Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Engagement - Wedding - Birthday celebration @ Jakarta

On the day we arrived, we had engagement dinner for om reynard and tante irene at tawang restaurant
Then, on Saturday we attended om wiwie and tante fanie wedding at church polikarpus and reception at the media hotel
On sunday, we celebrated opa jerry, opa tjwan and richie bday at duck king

Kidzania @ Jakarta

Since we had one free day, mommy brought richie to kidzania. At first mommy didn't really know the concept until richie need to have driving license if he wanted to do car racing
And finally mommy realised that he needed to work to earn $$$ and can spend it for other services
He pretty enjoyed working as factory worker though hehe

Short Gateway to Jakarta (25 - 29 Sep 2014)

We have full schedule for our short trip to jakarta and richie has looked foward this days to come few months before
We took jetstar and stayed at peninsula hotel for 3 nights and opa's house for 1 night

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Richmond 5th Birthday dinner @ Swensens

We have small celebration with our close family @ Swensens.
Mommy bought voucher from groupons and Richie has sweet treat from Swensens
Every one is happy and so Richie

Happy Birthday again Richmond !
Hope you have a great time



Happy 5th Birthday Richmond (23 Sep 2014)

5 years ago the little boy has born
5 years ago he learnt how to survive on this planet
5 years he has learnt sitting, crawling, walking, running, jumping, swimming, kicking the ball, riding bycicle
5 years he has learnt color, shape, texture
5 years he has learnt three languages (Bahasa Indonesia, English and Mandarin)
5 years he can read, write, and count
5 years he has grown to become bubbly boy, responsible fellow
5 years he has learnt about the miracle of life, became more mature big brother, taking care and entertaining his little brother
5 years he loves God more, enjoying daily and Sunday mass more

He has passed the first Golden Years and we are so honored to nurture him, learning about life and growing together with him.
There's no words can describe how grateful we are as parents receiving this beautiful gift from God above 5 years ago

Happy Birthday Richmond !


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A day in the National Museum (21 Sep 2014)

This is the first visit for Richie to museum. And this time round we went to National Museum.
We saw the history of Singapore and the food gallery. They have play room as well for kids
Richie didn't really enjoy much the history gallery but he loved the play room and food gallery