Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Richmond

To my not so little boy anymore,
who gives mommy and daddy the drive to get through every day for the last 6 years
Happy 6th Birthday Richmond !
May God bless you always, May God grants you with peace, wisdom, love, joy and faith
May you grow healthy and happy always for the days of your life

The theme that he chose for his 6th Birthday is Mario Bros
Mommy browsed the internet few months before for goodie bags and cupcakes ideas and found this handmade ones are very cute
Mommy started to prepare the goodie bags 3 months ago with the help of iik Intan and oma Happy
The goodie bags :
- brown bag of mario bros face
- yellow question box with chocolate coins inside
- "mushroom" bottle with sweets and marshmellow inside
- star cookies

We ordered the cupcakes and star cookies from aunty Reina JJ cakes

We celebrated his birthday in the morning at school with his classmates then we had dinner celebration at Swensens with our family and close friends

Monday, September 14, 2015

Field Trip to River safari and CHIJ Kellock

Richie has two field trip, one is to River Safari since he learnt about animals this term. He's very excited and looks forward for this field trip.

The second field trip is to go to CHIJ Kellock to have a feel how to be primary pupil.
They have lots of activities there and even have brunch in their canteen. Richie buys chicken rice and milo but he says that he's still hungry. When I ask him why you don't want to buy anymore, he says everyone only has S$2 and no more money, if he has more money he will buy noodle :P

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mid School Holiday (4 - 14 September 2015)

This week is Midterm School Holiday and Richie had a school project making chinese lantern from recycled materials.
After browsing internet and looking for idea, mommy comes up with this airplane lantern.
Slightly different from traditional chinese lantern.
It's made from plastic bottle, tissue roll, carton from cereal box and stickers. Mommy bought this S$1 lighting as well

I made the template for the carton from cereal box, Richie cut the red art paper and paste it into the carton and he decorated with stickers and airplane brand

Here's how it looks like after finished