 10mins only from our resort but alas we got lost and took us around 1 hour.
When we get there, it's so cloudy and starting drizzling. Just we have bought the entrance ticket it was heavy pour. So we just managed to go around with the truck and enjoyed the fruits from the farm.

In the afternoon, we played at waterpark inside the resort for awhile before heading for dinner at Bujang Firefly restaurant. We could join firefly excursion as well there and Richie and papa joined them after dinner

The next day we went to the beach in the morning after breakfast. Once we checked out, we headed to ostrich farm where we could ride the ostrich, feed them and even tasted the ostrich meat

After lunch, we went back to Singapore and had beautiful memory in our mind