Monday, May 25, 2015

Short Gateway to Batam (23-24 May 2015)

In the morning, we went to Tanah Merah Ferry terminal for catching up the 8.15am ferry to Batam.
This time round we have an invitation from uncle Andi and aunty vinny for their house blessings and we stayed over at Turi Beach Resort

The whole morning and afternoon was shower, mama was a bit worry if we end up stay in the room without exploring or using the resort activity.
But God is good, once after we finished our lunch and returned to our resort, the shower was stop and the weather was perfect. It was cooling and we could swim and explore the resort and end our day with nice dinner

The next morning, after breakfast we went back to Singapore to avoid crowds and had lunch at Singapore
It was nice short gateway

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rosary time - May

This is first experience for Richie praying rosary in English.
It's kinda long and boring prayer but surprisingly he loved it and even asked papa to pray rosary everyday.
Mama and papa had this commitment to pray rosary every Saturday and last few weeks, mama was too tired so papa asked Richie to accompany him praying rosary

And he remembers that every Saturday is rosary prayer and looks forward into it

Thanks God for such blessing to us, it's our happiness to see him loves you more and more each
Thank you Mother Mary for your prayer to our little family

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day celebration with family (10 May 2015)

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day at Swensens. Thank you Richmond for making me a mother

Sport Day at school (9 May 2015)

This is the day that he's been waiting for. He's so excited about this.
We sent him to school at 9am and his game was the last one which is around 11+ am
We waited for him and can't wait to watch him as well.

He's so called a "captain" in his team and his team won the game.
It's the series of gross motoric skills like running, jumping, bouncing, balancing

Well done Richmond, we are so proud of you !


Thursday, May 7, 2015

I love you mommy ! (mother's day 2015)

Few days ago after I put the ironed cloth inside my wardrobe, Richie spontaneously said to me "Mama, I love you" I was surprised and of course with teary eyes said to him, I love you too Richie and asked him what's going on Richie ? " I'm thinking he might have some troubles at school and want to please me hahahaha....
Then he never said anything, he just said after mother's day then teacher's day and children's day
Ahh so I know because it's mother's day
Then today after he came back from school, he gave me his artworks at school and again he told me I love you mama, with teary eyes againnn I told him I love you too baby
And we read together the letter he gave to me in english and mandarin
What a sweet boy he is and I hope he always stays as sweet as he is now even when he grows up as adult
Happy Mother's Day !

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Experience in the zoo

What a rare moment we have in the zoo last Sunday.
We arrived pretty late, half an hour before closing time. Our main agenda was just strolling around then when we passed rhino, one of the zoo guards called its name "Shoba" and it came forward closer to the fence
Then the guard asked if anyone want to feed rhino with melon, everyone was reluctant and Richmond bravely stepped forward and feed the rhino.

What amazed us was Rhino recognized its own name when the guard called him and it obeyed to the guard not anyone else even we called its name and when rhino ate, he had no teeth at all

Playing bubble in school