Saturday, February 22, 2014

Independent preschooler

Richie has now grown up to be an independent pre-schooler.
He wants to take a shower by himself, wearing uniform, eating all by himself.
Very proud of him

Monday, February 17, 2014

I can read robins part 3a

Richie has reached to stage 3 for robins book series
Well done boy !

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

On Friday, when Richie went back from school, he made valentine card for mommy and daddy and brought 3 cookies and sweets. He ate the cookies and sweets hehe...

Then, on Sunday, we celebrated valentine's day as family at Ippudo Ramen, Westgate and had sweet treat of Rosa Gelato

Swimming lesson 1 (15 Feb 2014)

Richie learns swimming again after 9 months break.
This time, he learns at Opa's condo @Regent Grove, Yew Tee
At first, he was reluctant to go into water, but after persuaded and encouraged by Coach Anisha, he finally has courage to go into water


I can read robin series part 2a


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I can read part 1a Peter and Jane

Today, Richie is reading new book series Peter and Jane by Ladybird 1a
It's very basic and it's very good for beginner


Monday, February 10, 2014

Start to learn music by mommy (10 Feb 2014)

This week is another starting week for him to learn music or piano in particular.
Instead of sending him to music school, mommy wants to see whether he has interest on music therefore mommy wants to introduce it and teaches Richie by herself.
Mommy borrows music book for beginner from Aunty Dena. Here's some pages of the basic music book.
Hopefully Richie has interest in music to balance his left and right brain hehe....

I can read in Mandarin too (11 Feb 2014)

Well, Richie is able to read Chinese characters too and here's a video
Well done Richie !

I can read in English (11 Feb 2014)

Today,  Richie surprises mommy, when mommy gives him a book that's for beginner to read, he shows interest and slowly reads it with a little help from mommy.
It's another big milestone for him.
Well done Richie !


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starting to read words

Well, mommy's not sure whether he's able to read the words or memorize them but he has interest in learning to read some words when we are going out.

Anyway, it shows that his "language brain" is developing well and the teacher has done great job since mommy never teaches him anything

Good job Richie !

Starting swimming lesson again...(9 Feb 2014)

Today Richie has swimming lesson trial at Regent Grove. At first, he was reluctant to go into water cos he was with new coach who's so unfamiliar with him and he's afraid of slipping and drowning in the pool.
Fortunately, the coach played water with him and papa also encouraged him to go into water.
Finally, he did it, stepped into the water and stood in the base.

Good job richie !

Next Saturday will be the official lesson, hopefully he's able to swim within a year

Saturday, February 8, 2014

One Month One Week ...

Finally his immune is getting stronger and stronger, it's been a  month and a week after he starts school and so far he hasn't been ill.
It's good improvement for his immune therefore mommy decides to enroll him for swimming class again at Regent Grove Condominium.
The trial starts tomorrow morning, hopefully Richie likes it and has fun

A little nanny

This morning, mommy asks Richie to feed Tromson with breakfast cereals and he loves it.
He feeds Tromson slowly and gently hehe it's a bless to have sons like them

Chinese New Year Art Craft in School

Richie brought back his art and craft from school which is Dragon made from paper and cut and paste from hong bao

New wooden toys

Mommy bought this new wooden blocks from Groupon, the wooden toys are amazing, it has road map puzzle, some wooden blocks with pictures like cars, ambulance, trees etc and the lid of the bucket can be used for shape sorter.
Not only Richie likes it, mommy also loves it
And here we go the project done by mommy and Richie

And the night before sleep, Richie teaches Tromson to do a shape sorter, and guess what is Tromson's reaction?