Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Primary One life starts on Jan 4, 2016

Last Monday, it's the new beginning for Richie at formal school.
He needed to wake up early around 5.30 am and ready for school bus at 6.30 am
Unfortunately, the bus didn't pick him up so daddy sent him to school

The next day, the bus didn't pick him up as well due to misunderstanding about pick up point
Fortunately, today he was able to take school bus eventhough he needed to walk a bit far and mommy asked the driver to pick him up near our block

Apart from the bus drama, he pretty enjoyed it. He talked about his school, friends when mommy or daddy asked him questions

And mommy created daily schedule for him to create new habit and reward him with stickers when he can follow the schedule

All the best son !

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Celebration ( 25 Dec 2015)

We celebrated this Christmas in simple way.
We attended Christmas Mass in the morning at Holy Cross Church then we had lunch together at Ambush Restaurant, Jurong Point

In the afternoon, we opened our presents