Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Holiday in Bali (7 - 14 June 2017)

This was Richie's second trip to Bali for mid-year school holiday.
We were picked up by Oma Sian, Oma Happy and Opa Tjwan on our arrival. Then we celebrated Oma Cho's 87th Birthday at home.

The next day, we went to Bali Bidadari Batik where the local artists painted our white tshirt with traditional ink.
At night, mommy and daddy flew to Sydney for short trip getaway and left Richie and brothers under Oma and Opa's care.

During our absence, Oma Sian brought Richie to Tricked Eye museum and nearby malls and beach.
It seemed that they had fun.

When we arrived on Monday, we had dinner together as family then we went to Pandawa Beach and Hotel Mulia the next day.

It's kinda relaxing holiday but I was sure that they were having fun.

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