Thursday, November 19, 2015


Mommy and daddy are so blessed having Richie, Tromson and baby Ted in our life.
Watching all of you love and protect each other is such a treasure that money can't buy
Able to take these beautiful and lovely pictures is such a privilege and honor for mommy.
Hopefully all of you are still stay the same, loving and caring of each other even when you have grown up

Richie has been a great koko. In the morning, he helps me tidying up his bedroom, having his own breakfast and even I just send him off to school over the door, he will go down by himself waiting for school bus downstairs
In the afternoon, he also having his lunch by himself and taking nap after that.
He also help mommy to bath and brush Tromson's teeth and accompany Tromson to sleep at night.

Mommy really feels so blessed and proud of Richie !

Monday, November 16, 2015

Swimming free style

Finally, he has good progress in swimming free style

And his breast stroke style is also perfected

Well done boy !

Kindergarten graduation

Finally, he has graduated from Kindergarten and he will be going for formal school which is primary school next year
We attended his graduation ceremony last Saturday and enjoyed his performances
Here's some videos and pictures of his performances

Proud of you boy !