Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Racial Harmony Day (21 July 2015)

Today is Racial Harmony day in school. Richie wears batik and brings kueh bolu from Bengawan Solo.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mama's sibling reunited

This week uncle Adit and Aunty Intan and Isaac visited Singapore and we had dinner together with aunty Intan from Hongkong at Makan Sutra, Esplanade

Kids birthday party

Attending Kids birthday party is always fun with abundant food, cakes, games and fun

Happy 7th Anniversary Dad and Mom (5 July 2015)

It's been 7 years for papa and mama together as husband and wife and we celebrate it together at kuishinbo, Japanese Buffet.
Richie enjoyed the food very much and we had great time together as a not so little family anymore

Family Day at school (4 July 2015)

On Saturday, 4 July, Richmond performed line dancing for family day opening at Maris Stella Kindergarten school followed by some food and games
He and his brother had a lot of fun there

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First baby tooth fell off - 26 June 2015

Last Friday, Richie's first baby tooth fell off.
He showed it to me and there's blood from his gum and I asked him to gurgle to clear up the blood.
Then today, July 1, he showed me again that new tooth coming out from his gum

He needs to take care his teeth more seriously now !