Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 9th Year Wedding Anniversary mom and dad (5 July 2017)

We celebrated Wedding Anniversary one day earlier since Tromson would have Chinese Tuition on the day itself, we had dinner at Astons Restaurant.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

School Holiday Activity - Science Center

After we came back to Singapore, we still had one week before school started.
Mommy brought Richie and brothers to Science Center every day.
It's very affordable and nearby our house

On first day, we went to Kidstop for 1.5 hour play, then we went to Dino robot factory for another 1.5 hour play the next day and last day we went to Science Center Mirror Maze

Holiday in Bali (7 - 14 June 2017)

This was Richie's second trip to Bali for mid-year school holiday.
We were picked up by Oma Sian, Oma Happy and Opa Tjwan on our arrival. Then we celebrated Oma Cho's 87th Birthday at home.

The next day, we went to Bali Bidadari Batik where the local artists painted our white tshirt with traditional ink.
At night, mommy and daddy flew to Sydney for short trip getaway and left Richie and brothers under Oma and Opa's care.

During our absence, Oma Sian brought Richie to Tricked Eye museum and nearby malls and beach.
It seemed that they had fun.

When we arrived on Monday, we had dinner together as family then we went to Pandawa Beach and Hotel Mulia the next day.

It's kinda relaxing holiday but I was sure that they were having fun.

Outdoor exercise

This month we had two public holidays and we made use of the mornings with outdoor exercise.
On Labour day, we visited Bukit Timah Hill as we haven't been there for quite long.
It surprised us that it was very crowded around 9 am and the carpark was very full.
Fortunately, we got it one.
We underestimated the hills, without any warms up, we climbed up the steep hills by pushing the strollers.
We almost gave up, but we kept pushing on until reaching the first hut.

Then we continued our journey until the summit.
It was such achievement with 2 strollers and 3 kids.
After that we had brunch at the Grandstands for nice dimsum.

On Vesak day, we visited MacRitchie with Om Ferdi and Tante Friska. That morning was cloudy and drizzling, fortunately when we stepped out the car, the rain stopped and we could do our morning walk with peace and enjoying the scenery.

As usual, we had our brunch at the Grandstands after that

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Riding two wheels bicycle

Finally after weeks of practice, Richie is able to ride two wheels bicycle and he's so proud of himself and claimed his incentive to cycle at East Coast Park

Well done Richie !

Happy Mother's Day 2017

Being mother of this boy is a privilege and blessing for me

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter !

" Jesus has risen from the dead and we have been given a new life. Let's embrace it and live life worth of living "

We celebrated Easter Sunday by having lunch together with Om Ivan and tante Emi's family at Sari Ratu Nasi Padang then we had desserts at Eat Play Love Cafe.

The kids were having a great time art and craft there while mom and dad were enjoying a cup of tea and desserts

This year we celebrated Mom's Birthday rather special. Papa booked a room at D'resort, Downtown East.
We got Under The Sea Theme guest room and we didn't expect it had so much fun.

When we came to our room, we were greeted by Treasure box and the instructions. The kids were so excited to solve the puzzles using the clues provided and they were overjoyed when they managed to open the treasure box and found lots of goodies there.

We had Birthday's eve dinner at Pasta Mania then the kids were having great time at Kids' Explorer playground, a complimentary from the resort.

The next day, we celebrated mom's birthday in the room and had brunch at McDonald.
In the afternoon,we watched The Baby Boss Movie with Yoh and tante Emi at the Lido.

Last but not least, we had dinner celebration with iik Audi and iik Intan at Swensens.

It was a great and memorable mom's birthday

Happy birthday momma !