Thursday, June 26, 2014

Treats using his own $$$

After accumulating some coins over 3 weeks, he decides to spend his money from "spending" box
He has $3 in total
We go to IMM today since he wants to play bowling in virtual world
Mommy told him that he has $3 means he has 3 chance to play since each play needs 1 token equal to $1
First, he exchanges $1 to 1 token and plays bowling
Then, he carefully chooses what he wants to play and decides to play bear eating apple and uses up another $1
Mommy warns him, he has left with $1 coin, and gives him option to save, to play or buy mcdonald ice cream
If saving, he can play and buy more sweets, if playing, he can play but get nothing, if buying ice cream, he will get ice cream and may have some coins left
He decides to buy ice cream
Then there are options to choose
Vanilla or chocolate, vanilla cost $0.80 means he still get 20cent change to be kept in his box or chocolate cost $1 and left with nothing
He choose vanilla
So he enjoys himself, can play, eat ice cream and still left $20 cents in his box
Hehe smart choice!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fly with Superheroes @ Cable Car

It's still part of school holiday activity, we brought Richie to go to cable car
There has superheroes theme and some activities for kids. Since Richie already knew superman so we brought him there.

He made a cape with help from the staff there and wrote his own name. Then he took some pictures with superheroes statues and played kill the joker, bad guy

It's costless to make him happy haha

End of semarang holiday (20 June 2014)

On June 20, we flew back to Singapore.
It was a great holiday and Richie loved it. When we were about to take off, he's kinda got emotional and didn't want to leave Semarang

And almost every day he wanted to go to Semarang again.
Ok, we will go there again next holiday yah!

A visit to toko oen

Mommy was kinda miss having indo-dutch cuisine, therefore it's must restaurant for mommy.
Toko oen is one the oldest restaurant in Semarang, since 1920s. Mommy celebrated my sweet 17th b'day there on April 1999
They still kept the recipe the same from generation to generation and were the staffs. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy 84th bday oma co Gwat

This holiday we also celebrated oma co b'day at Semarang.
Happy birthday oma co gwat, wish you have long life and good health always !
The b'day pudding was made by oma  Swan and the feast was from Pringgading Restaurant

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 7 : street food

Mommy gave the boys try eating street food, and this is one of the famous street food at Semarang, Nasi ayam bu Wido.
Richie suprisingly loved it and finished it in 5 minutes

Day 6 : meet oma siok

We visit oma siok, oma happy's best friend and met gaby, oma siok's granddaughter
We talked and catched up with uncle yosep and aunty yanti too
Then we had lunch at beringin cafe, mommy had lontong opor while richie had bakso

Day 5 : dinner with friend

Mommy met old school mate at S2 restaurant while the kids play
It's good to catch up and talk about the kids

Day 4 : gua kerep and cimory

We went outside semarang with oma swan, we went to gua kerep maria for praying and continued to cimory for lunch

Day 3 : hair cut

After mommy gave piece of mind the night before, he's been a good boy, he helped out iik intan and opa to prepare the food to sell.
In the afternoon since mommy has promised richie to go to saloon for hair cut, opa sent us to our regular saloon and richie got new hair cut as well as tromson
It only costed us Rp 75.000 includes mommy's hair wash and blow


Day 2 at semarang

A lot of things happened on 2nd day
At first, mommy has promised richie for hair cut, unfortunately opa and oma were so busy with catering business and very tired
Then during the journey back home after opa fetching iik intan, opa fell down from motor bike and hurt his right leg
So we need to cancel our plan and mommy asked richie to have afternoon nap. During the nap, richie fell down from the bed, crying and waking up tromson as well
Both of them had very short nap
Mommy asked both of them to go down and had some juices, then richie accidentaly drop the mug and it's all broken and scattered in the floor
End up, mommy cleaned up the whole house with vaccuum cleaner
Then after showering, both had dinner, since tromson was sleepy he threw up a bit some food. Seeing this, richie also threw up haishh
After both finished dinner and cleaned, mommy put both to sleep at 6.30 pm and they slept well till 6 am the next day
What a long day !

Monday, June 9, 2014

Semarang holiday (9 - 20 june 2014)

This midyear break we decides to go to semarang.
We take silk air flight, this is the first time mommy brings two kiddos abroad alone
Silk air service is good, the stewardesses are very attentive and we enjoy the flight
But when we reach semarang airport, it's so cramped and warm especially the room for baggage claim and custom check
Tromson is crying non stop asking to go out, but mommy still waits for another luggage. Once mommy gets all the luggage, there's long queue for custom check
Luckily mommy asks one of airport staffs to help and other passengers are so nice letting us cutting the queue and the custom check
Pheww, then mommy asks the porter to take charge for luggage, and when mommy sees opa, what a relieve

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A breakthrough in swimming (7 june 2014)

This is a breakthrough for richie who's having phobia in water
He finally gained confidence in the pool
He could gliding and submerging happily
Well done boy! Proud of you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

School holiday activity day 3

Today mommy brings both Richie and tromson to gym
Mommy brings some snacks too for both
First 30 minutes were smooth, then another 15 minutes tromson is getting bored
Fortunately many ladies and mothers adore him and take turn entertaining him

School holiday activity day 2

Yesterday we hunted happy meal toys supermario
We went to bt batok mc donald and they are sold out, fortunately the manager is kind enough to let mommy take the display ones

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mid year School holiday starts (1-29 june 2014)

Yeayy school holiday ...
This holiday we plan to go back to semarang for 2 weeks from 9-20 june
Only mommy, richie and tromson
Hopefully everything goes well

Today, mommy brings richie and tromson to fitness center to give both exposure
It turns out well except the last 15 minutes when tromson is cranky cos sleepy

Progress report term 1

Last friday mommy attended parents teacher meeting

His laoshi said that he can read character well, his pronouncation is really good, he follow instructions well and wants to try writing character from easy to advance

The only aspect that needs to be improved is conversation which mommy can't help too because neither mommy and papa could speak well in chinese

When mommy met his teacher Ms Yeong, she said that he's hardworking and dilligent boy, he can socialize well and actively participate in class
The aspect needs to be improved is vocabulary and comprehension
Which is why from now on mommy and papa will speak in english to him

Btw, he has very good mark in mathematic though hehe

Well done boy !
Keep the good work up
Proud mama and papa

Happy early father's day

Before his school term ended, he made happy father's day card
And here it is

Starting to learn money value

Starting this june, mommy and papa want to teach him about money and its value as well as delayed gratification
The rules :
- Richie has 3 coin banks : saving box (for buying toys), spending box (for buying sweets and snacks), charity box (for church offering)
- Mommy will give him 50 cent everyday for him to put into coin banks as he wishes
- When he helps mommy out to mind tromson, he will get 20 cent
- He only can buy toys, sweets or snacks as he wishes when he has enough money to buy
The lessons for him :
- Learns that money is not coming from tree or atm
- He needs to make his own decision where he wants to split the money
- Delay gratification : he needs to wait if he wants something to buy
- He learns that money is for sharing to less fortunate people through donation
Happy saving boy !

Swimming development (31 may 2014)

Yeayy finally richie is willing to do submerge. It's really a breakthrough for him who's having water phobia
Well done boy! Keep it up